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Posted: 9/13/2016 2:58 AM PDT
One Direction fan fiction, I hadn't thought of that; I'll get on it right away.

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Posted: 9/9/2016 7:23 AM PDT
I too haven't been on WeBook for years, but having done writing sites that were infested with trolls and snobs, or that simply made giving and getting feedback too difficult, I've decided to come back here and give it another shot. Yes it's quieter than some sites but at least that means you won't get buried under a deluge of One Direction fan fiction.
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Posted: 9/9/2016 3:04 AM PDT
Alright Nautpsycho,

Of course this is still a decent community; some of us are so decent we're English.

Yes, some areas can be quiet at times but if you want to jump in and get into the melee, the monthly challenge is a good place to start.

See you there then...or are you chicken?


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Posted: 9/7/2016 6:15 AM PDT
It's been years since I checked in with this writing community and am looking forward to meeting new folks...although it doesn't seem like it's as active of a community as it used to be and the site is kind of buggy.

Just wondering if WEbook is still a decent community....
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