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Posted: 8/6/2013 8:55 PM PDT
A few years ago, I had started a gaming project called Remnant. It was mean't to be for PC and hopefully consoles, but the game was just too large for a small non-profit, non-funded team. So the story lay in the dust all these years. But now that I have picked it back up hopefully, I wanted to turn the story into a novel rather than a video game. So here is the sum up. If you want to know the "WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS" just say so and ill post it. Since the story was well developed on the game, I have all the background with the characters. I can't explain the title right now because then it would ruin the "WHAT IS ACTUALLY IS" moment. I will tell you why I chose the title when I post the "WHAT IT ACTUALLY IS". WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE After what seems to be an unclear Dream about a Car crash, Protagonist John awakes in his Bed. As he goes out to Town, he comes across the actual rundown Car of his Family. Even though there is no one in it, he figures that Ada and Elle must be dead, as he sees their Ghosts from then on. During his Depression due to his Beloveds’ Deaths he starts to hallucinate, seeing Nightmares come to Life. Memories of his Grandparents’ Voices come to his Mind, reminding him of Lessons, Joys and Faults. After some Time, the Voices seem to talk to him, John fears he is becoming crazy. John’s long lost Father appears, visiting John to help him out in his Misery.

Small Facts:
Johns has an alcoholic problem.
The book is to have extreme horror and gore.
Ada suffers schizophrenia.
Very twisted story.

I haven't near finalized all details, but would love any new collaboration and ideas! I have all my information on this story on Google Docs. I have backgrounds of characters, cities, etc.

I would love to bring a game genre like Silent Hill to a novella for people who have never been introduced to Silent Hill or played them. The story is never intended to sound similar to Silent Hill. Although it does sound like Silent Hill, I had a completely different motive in mind when I was developing the story with a past writer.

Please post questions, critiques, ideas! All is welcome!

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