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Your one and only place in the forums to introduce your project.  Include enough information in your overview to make us say, "Hey, I've got to put down my cheesburger, turn off the TV, and read this."  Include a link for easy access.
Posted: 1/9/2010 5:08 PM PST
Summary: 4,000 years ago in the land of Eden, Lithorians and Demons fought against each other to obtain the orb of light and darkness. The battle resulted with a Lithorian's victory, the demons were cast out into the out lands. The orb, which held the power of light and darkness was studied and its power harnessed. As time went on, wizards and witches were granted the power of alchemy from the orb. But evil hadn't been truely laid to rest, in the out lands the Dark Lord Ventress had crafted her own orb which fed off her dark power. She used this orb to create her own army of orc's, goblin's and other demonic forces. The war which was believed to be over was just beginning. Please read and comment here's the link:
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