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Posted: 2/15/2017 11:48 PM PST
I got confused when it said "I nodded to myself and went back to my classes" like were they in class? more detail would be nice like when it says " I hadn't even made it out of the forest"  what forest? you should maybe change it to something like "as the night descended on the town I made the long trek to town.To get to the town one must first get through the thick forest that surrounds the town" detail is very important.Try adding some more sensory details also.
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Posted: 2/3/2017 7:43 PM PST

My mother placed her hand upon my cheek, "You must protect the people of this world, it is your duty, your responsibility." "But, why? You won't even let me go out into the world and see these people, but I am supposed to be their guardian? It doesn't make sense, why must I learn about them through books and not actual experiences?" She just gave me that look and walked away. We had this argument many many times before. I knew why I couldn't go out, tensions between humans and dryads were growing. My family had taken a sacred vow, a vow they could not break, to show the humans they could never harm them, but it wasn't enough. They wanted us dead, and I was supposed to be their protector, it was absolutely ridiculous.

     'Tonight I am going to the town, I have to meet someone, anyone so that I can at least know what I am protecting, know if they deserve it.' I nodded to myself and went back to my classes. 

    There isn't many of my kind left, after the war with the other races we were nearly extinct. There are only 46 of us left which is why we try not to anger the humans, but they fear power, and they kill anything that has more power than them. It makes sense in a way, why wait for the danger to strike when you can strike first. See, we hold power over the earth, we can bend the stones and trees to our will, ask the animals to fight or hunt for us, and we can become one with trees. So I do somewhat understand the humans, but it isn't enough, I may understand them but I want to know them, to love them.

So, when darkness descended upon the land I descended upon the town. I hadn't even made it out of the forest when I heard voices. "Eat it" "No I'm not going to eat it it could be poisonous!" "So?" I giggled at their conversation and instantly regretted it. "Who's there?" One of them called, they were both boys, about my age. 'Crap, what do I do? They haven't seen me so I could make a run for it.' No, I took a deep breath, I came here for a reason, I am not going to run away now. "Show yourself, we won't harm you."

A few seconds passed and I finally got the courage to stand up, and I was right, they were boys around my age, 'bout 15, but taller. The one who had spoken to me had short blond hair and, when he held up the lantern, I saw the most vivid blue eyes I'd ever seen. I didn't notice the other boy until he shifted nervously. He was shorter than the other with brown hair and brown eyes, not as handsome as the other but cute in a way. 'I'm guessing he was the one saying eat it.' I internally rolled my eyes at the thought. They were wearing dirty tattered clothes, probably lived on the streets.

No one said anything for quite some time, all of us just looking at each other, the blue eyed boy had an odd expression on his face, and he kept looking me up and down sending tingles up my spine. A blush crept up my face, "H-hello." I waved. The brown haired boy laughed and waved back "Hiya, so whatcha doing in the forest so late at night?" "I..." can't tell him the truth. "I could ask you the same question." I smiled at myself, yes I won that one. " Fair enough, would you at least like some company, must be lonely out here by yourself." 'to them I probably just look like an elf, so it should be alright, this is what I came here for anyway.' "Sure," I smiled. 'What could  possibly go wrong?'

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