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Posted: 11/14/2008 9:58 PM PST
By the way, here is a summary of my novel in the making: Brent Harley was never "normal". He was always a quiet, intelligent, over achieving, occasionally depressed boy. Now in 10th grade, after watching his friend Brianna (Bree) have an asthma attack, everything changes. He meets the one, or one of the eight, who releases a soul after death. The grim reaper. There are eight of these grim reapers. Nicolas, the Elder one. Victoria, the kind. Thomas, the wise. Juliet, the memory handler. Whann (Shinigami), the violent. Maya, the wild. Andrew, the book worm. Then the one he first meets, his master, Caroline, the messenger. What Caroline tells Brent is that he was the next in line to join the council of grim reapers, the council of death. First Brent is confused, lost, and feels alone. Yet a part of him determines he had finally found his place in the world. He was the apprentice to the grim reaper. Now as his training progresses, he must deal with the hardships of both death and what every teenage boy experiences. Dealing with his sugar high friend Nick acting like an idiot and his friend Chris, who is no longer his friend, but out to kill him. Then there is one thing every person on the planet ends up dealing with, love. Finally Brent finds to courage to tell Bree how he really feels, and finds that he is now madly in love. This isn't the normal puppy love, but the pure kind, although he can't seem to conclude it. The final choice must be made for Brent Harley. The world or the girl? Duty or love? Is there a way to survive with both or must he choose one path? If you rate and comment on mine, I will take a look at some of your stuff :)
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Posted: 11/14/2008 8:44 PM PST
Please take a look at my novel :) It only has one chapter posted but there is more on the way. I don't want to post anything else until I get some sort of review. Please take a look. Link:
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