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Posted: 4/24/2015 4:18 PM PDT
I can see the institutional irony and the verbal irony, but no dramatic one. The story seems interesting and simple. It's a great idea for a short story. 
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Posted: 4/23/2015 5:12 AM PDT
So for my English class we have to write a short story using two forms of irony - out of three being verbal, situation, or dramatic. I have finally been able to think of a story and the basis of it but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about how I could change it or if it's good the way it is!

Basically, the story line goes where a girl goes to a garage sale and buys a cute box and she brings it home. Then all these ghostly occurrences start happening and she also keeps getting these packages sent to her with disposable cameras inside and each camera always has all the pictures used up. So she gets mailed a camera each day and when she develops the pictures they are always all black and then just one has a picture of a body part. And eventually the box will tip over onto the floor and ashes will spill out and then the last camera gets delivered and the picture is of her dead body. So basically she realizes that she is actually dead.

That's really all I have and I don't really know what would come next or the full reasoning for why this would be happening so does anyone have any thoughts???

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