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Posted: 1/5/2016 4:50 PM PST
Q-Dear Colleagues, here I am entering my essay for your expert evaluation. Feedback will be highly lauded from your end.
Government investments in the arts such as music and theater are a waste of money. Governments should invest this money in public services instead. To what extent do you agree?   Proportion of country’s budget allocated exclusively for entertainment sector such as music and theater industry is just squandering the financial resources. Regulators should dedicate this capital to serve its civilians my opinion priority should be given unbiased towards any aspect where administered pool assures its maximum benefits in the interest of public.  

Many disagree with opinion to pool valuable financial resources in the field of art or entertainment. The current issues among civilians should be strategically analyzed to assure proper mitigation or eradication of issues through proper planning and funding such projects for successful implementation. There are some key areas which should always be prioritized which are health, education, employment and security. Any flaw in these cardinal departments means that funds should be directed in parallel with extent of severity of existing issues in mentioned areas to make sure of effective utilization of government funds. 

On the other hand, arts and entertainment industry has its own significance on large scale. Administration of reasonable funds in Arts industry is important to preserve or retain valuable culture
Of the country. This is not just unique recognition of nation but can play a vital role to leverage country’s economy with diverse exchange of culture among neighboring countries but would increase strong prospects of trading with other parts of the world. This is very important for government to be ascertain that cultural values are retained and welcomed by nation by expressing its importance with better projection of folk music, traditional dances, national language and national history through film and music industry.  

To conclude, authorities should make proper distribution of funds in a way that investment made in art industry should not outweight primary areas of public concern. In the same way civilians should not be overwhelmed with allocations of public fund and should positively encourage such initiatives.

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