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Posted: 1/29/2015 3:21 AM PST
manga and anime has quite an extensive female collection.
Also look into marvel and DC they do have some good female heroes that haven't really seen the light of hollywood yet.
Xena the warrior princess is a good example.
More and more females are coming into good roles now. IN the past it was not considered a woman's place to be a hero, so they weren't written as such.
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Posted: 2/28/2014 2:29 PM PST

Yes, I understand what you mean: also so if I may make a point of  interest that most main character seem to love fighting. 
I am currently writing a story about a female my self but not looking at the way other people see it I am looking at what's behind the closed doors the stuff we do not get to see. It's Crime Fiction with a twist. 

Realistic female character are fare and few indeed including in film's 
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Posted: 7/19/2013 8:09 AM PDT
I have posted a short story among my projects here on, titled "Power in the Word". It's fan fiction based on the former TV Series "Joan of Arcadia", concerning a high school girl who talks to God. She has no magical or miraculous powers, but nevertheless deals with an actual serious problem in a believable way, that some might call heroic. Go to:
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Posted: 7/17/2013 5:45 AM PDT
Sorry about the bad editing job.
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Posted: 7/17/2013 5:44 AM PDT
There are no plain, regular heroes of any kind. There has to be unique in the person that makes them a hero. There are some notable exceptions but not any from recent history that I can remember. In my my mind I'm thinking about an old black and white movie called "It's a Wonderful Life". We don't want our heros to be 'regular'. We want them to be kick-ass and bad-ass. It's rare to have any hero of any sex be "plain" I was reading an article on Yahoo about all the people who were suppose to be the plain, unattractive ones on tv shows and the slide show I saw had some pretty good looking people. The plain truth is that we don't like unattractive people. Take any sociology 101 course and it will be made obvious. Looks are important to the shallow minded human race. Good looking children get more positive attention from teachers, unattractive people are charged with more crimes are more likely to be convicted and generally receive longer sentences. Good looking people get better jobs, higher pay and quicker promotions. The list goes on and on. So now we are at the last point, male vs. female. If the character's gender is not a factor then this is a moot point. Unless they are a Miss Marple or a Jessica Fletcher, make the characters male. All other female characters use their "femaleness" and sexuality as part of their makeup. I personally like female assassins and thieves. Size is not a factor or may even be a deterrent. "I can't wait until Arya goes to find the Faceless Man and learns how to be both. ("Game of Thrones") You still need to give your female character's an edge and after assassins and thieves you've got either a crazed ninja or fire wielding sorceress. With those choices who wants "plain and regular"
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Posted: 6/29/2013 8:34 AM PDT
Check out "A Gatored Community". It was written as a collaboration by myself MrBillyd and fellow webook member andalib. We have created a woman pearl thief, who has no superpowers, but is one truly outstanding character. Check
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Posted: 6/14/2013 2:35 PM PDT
I think this speech by Joss Whedon is important to this discussion. This speech is a little old but Whedon continues to advocate for strong female characters and strong women in general. Question: "Why do you write strong women chracters?" Whedon: "Because you keep asking me that question."
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Posted: 6/1/2013 6:41 AM PDT
^ Good point!
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Posted: 6/1/2013 12:11 AM PDT
I think Hermione makes an excellent heroine. And since she was described as having unmanageable hair and buck teeth, I don't think that she was meant as a "sexy" heroine, either. She was pretty plain, with strong magical skills, but even she wasn't good at everything. I might also point out, though, that "plain" and "average" aren't really what makes heroes, male or female. If that's all they were, then they would never have stepped out of their comfort zone enough to have become a hero. Every hero-type character has to be outside the box, with some outstanding skills, or they would never have been able to step forward in the first place. I mean, average people might sometimes dream about doing extraordinary things, but how many average people do you think would actually step up when the situation is forced on them?
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Posted: 5/29/2013 3:40 PM PDT
I know! It bothers me too! Why can't the plain, regular girls be the heroes too!?! One of the best strong female stories were the Harry Potter books. All of her female characters (well, most of them) are very strong women. But still, they have magic. There are barely any books with just plain, regular, not fantastical women who are also heroes. We should change that! Someone suggest a plot!
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Posted: 3/25/2013 4:58 AM PST
Hello Maureen Check out my Hannah Wilson Walker Carpenter in 'The Bureau of Happiness' - . Aside from being married to Charlie Carpenter, the richest man in the world, she does okay. She's resourceful, feisty and she stands up to the bad guys. All the best with your writing. Warmest regards Riis
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Posted: 8/27/2011 5:51 AM PDT
I wrote a fantasy/mystery that I'm sending off to agents, and the MC is a normal woman.
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Posted: 8/18/2011 11:42 AM PDT
A story i'm writing has a female hero. She doesn't have any powers etc.. shes just as bad ass as the guys if not more so.
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Posted: 8/17/2011 5:36 AM PDT
Garth Nix has Female Heroes in many of his books I think Heroines get their fair share of print.
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Posted: 8/12/2011 8:11 PM PDT
There are allways male heros, or really super girly heros.Come on why are there never any like real girls as heros.Not some overly sexy, or super cute hero.Just a normal girl for once.Not with some power that makes her pretty, but a way a normal girl would.Or the fact that she needs powers in the first place, or just dense.
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