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Posted: 4/9/2010 11:52 PM PDT
Hi tkain, congratulations! Have a glass of champagne to celebrate! In my dictionary (my memory) footsteps is one word. (2nd line) Good luck! Liliana
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Posted: 3/4/2010 7:24 AM PST

I have finished working on my updated first novel. Prince K^th was young and cheerful, but his life would forever be altered by the events set in motion by an Evil from the distant past. Cor^in was the son of a woodsman and happily following in his fathers foot steps. When fire claims his home he is forced to live in the strangest of places and lead a life unlike any he had dreamed of. Marna, a street thief, was about to learn there was much more to survival than food and shelter. Gaellic won the right to lead his people and now was bound and determined to set right all the wrongs he felt were done to his kingdom. He would lead them into battle with the promise of victory by any means and at any cost. Even if that meant dealing with the darkest and most forbidden of magics. Elbacx, the aged wizard of legend, has awakened after a long slumber to find his old nightmarish prediction of darkness consuming the world is coming to pass. Can he summon enough of his old power to thwart the fall of all that is good in the world to this powerfully Evil foe? Vayne, LordMaster of the Druids, he failed to concur the world once. He was not going to fail yet again! * * * For those that complete this the sequel is... The kingdom of Alt^ir has finally been liberated from the invading Sysarqians. Now a new adventure begins as Elbacx, the great wizard from Kartoqs, leads our heroes forward after some pieces of his families past surface. An evil force is slowly gathering its might. Soon it will unleash all forms of nightmares made real upon all the kingdoms of Taiv. New foes and new allies come forth as secrets are revealed forcing an epic battle that would see a great city destroyed unless a force equal to one of the oldest and most fearsome creatures can be found
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