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Posted: 11/13/2008 2:44 PM PST
I have no idea where my pieces are going either. When to stop? - When you think your last sentence written draws the reader in, makes them ponder your theme, setting... Maybe it makes them re-read your story, comment and reccomend your piece, and it makes them want more, but the end has most loose ends tied up. How long is too long? It is never too long. Foul Language? - Is enriching when used correctly. People swear, sometimes it part of their nature. It gives insight to the character and their mind set. Erotic stories? - Warn the public before hand if you have younger fans reading your work. It's probably a good idea to warn the public anyway, to some people it is offensive. Personally, I think it just intensifies any plot line and short story collection. Different Topics? I write about everything. I try to write about things that make me uncomfortable, I try to make myself 'think outside of the box.' I want to grow as a writer, and if you only ever write mysteries... well that's not tasting the world is it? This is an interesting writing challenge you may find intriguing.
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Posted: 11/13/2008 3:18 AM PST
I write on several topics, variations and ideas with little or no idea of where they are going. The question then becomes where to stop? How long is too long for a short story if your comfortable writing? 2 pages, 3 pages, 4 pages? More? Is using foul language a bad thing for your characters to do? -Personally if I am writing and depending on the subject matter I think it can be tantamount to the storyline. Is it appropriate to post a more erotic story mixed in with more normal stories on a project? Do you write entirely on subjects that your comfortable with or do you extend your idea line by doing some kind of research? I would certainly appreciate some kind of feedback both in the forums as well as any you can offer on my projects. J. Lee Kenser
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