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Posted: 8/21/2010 7:56 PM PDT
HI fellow writers. I just thought up a great idea. Ever dying to write but need an idea to get started? Idea for a short story or a novel? If you got any ideas type them here. I'll start .. A gir lfrom a small town in the midwest (or south) starts school in a large city .. A young woman is head over heels over her new boyfriend of two months and then finds out her neighbhor(young woman) has gone missing and her boyfried is nowhere to be found... A sixteen year old girl finds out she's pregnant with twins.. A woman in her forties is shocked when she opens the front door and finds her "first love" from middle school standing before her with a dozen red roses. OK that's it for now. Maybe they are corny but at least you catch my drift. Go ahead writers! put down ideas below and help some one start a whole new exciting project!!
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