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Posted: 11/8/2009 2:46 PM PST
Maybe she has a dream in which she sees (one of) the people that caused her heart to break. Her ex-partner has something that is a symbol for her soul (no clichés please!) and then he breaks it and/or tosses it away. Then she wakes up and feels broken. The first one she speaks that morning says something suggestive (?) or she sees a advertising sign or something else that has always been there, but only now she understands the meaning it really has for her: she should search what she lost earlier. Hope something of this is useful for you, Good luck!
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Posted: 10/17/2009 10:30 PM PDT
It all depends on how serious she is about her art. If she really wants to succeed as an artist, what you could do is have her enter a contest and lose horribly. The shock of discovering that she's not really that good could be the motivation for the soul searching. Hope that helps!
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Posted: 10/14/2009 4:04 AM PDT
um.....hi...i would really appreciate some help. i havent posted the story yet, just writing it at home...... it's called soul searching. it's about how someone gets cheated in love and then goes off soul searching. the girl is 17. now the problem is, how the $%^& does she decide to go soul searching? one idea is that she just goes off for an art exibition/workshop(she is a ...student...painter) and it finally becomes her soul search. but that idea needs a lot of devolopement too,...... so, ne one? plz? either plots or ways to devolpe the one i m thinking abou?t?
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