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Something not working the way it should?  Let us know here.
Posted: 1/28/2014 4:35 AM PST


Hi MrBillyD,

The first thing we always suggest to users having formatting issues is to make sure that you are using either Firefox or Safari as a browser, and not Internet Explorer as often this browser does have some functionality issues. 

Once you are using either Firefox or Safari, then you should use the 'paste from word' or 'paste as plain text' buttons which are located above each submission box. This should enable you to keep the formatting of your story. 

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Posted: 1/27/2014 8:01 AM PST
I'm having trouble formatting.   I'm trying to reformat one of my short stories.  It's Chapter 1 of my project "A Dozen and One Vampire Tales".  This chapter is a short story titled "Harmony's Complaint."  When I tried to make a change, all the line spacing, and indentations ceased to function.  It's now just a thick jumble of words.  Fortunately this particular story is less than one page in length.  I'd like to know what needs to be done.
Thank you.
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