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Posted: 1/30/2014 1:48 AM PST
Hi, I'm an aspiring writer working on a Medieval Fantasy novel, it's a dark and bloody tale of life and death in a world so different from our own. And I'm in need of as much feedback as I can get. I know most of you are on the same boat.

So if you try it and give me some, you can expect guaranteed feedback for anything you might be working on.

Here's the link:


The summary:

Sometimes people are like pebbles...pebbles that fall down the mountain called life...most of them get lost and lay for gotten among thousand others...but there are some, some that start an avalanche, to leave their deep marks...they are the keys the world revolves around....for the better or for worse...
Five elements there were....five terrible elements....five elements which when brought together could change the very concept of life or...of death...
To start an avalanche of chaos and madness, of glory and avalanche brought about by one man, a man who was a Legend, a God, a Demon and most of all a Monster...but before he was all that, he was just a boy, a terrified boy !!! 


Check it out if you feel it's interesting.

Thanks in advance :)

We writers gotta watch out for each other !!!
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