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A discussion to stoke your writing fire.
Posted: 9/14/2009 7:02 PM PDT
I'd love to help. I find that others telling you you're doing good or giving pointers always gets the writers farther. Gothwriter.
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Posted: 7/13/2009 6:52 PM PDT
please tell me the storyline and I would be glad to help. =, ) โ˜ป
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Posted: 7/3/2009 6:41 PM PDT
What's the story line? in Christ, micah
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Posted: 6/25/2009 9:06 PM PDT
I am a young, and hopeful aspiring writer; a wanna-be, really. In my recent days, i began a project i have yet to post online for fear of its infancy. I would very much like to develop the idea and post it for feedback. However, i am confronted by nothing less than an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. I could use a helping hand; just someone willing to teach me. I've thought of a storyline, or at least, the first stages of a concept, and would very much appreciate any second opinions. I know most people are a bit wary of helping someone over the internet; after all, you never really know who they are, but i am just asking for pointers. Any would be highly appreciated. Thank you, and God Bless.
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