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Posted: 5/6/2015 12:50 PM PDT
If they could create a page that is calendar then that would be so useful.  It could become the place that writers recommend as a place to go and find out about upcoming competitions.  Competition providers could log on and advertise their competition to gain awareness and it would become a really useful resource.  I tried to create a calendar of competitions on my Google account but trying to keep track of competitions on my own became a huge task.  To have a method of collaborating with others to develop a resource about competitions would be incredibly useful.  
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Posted: 4/24/2015 10:26 AM PDT
Hi Hannah,

Sorry, just noticed your reply!  It's a while since I was on the forums...

I actually see this as being a whole page on its own.  Something clearly on the top bar of WeBook that is easily seen and accessed.  If this isn't possible (website space always being valuable) then I'd think a Forum would be better than a group.


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Posted: 3/4/2015 8:43 AM PST


Hi Sue,

I know you posted this a a while ago and sorry for not acknowledging it before - although we have been talking about it behind the scenes!

We all agree that this is a great idea and we would love to create something that we can use to highlight, encourage and celebrate writing on WEbook. It would certainly add a new string to WEbook's bow, and would showcase the wonderful writers that we have on the site here as well :)

Do you see this as part of a forum, a group, or a whole page of its own?

H & the WEbook team

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Posted: 2/3/2015 5:07 AM PST
Personally, I love the challenges, because they stop me becoming too focused on one genre/topic and broaden my appreciation of different writing styles by presenting me with a collection of shorts, written by other WeBookers, that I can read quickly, yet also learn from.  PageToFame also offers a great way for WeBook's members to develop their longer-format projects.  BUT outside these areas, I think there needs to be more.

Feedback can help with most things, especially if writers manage to develop a core group of similar-minded WeBookers with whom they can swap ideas and advice... on short stories, poetry, screen plays etc.  There are members on here that excel at a wide range of literary styles - but the site doesn't provide a benchmark for all of them.  How do they know EXACTLY how good they are?

Outside-hosted competitions could be part of the answer.  WeBook members could take what they've learned and practiced on the site and apply it to any number of free/paid-entry competitions, whether these are regional, national or international.  So why doesn't WeBook widen its horizons by developing a one-stop page where members AND WeBook admin-staff can list the competitions they hear about?  A kind of 'Calendar of Competitions'?

Not only is it bound boost the confidence of anyone who succeeds in gaining a placing in a competition, but I'm sure there are a lot of WeBook members (me for instance) who'd like to hear about such successes.  You'd have an exciting 'interviewee' for the Blog, and as most competition committees like to know 'Where did you hear about this?' that would also help to boost WeBook's profile.  
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