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Posted: 2/22/2015 2:03 AM PST
The story of the arctic archer

His story starts in the far Canadian north this is what we know of his origins 
August 1988 a fireball roars across the night sky light with Aurora Borealis.
Seen from the window of renowned philosopher and visionary, known as Dr. C. S. Way
He goes to investigate along with his long loved companion Archer, which is an Panthera uncia
As the two cautiously investigate Archer takes off towards the crater in the ground, which has 
A large metallic sphere emanating a pulse and a foul smell, as C.S runs to see what Archer is 
Hissing at, the large cat gets engulfed in fine metallic powder, and falls to the ground with a thud.

C.s hurries to see what's wrong with his companion, the large leopard is unresponsive, as the metallic dust dissipates.
And the metallic sphere subsides into the ground. He quickly grabs his friend and makes his way back to his Homestead where he tries to access the state of Archer he 

notices he is in a coma like state and all other vitals are fine

Over the next few hours he monitors his condition, hours turn to days, then suddenly he notices the brain wave and fold patterns
Of the feline brain are changing and becoming more human like. He starts to take notes, detailed notes of every change in 
The cat's condition.
Two weeks pass and Archer is still in his coma like state, Meany things have happened, first off bone density and strength is 
Stronger than metal like no metal seen on earth, he concludes, eyesight seems to have improves , paws have elongated human like 
Fingers , bone and spine structure are closely looking pi-peddle. The animal continues to change getting larger an heavier 
About 2 months pass on the cat is finally awake, but still unresponsive to noise and light. Not until 3 months later did 
Archer began to start opening his eyes and moving his legs. After a few days he began to walk, and he didn't
Walk on four legs, he stood up like a human and began to walk. The doctor began to film the journey from this point 
He started to notice the cat showing signs of very high intelligence as-well as endurance. When the Doctor would Go hunting as he did every day he would take Archer 

with him, but now when his feline companion would tag along he would show great interest in C.S's bow and arrow,often Archer would run off by himself at great speed 

and hunt him for himself, often eating large deer in one eating.

Archer continued to get larger in ever aspect of mental capacity and the physical, becoming more stable on his to feet also vastly better with his hands , being able 

to hold objects....


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