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Posted: 6/27/2011 10:25 AM PDT
I would say you could publish your second volume anytime you want. I visited the unibook site and since it is print on demand there is not a set quantity you have to sell to make a profit. However, if it was me I would set a goal of "books sold" and try to meet it before publishing a second volume as I would not want to be seen as someone who values quantity over quality. That seems to be the case with many self-published authors I am aware of, especially poets When setting the goal it would probably be best to look at what you want to accomplish with publishing. Since it is poetry you are probably not going to be rich and famous and will probably sell any more than 500 copies at most. Even state poet laureates don't sell well . You could also order about 20-25 books yourself to have on hand and promote it at local libraries and schools. If you are a member in good standing and participate in local poetry clubs you could also make the people who like and comment on your poetry aware that you have published a book. You could also give away a book or two to prominent members of the poetry club and ask them to write a review. Then you can use the reviews to petition and ask local libraries to carry your poetry book which will translate into sales and exposure. If you're not a member of a poetry club or group you could join one or start going to open mic nights etc. This will go a long way and allow you to build up a small market for your second volume before it is published. By promoting the first volume and giving it a small chance you would essentially reward a small market with the second volume instead of saturating it. Also, and this is just an opinion, it seems more respectable when a poet talks about sales and recognition of their poetry volumes instead of how many volumes they have published. Especially when they have self published it without any form of critical review or analysis. Many poets are published by Universities and small publishers respected in the poetry community. POD services are being used by poets but you still have to gain the respect and acclaim that being published by a university or one of those small publishers brings. Hope this helps you make a good decision and congratulations on publishing your first volume of poetry. There is a publication thread on this forum for you to promote it Put up a link and share it with the webook community.
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Posted: 6/24/2011 10:44 AM PDT
Hi! Okay, so I recently had my first volume of poetry published through self-publishing on Now, I'm wondering how long I should wait before I publish my second volume. Because it took so long to find an affordable publishing company/self-publishing agency, I am already almost done with the fourth volume. I'm anxious to get them out there, but I'm not sure how long I should wait before publishing my second book. Can anyone help me?
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