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Posted: 5/20/2015 7:49 AM PDT
Thank you, sasmith13.  Just about to go leave 'feedback' on WeBook's request for ideas for the site (via the Blog).  Top of the list?  Have someone reading the Forums on a daily basis.  (because that's the most likely drop-off point for suggestions from WeBooks' members)  :)
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Posted: 5/7/2015 1:31 PM PDT
Well said, Alina. 
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Posted: 4/25/2015 11:41 AM PDT
After reading a post on the Scifi/Fantasy forum, where a WeBook member was frustrated by the lack of PTF ratings, I began to feel guilty about my own lack of involvement with the competition recently.  (Because let's face it, even if I haven't got a submission in there at the moment, this is a community - and I should be supporting all areas of the site as much as possible!)

So... I decided to start rating a few subs at least every-other-day - from TODAY - and went over to PTF to get started.

  • It wasn't long before two of the main reasons I stopped rating in the first place reared their ugly heads: The woeful lack of word allowance for round one subs, and the lack of space for a reviewer to leave critique on a sub.

If I rate a 3 or lower, then I like to explain why.  To my mind, it's only fair; rather than just leaving one of the 'tick box' reasons provided (which I personally don't find that helpful).

And this is why:

'Not original enough' - I'm sorry?  This is a condescending statement and far too ambiguous (especially for round one of PTF) How can anyone judge a writer's intentions for a plot after just one page?  What if they're deliberately starting out on a cliche, whilst getting ready to blow the whole thing apart from the end of chapter one?

'Writing needs work' - This is 'okay' as an observation, but if the reviewer doesn't explain what they mean by this, then how is the author meant to know what needs work and what doesn't?

'Grammar and Spellings' - Another okay observation, but without examples of these, the author may well be at a loss - after all, if they didn't spot them the first time round... Also, I've had this one on my own subs in the past (when the grammar and spellings have been fine).  The problem is: I'm a Brit, and we spell things differently to Americans!  Not necessarily a mistake at all, but easily viewed as one. 

'Don't Like the Idea' -  Again, I consider this unbelievably condescending and ambiguous - but if it's something WEbook believe should be included, they could easily lump 'not original enough' into this category anyway.

'Something Else' - my preferred option when rating PTF, but nowhere near big enough when it comes to character allowance.  If there are several things you want to point out, you haven't got a chance.

Okay... whinge over.  And I'm still going to make sure I keep rating... I'll just have to do the best I can with that 'Something Else' box!

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