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Posted: 3/27/2011 9:17 AM PDT
It is now three days and counting................. since I submitted my latest project to Agent In Box. It appears to be in limbo somewhere. It isn;t approved by WEbook for forwarding yet(??????) 72 hours? What is the problem? My previous two didn't take anywhere near that long. I had made sure to sumbit it Thursday so I would have all weekend to work on "additions" that required "samples". Now, my weekend is practically gone. I'm sincerely disappointed that i will now not have the available time to add these agents. Come on people, I was a huge supporter of yours (defended site in previous posts). Now I'm wondering if I have done the right thing by hanging around here. The interest level of WEbook's folks appears to have gone downhill. Sorry....just saying. (over 1300 Page to Fame crits also yet my "Top Reviewer" status is gone?) Just seems to suggest that things are going down hill in our relationship.
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