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Posted: 2/14/2009 9:56 AM PST
Well, let's look at the concept of intelligence: You have two friends. One is a quantum physicist who is the bee's knees in their field. Sadly, he fell for a 419 e-mail scam a few months ago, but he didn't lose too much money. The other is a person who daily navigates from their dangerous neighborhood to their workplace in an office across town, managing not to get mugged, attacked or otherwise harmed in the process. The physicist has had few relationships of a romantic nature, he doesn't understand why. It always seems the other person in the relationship gets pissed off at him for no reason he can figure out. The other friend has had a string of good relationships, often they end because of job offers in other states or other incompatibilities like that. He still maintains friendships with these people, they still like eachother but they realize that it just wasn't in the cards. You have four things you need advice about: A college paper explaining the laws of thermodynamics in layman's terms. You need help writing a resume for an internship at a laboratory. Your car keeps getting broken into and you'd like this to stop. You need relationship advice, your significant other seems distant. Who's the smart person to go to for help in each of these situations? Which one is smarter than the other? Can intelligence be measured by just a few variables? Another thing that may spark some ideas is researching intelligence theories. There's a glut of various theories regarding human intelligence out there. It seems that people in the field are largely of the opinion that I.Q. is outdated, but no one has a sufficient idea of what might draw a more complete view of human intelligence.
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Posted: 2/6/2009 6:05 AM PST
First things first - don't force it!! :) That is guaranteed not to work in my experience. Intelligence - would artificial intelligence work? That way you could write about robots and all kinds of weird stuff set in a futuristic world. I suppose the only drawback is being too similar to i Robot.
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Posted: 2/5/2009 1:49 PM PST
Help ! I am having real trouble with ideas for a competition that has intelligence as a guideline. I would love to write a science fiction piece but my brain is totally blocked up! any ideas?
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