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Posted: 11/2/2009 12:51 PM PST
Yeah, you don't have to write poems, especially when you don't like to do it. If you do like to, but you think others won't like it, well... screw them! Just do what you want to do. And I'm sure you have something of value. Remember: even if only one person is touched or moved by reading it, it's worth writing. Maybe you should try to write other forms of poetry. Maybe with/ without rhyme, longer/shorter, more in style of songwriting? Just try out how you'd like to write. And maybe, in the end, it's just not your thing and that's fine too. Good luck!
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Posted: 10/2/2009 1:27 AM PDT
Thinking your work is crap is healthy. It proves you value your writing. It's also humility. The people who think they've written the greatest stuff in the world usually write crap. Worse, they won't anyone tell them its crap because their egoes won't let them. They want to be worshipped, not loved. My first few novels were crap and I knew that. But I didn't give up, I just bought a can of air freshener and a flyswatter.
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Posted: 9/25/2009 2:32 AM PDT
Just write what you want to write. Don't worry so much. If you're having fun and getting your mind moving, that's all that really matters, right? I mean, it's not like much of *anyone* makes a living as a poet. You have to do it for other reasons than pleasing others. You have to please yourself, in some manner. Poetry is so subjective, too. If you don't enjoy doing it, clearly it's not your thing.
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Posted: 9/14/2009 10:42 AM PDT
"Maybe poetry just isn't you thing." Shannon, thank you for having the gonads to say that! You are right....maybe poetry ain't my thing. It's kind of a relief to have been told that-kinda like it's cool now...I can quit trying to fit my round peg into that square hole. Thank you.
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Posted: 9/12/2009 8:21 PM PDT
I tried writing poetry, also, and I failed epically. But when I write short stories and novels, it's amazing! Maybe poetry just isn't you thing. If it's something you truly love and you REALLY want to write poetry, then just practice using synonyms. I find they can transform a work of poetry into a work of art.
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Posted: 9/10/2009 2:55 PM PDT
Me too. I'm sorry, I hate what I write. Once other people compliment my writing, but I think it's stupid. Lots of writers do. Or else they'd all be insane and fame-loving. I think that people really like your poems...if you don't that's okay.
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Posted: 8/16/2009 12:15 AM PDT
This was advice given to me and I found it very helpful. Go into a book store and open a few books in the genre that you write in, in your case some poetry books and read a few pages of each. Read them objectively, as if you were a critic. Compare them to your own work. What is better, what is worse? What I usually find is that I'm not as bad as I thought I was :)
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Posted: 8/14/2009 3:31 AM PDT
I decide all my work is crap as soon as I have finished the first sentence or couplet. Then when it turns out good I am excited. lol As far as only writing short poems goes....well.....that's the gift now isn't it? True poets paint masterpieces with as few strokes as possible.
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Posted: 8/1/2009 7:31 AM PDT

Don't make my mistake. I have deleted over 10 projects because I thought they were hopeless. Keep in mind that critiques are only opinions of people and are not to be taken too personally, too.
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Posted: 7/23/2009 1:44 AM PDT

Give it time. As you get to know people so you will find people reviewing your work. Many reviews are trite but not all. I find really writing a serious review means 'opening your third eye' to the poem; reading it several times - at least once aloud to pick the stress and intonation, deconstructing the metaphors, images, connotations of individual words. It takes time and also uses up your creative energy just as much as writing a creative piece. It is easy to have some stock phrases and just turn them out instead. Even if you do concentrate on giving a constructive critique you will find many writers don't like your advice and object to it. There are projects however that concentrate on such feedback.
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Posted: 7/22/2009 5:39 PM PDT
In an effort to break my "dry spell", I have tried many tactics. One of them was to try to have two projects going at one time. That way, if I got hung up on one, I could work on the other. That worked for a couple of days. So I noticed this poetry contest thing & I thought, "Hey! I'll try that!". I submitted three poems, all of them old. Old as in ten or more years old. Naturally, I wanted to compare my poetic muscle to the other folk who took the plunge. I think my stuff is crap. I am not fishing for compliments. I seriously think that I have realized that I have zero talent as a poet. I always knew I was no Charles Bukowski, but damn. I got one review for each of my three poems, all three reviews written by the same person. One review simply said, "Short but deeply expressed..." What does that mean??? I'm just neurotic. Neurotic in the extreme. In fact, this is funny. I have talents in so many other areas, why is this bugging me so? I mean, so what if my poems were short? I have a small mind! Well, no I don't but sometimes it just doesn't take many words to make your point. Why type just for the sake of typing? Why add in more words, just to be verbose, when I can express it just as well (I think) in a few words. In fact, that was part of the point of the whole thing. It was meant to be stark, a mental bomb blast. Or brain fart. Deep breath, woman. Let it go. Inhale, exhale... Gahhhh!
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