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Posted: 4/8/2016 12:01 AM PDT
My name is Ben, this book marks a new start for myself and my works, with its sexy and lustful connotations it will hopefuly draw you in Haha! I used to write on here under the name 'bennyboi' but that was before the site shut down, now I am back with a vengeance writing 'Zyloban' the quirky and erotic tale of Max Bridge, the Londoner clouded by his own lust after the mysterious 'Zyloban' character he net online. This book is an insight to the scary, twosted and erotic side of the internet and Virtual Reality. Below is the blurb... better than 50 shades thats for sure hahaha! Any feedback on these few paragraphs is welcome, the first chapter will be posted here soon: 'The twisted and erotic nature of the internet can be a powerful shroud over reality.  For some, it is an alternate universe that ultimately consumes them whole, leaving nothing but the shadow of their former-selves behind. Max Bridge is your typical Londoner who finds himself felled at the feet of lust, as reality bares no likeness to the pleasures his new sexual partners provide for him online.  Zyloban, the embodiment of desire and mystery, pulls the strings as Bridge lies helplessly beneath him.  In the end a decision has to be made, as this tyranny of lust and greed destroys the life and family that he had once built for himself.'
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