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Posted: 3/26/2016 1:04 AM PST
Hi, I think this sounds like a good start to a story- would like to know more about what you plan on doing with it? a continued love story? I would be interested in reading more. Maybe make a blurb so we get an idea about it. 
would love to hear some feedback on my story :)

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Posted: 3/18/2016 4:26 PM PST
It's interesting... I like it. It's intriguing. I would like to read more. You make a valid point in the second paragraph. It does seem that way. You're writing more, right? I would like to read the rest. Before any of that, however, you should start a project for it. 
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Posted: 3/1/2016 7:50 AM PST
so I am beginning to write a story and wanted to know if this stirs interest in anyone at all.
would you be willing to read more? What are your thoughts after reading this? your very initial unfiltered thoughts. It would be great if I can know them:)  (please, for now, ignore the grammar mistakes  and only focus on the subject and how the content and subject comes to you) 
here it goes! 

I am a girl. and like any other girl, I had a desire to one day get married and have all my dreams come true. Thoughts of being loved and having someone understand and love me for who I am consumed all my childhood years. My first real love was when I was only 12 and my last when I am 37. The only thing different is when I was 12 the center of my universe was a senior who was three years older than me. Today however my love is a 24-year-old boy.
Appalling you may think! But why? why is it such an unthinkable thing? No one seems to be bothered or question the occurrence when we are told  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)โ€™s marriage to  a woman a 20 yr older to him, the how the same thing becomes appalling when its is your own daughter or someone in your own circle or wh4en your own son suggests a similar idea? Why the reactions are open mouths, and feelings of disgust."

Cheer and thank you for your supporting me in this!

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