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Posted: 5/7/2013 5:02 PM PDT
I am the writer of Girl X and Magic Incident Zero. They are both part of the same story. Before Webook vanished, I had four submissions going. Of those submissions, two had reached Round 2 and one Round 2 submission was holding at 50% approval after 14 votes. The other submissions were holding in the 40-50% range. I recreated my submissions from notes and memory. They are essentially the same submissions. Yet ever since Webook started up again, I have gotten exactly one 5. The rest are ones and twos. One person said he liked the Girl X submission better yet it didn't show in the ratings. I still got a two. To the raters: I would like to know what it is that you are disliking so much. Yes, there are grim aspects to the story. Yes, people get hurt. There is still a happy ending planned. Here is your chance to show me how you think the opening could be improved. I await your input.
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