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Posted: 11/26/2008 7:33 PM PST
Hey Mike and Peter, That helped heaps. Shoobies lol what a name but I will def have to use that one in the story. If anyone can think of anything else I am so open to it :) Lill
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Posted: 11/26/2008 2:26 PM PST
Hey Lill- I have lived in New Jersey since 2001. I am far from being a Jersey Shore person, but let me give you a thought that may help. There is a population of locals, of course, and summer visitors are given the name "shoobies", especially when they are doing something stupid-ie making a wrong turn or something like that. That's more of a general New Jersey term-my wife and I live well inland, but if she is cut off in traffic by someone with an out of state plate, she might say "Get out of my state, shoobie!" There was a cartoon on children's television in the States called "Rocket Power" that transported this word to California, but I am pretty confident it is a New Jersey word. My point is, I think the conflict between locals and tourists is a rich one. Hope this was a small help, Mike
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Posted: 11/26/2008 7:04 AM PST
Lill, There is a trick I often use and Google is a great help. Enter in Google (searching for images) the name of the town and you get this as a result: Once of a sudden, that town comes alive with pictures. Have fun! Peter
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Posted: 11/25/2008 5:12 PM PST
So Im obviously writting, or at least I wish I was. Im stuck right now. Ive got the idea for a fictional book but its set in a small town in New Jersey called Cape May. The problem is Im Australian and have never been to America let alone Cape May. I chose the town for its Victorian buildings and small population from a Wiki search but I havent been able to find alot about the essence of the town, so to speak. What the social atmosphere is like. Any legends or what the people who live there are like in reality. I would really like to talk to someone who lives or has been there before but i dont know how to find that someone and until I sort out how to know a town without ever being there i cant continue my story :( HELP! Lill.
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