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Posted: 2/25/2016 9:00 AM PST
So i'm hugely inspired by a band called 'Hurts' to the point i have began my own writing, nothing as strict as poetry forms can be so i guess song lyrics would be a better fit. This is just a first quick write not finished by a long way but thought i'd see how its going.

You can't say anything to make me stay
the feelings we had have turn to glass
we're shattered and broken and turning to dust
the grains of our past lost in the sea of our minds

I dont think i'll ever forget you, never you, oh
you cant save us this time we have to walk different roads
two paths never to meet again
the flow of tears lost in the rain

we're set in motion but your facing backwards
spread your wings and dance till you forget
the man you loved comsume by regret
forget me and all i am,
each voice i speaks is not the same man

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