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Posted: 10/16/2014 6:22 PM PDT
  • I remember when you said this "Werewolfgall22, I will stay and help but I can't take anymore tantrums. If you feel angry, say them in your head, or write them out but don't send them. It is a lot harder to explain things over messaging and not in person so yes I see how things get confusing but that's neither of our faults. I would like to stay and help so lets get along and work well with each other. "

And then you disappear so thanks for nothing but again never needed your help anyways.
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Posted: 10/11/2014 9:23 AM PDT
Thanks for disappearing, I don't need you anymore anyways so good bye forever.
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Posted: 9/16/2014 9:01 AM PDT
Where are you i need you!
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Posted: 8/27/2014 10:54 AM PDT
Wow thanks for nothing.
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Posted: 8/27/2014 4:51 AM PDT
i going to delete my weebook account so sorry i cant help, byeeeee
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Posted: 8/20/2014 8:11 AM PDT
Oh so sorry for my put burst it's just my laptop is still broken and I couldn't tell you all the info because it was on that ): I'm such an idiot sorry.
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Posted: 8/19/2014 7:41 PM PDT
Ergo give me times! Jesus!
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Posted: 8/18/2014 10:21 PM PDT
Hey, yeah I need quite some more info. I can help with the writing but I have no idea about the plot. Where are the characters starting? What is happening? What will happen? How will the book end? I have no idea. Sorry :(
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Posted: 8/15/2014 3:44 PM PDT
Okay listen ive got bad news my laptop crashed but im using ahither one... when i get it. But for now i have just a tablet. But anyways as my co author u gave to do all those. Now i really need help with a prologue and first chapter. You can write those then i read them and put in my input and help out stuff like that. You probably need more info on more of how the prologue should go. Do u. I,ll tell u as soon as i get back to my laptop. You get it. But if u want u can write a chapter now.
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Posted: 8/13/2014 10:25 PM PDT
haha kk, I get it now. Thanks :)
Since I'm the co-author or whatever, I can do some chapters and sample them to you.
If you want to start the book off, i would be happy to do whatever; write, review or suggest ideas.

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Posted: 8/12/2014 3:52 PM PDT
And they have these skills because A. They were trained at the agency and B they know from experience also! 
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Posted: 8/12/2014 3:49 PM PDT
No it'll work I did research she can have  that strength! It's not like only boys can be strong. She's not gonna have the strength of ten men that was an exaggeration but she will be really strong! And the teens already know each other! Tara and Drew are a couple, and the rest are friends! I thought it was made clear :( u get it please tell me u do. 
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Posted: 8/11/2014 10:37 PM PDT
By the way I think the kick would be awesome!
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Posted: 8/11/2014 10:36 PM PDT
Sorry I haven't been on :(
My laptop got taken off me!! ARGHH!
I think I missed some of the story line at the beginning because how do these teens meet up and why do they have these skills?
Tara's strength (stronger than ten men) may be a tad exaggerated ect.
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Posted: 8/6/2014 10:04 PM PDT
Where r u?
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Posted: 7/31/2014 9:59 PM PDT
Did i forget that all the teens are highly acrobatic. I'm having a tough time thinking what weapon Drew should have though.
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Posted: 7/31/2014 6:28 PM PDT
Awe thanks :) Okay well now I'll tell you about the girls, but first thing when Melody is trying to fight Christian she grabs his weapon before he can strike her runs behind him and then brings her leg back and kicks it forwards right into his... backside! Aka butt and also gets him in his... testes! Lol it'll be funny when we write out the dialouge for that where he's covering his bum and screaming like a puppy. Lol and after she ties his arms and then tries to snap him out of it... what do you think? 

Tara: Loves her boyfriend Drew, always shows it, great fighter, great with weapons, a bit emotinal and drama queen, loves doing flips and punches and is very strong (stronger than 10 men) has a huge family. Hates when she feels she's being mistreated. Brave. Especailly great with bow and arrow.

Esther: Super smart, loves animls, has a cat and dog, super sweet and doesn't let a lot anger her rarely takes things the wrong way and always tries to be the voice of reason,loves dancing and listening to music. Loves wearing vintage clothes, really pretty and charming. Patient and understanding. Great with purple throwing stars and fantastic at fighting and tae kwon do. She's great planning and calculations. She can greedy at times but is a bad liar. (again will fit in the story). Has a major crush on Sean and wrote him letters when he was at camp.

Skye: Rich girl, somewhat popular, loves being the center of attention. Loves all thing rich and girly but at the same is down to earth and treats her help with respect. She's snobby and spoiled but not too much of a self centered rich bitch, lol. Loves to keep everything clean and organized and has slight ocd. Keeps a collection of dolls and secretly has another collection of comic books and video games that she hides from people so they think of her as a nerd (it will be in the story). Weapon is a pink whip she uses to subdue people with. She's great combat fighting and can use her anger when taking down villains. Somewhat vegan.

Melody: Total tomboy and androgynous, has ambiguous facial features and short chocolate brown hair. Loves sports  and does a lot of boy things and hates wearing skirts and dresses. Down to earth and kind but still can be selfish and cold. She judges other rather quickly sometimes and has a distrust of men but mostly due to her being sexually assaulted by her fathers boss when she was a child, but she has respect for them and wants women to be treated equally. By far the best combat  fighter, karate, and her lean body helps her do flips and tricks and kicks. Has a identical twin sister who will make an appearance. Loses her temper easily and can overreact like her best friend sKye. She also carries a boe stafe that can become nunchucks. 

What do you think about these characters? And again do you like the literal butt kicking scene? Lol. I was thinking a line he could say is:

"She kicked me in gonads?!" he screamed covering his bottom squaeling in pain. "You ruined my chance to have children you jerk!"

"I've always wanted to do that,"Melody said grinning ear to ear.

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Posted: 7/31/2014 5:20 PM PDT
Sorry I haven't been on for a while. These ideas are really good.
The characters are great :) Melody and Cristian are so far is my favourites lol.

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Posted: 7/31/2014 3:22 PM PDT
Cres how's it going noticed you've been silent for a while.
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Posted: 7/31/2014 3:20 PM PDT
Hey how you been? 
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Posted: 7/29/2014 5:02 PM PDT
Okay again since you read all those messages u have enough background info, like Drew was abused as a child but is a musical progidy, Sean was sent to military camp as a child and is afraid of almost everything and can sing, Christian is very relgious but also an alien believer, Ty is biracial and both his parents come from different countries, Tara has a huge family and got with Drew while she was technically dating another boy, Esther has divorced parents and volunteers daily and wears vintage clothes and loves animals, Melody was sexually abused as a child and is sporty, and Skye is a rich girl with a half brother and big house with servants, she's super rich and her family makes over a billion dollars daily but... lol that's just side stuff I'll be using later in other stories when i get this written, well half at least.
I'll give you the character background's that will be used in a story. I'll separate them into characters:
Drew- Smart, sensible and understanding. Strong and good with swords and weapons also a musical prodigy and both book and street smart. Knows how to swim, fight, and using weapons. Good kisser. Easy to anger face turns bright red. Afriad to be in closed spaces

Christian: Not very smart but great at using the Katana and used to fence and has awards for them but can also do back flips and fun loving but always ready to fight and help out others, he listens to anyone's case and never sides with anyone unless getting the facts although Drew is understanding Christian by far is the most understanding. What he lacks in smarts he shows he cares deeply about his friends and family. Chronically makes mistakes, has the ability to fight without thinking. Ladies man. Comic relief.

Sean: Shy, timid, fearful but has great strength and fighting skills, his weapon of chose is the Boe staff with a blade that can pop out at the top, the boe staf can also form into a miniature stick that resembles a pencil that he used as a way to hide it. Although he can fight he's easily scared at talks quietly. He is also nervous around girls especially Esther. He's in a band (yes it will be used at the end) where he's the lead singer the reason of why he can do this is because he is in disguise, the other members are twins and two other guys. His father signed him up for military camp since he was 12 and he's been going ever sense. Esther writes him letters to him while he's there. Loves to draw and sing in private. Super smart and can build and take things apart easily, knows different languages, and studies a lot.

Ty:Wanna be player, flirts with girls but fails, loves playing video games, partying, and reading comics. Weapon of chose is the nunchucks or throwing knives and he's able fight and is acrobatic and can fit through small spaces. He's a bit flamboyant and loves rap music. Best friend is Skye and he loves shopping and can sew. Has a bit of a short fuse and doesn't like being teased. Loves writing. Sometimes comes of like a jerk but is actually kind and honest to others. Although he does act a bit effeminate he is also tough and can stand up for himself.
All this will be important to the story. I'm giving the boys right now to see what you think. Tell me how u felt okay?

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Posted: 7/26/2014 5:38 PM PDT
yeah of course! That would be good if you did put the background info of the characters in. Just make sure the stories aren't too long and they should be relevant to the story.
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Posted: 7/23/2014 9:41 AM PDT
Also since u've read those last poast with all those character facts. idk if you know but a lot of the characters have intresting back stoires i come up with. Do u wanna know, just for fun i mean. I need advice on wheter these ideas should be story ideas. All the stuff takes place when the girls were in 9th grade and the boys were younger too. Do you want to know them?
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Posted: 7/23/2014 6:31 AM PDT
Oh awesome, well the problem i said before is the chapters, I need enough to draw the reader in but not too many where the reader gets bored like those 300 paged books that take forever to get to a point. I don't want that. You get it? Plus i want the book to be so good i like reading it :)
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Posted: 7/22/2014 11:21 PM PDT
omg! ahh! sorry it was meant to be a :), i hit the wrong bracket on my keyboard! So sorry!!
I have read your previous posts and everything sounds great
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Posted: 7/22/2014 11:41 AM PDT
Why are you frowning. I just can't get that out of my head. But anyways just read my messages (skip the ones that sound angry) and you'll get an idea of the story. Okay? When you do I'll fill you in on more.
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Posted: 7/22/2014 11:39 AM PDT
Just... uh... look I'm confused lol now i have three people to talk to! But seriously that wouldn't make any sense let's just have blake talk about it for a minute or so when the guys or girls ask why he's evil.
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Posted: 7/22/2014 11:34 AM PDT
Why did u use a sad face.... well I'll tell you enough of story ideas as i can. 
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Posted: 7/22/2014 2:40 AM PDT
why don't you have a flashback of Damien becoming evil? idk just a suggestion but I would really like to know what sent him over the edge to become bad.
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Posted: 7/21/2014 10:18 PM PDT
Yeah :( you could start with the flashback of Damien like you said.
If I knew a bit more of the general plot, I could maybe help with the start and stuff?
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Posted: 7/21/2014 3:19 PM PDT
Yeah just a bit high strung because it's still my story and I'm just having the hardest time coming up with enough chapters for the book, like you know how those young adult books start at somewhaere else and then lead up to the summary. i wanna start the chapter with the flashback of Damien but idk where elese! It's so hard! 
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Posted: 7/20/2014 11:26 PM PDT
haha cool. My name is Talia. I have read multiple spy book and seen my fair share of action movies.
That would be great about the story and characters :)
PS I am definite you're not mean
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Posted: 7/19/2014 3:15 PM PDT
Okay bye ).........: 
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Posted: 7/19/2014 3:10 PM PDT
Werewolfgall22, I will stay and help but I can't take anymore tantrums. If you feel angry, say them in your head, or write them out but don't send them. It is a lot harder to explain things over messaging and not in person so yes I see how things get confusing but that's neither of our faults. I would like to stay and help so lets get along and work well with each other.
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Posted: 7/19/2014 12:35 AM PDT
Oh i'm sorry teejay222 i almost forgot about u :) Hi I'm rachel but u can call me by my username, I'd love to have u on my team but i think three is good now. If u have ever read a spy story or seen any spy videos of any mix u can really help. I can give u the skinny on the story and I'll be really nice, i promise. Ignore those two messages to cres i'm apologizing for being a bitch to her which i rightfully was. I hope u can forgive me too for seeming like that too. I really am a nice person too and can send u art i created of what the characters could look like and fill u on the story. I hope u can help come with more chapters with us. Because the story idea i have is good but i need to fill it out in a ten to 14 chapter book. I promise i'm not mean and i can work with others and i won't get angry too much. Hope u understand and have a nice night :)
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Posted: 7/19/2014 12:26 AM PDT
and another thing the reason ive been so...bitchy is because a couple weeks have been hard for me with my mom and all but that's no excuse u clearly show i'm a cold heartless bitch and i deserve u words again if u wanna leave u can. i don't deserve kindness. I'm usually so nice, to everyone but i just go upset when i feel like my story is being changed too much but again no excuse u can leave. i would if it were me because u know b-word ):
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Posted: 7/19/2014 12:24 AM PDT
This was like the first time I didn't blow up at you. Yes i have tantrums but this time I was just being honest and trying to talk to you. "I can understand if you don't want to work with me anymore and that's fine, but I'm done taking your temper tantrums. " When i saw that I actually started crying. That was really rude, but I get why you said it but saying you're done with temper tantrums is like saying you're done with me and that's why i cried wow that really hurt and actually makes me feel how u felt when i got mad at u its just  im sorry im sorry i really am i cant im sorry i cant even see the letters anymore my eyes are to blurry. gosh is this how u felt! im so sorry please forgive me please please! God please I know im being pushy but please god please! I was just oh god im so sorry. i didnt know it felt like yelling god im sorry. 

". But don't bother even trying to understand cause it will most likely sound stupid anyway. Sometimes you are so confusing, you want the agency to be hush hush then there is a party to celebrate the capture of the boys but you don't say who is there to celebrate making it seem like people know about the agency...make up your mind!" am i really that stupid? oh god i just realized i am i'm confusing too. what i meant is its a party but by the agents its still secret. Oh god please forgive ill be more understanding ill listen and try to be reasonable please for god sakes i am so sorry for being a bitch i really am god forgive me creseda please. i am sorry ):

it's clear u hate me now so if u wanna leave go, with a bitch like me i'd leave too, it's just on the internet... oh forget it a bitch cant explain sorry.

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Posted: 7/18/2014 11:50 PM PDT
When you hit the upload/start writing button it should open up a starter page. If you are trying to import your word document to the webook page then you are going to have some trouble cause on my computer it wont let me do that either, I literally have to type the whole thing out...I have no clue either. Sorry.
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Posted: 7/18/2014 4:25 AM PDT
I am really sorry, I've had this account for only one day, I'm new :)
I've been trying to upload my story,so I click Upload/Start Writing, but everytime I try,  it won't upload.
Anyone have any ideas on what's gone wrong? I've tried on seperate computers and the result is the same.
So sorry to bother you, thanks
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Posted: 7/18/2014 4:24 AM PDT
I am really sorry, I've had this account for only one day, I'm new :)
I've been trying to upload my story,so I click Upload/Start Writing, but everytime it saw something has gone wrong and it won't upload.
Anyone have any ideas on what's gone wrong? I've tried on seperate computers and the result is the same.
So sorry to bother you, thanks.
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Posted: 7/18/2014 4:14 AM PDT
Both your ideas are great :)
If you guys ever need help or whatever, I'd be happy to lend a hand with the stories and ideas, especially for the plot.
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Posted: 7/16/2014 8:12 PM PDT

 I'm sorry, but I don't see the point of asking me for chapter ideas if you already have them figured out. I only suggested a few things and you're going off your rocker there. You keep getting mad at me for things I don't understand, you jump around from story to story, and you pretty much expect me to read your mind and know exactly what you're thinking. This is getting tiring and very annoying. I can be here for moral support and all but as for story ideas, I'm afraid to say anything for the fear of you going all crazy. I understand its your story and your ideas but I was here to help but it seems lately all I'm getting is yelled at.

What I meant with the whole past present past present was going back to how the boys got captured then going forward to them having their memory loss with the girls then going back to see their memories erased then forward having the girls try to protect them and what not. But don't bother even trying to understand cause it will most likely sound stupid anyway. Sometimes you are so confusing, you want the agency to be hush hush then there is a party to celebrate the capture of the boys but you don't say who is there to celebrate making it seem like people know about the agency...make up your mind!

I can understand if you don't want to work with me anymore and that's fine, but I'm done taking your temper tantrums.

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Posted: 7/16/2014 3:16 PM PDT
NOOOOOOO! I'm sorry but after Chapter 2 it was terrible! I'm sorry but the book can not go by that fast! Let me explain at the end of chapter 2 should go: The girls going through their normal life dealing with crooks, at the end they get a message from Blake saying he needs to see them 2morrow for a meeting. Melody is worried but the others think it's nothing too bad and Skye even says they should go do a end of summer fun day. 

Chapter 3 should go like they're having a fun day and talk about there male friends and Ty and Christian's introduction can be entered in here. And Tara gushes about when Drew is coming from his vacation and how excited she is and Esther mentions how happy she will be when Sean returns from military camp. They get another call from Blake but ignore it. Then it goes to Blake in his office talking about how the girls won't pick up and how he needs them importantly. 

Chapter 4 This one can have Sean and Drew's introduction's. Afterwards Blake demands the girls to come as they're hanging out with the boys in different respectively. They make up an excuse to the boys and head out. When they get to the agency they are greeted by aliens and agents alike then enter in the room with a distraught Blake at first he's hesitant at telling the girls there mission but the girls say they can handle it so Blake tells them they covering a protection mission, when asked who he tells the truth and says it's Drew, Christian, Ty and Sean with pictures and tells them that therer friends used to agents at the agency but were mysteriously decommissioned. Nobody knows how or why and hasn't been able to figure out who it was. When asked why they never reversed it, Blake admits that it was done by another source so they can't fix it and that the boys are being targeted by an old unknown villain who promises he will return soon. Tara, Skye and Melody are furious that Blake kept this a secret from them for so long but he explains that he had to and that he hadn't even realized that they knew the boys at first. Esther admits she understands even if she is upset and talks the girls into letting it go. 

You get it! Another chapter can be them trying to protect the guys and another can be at a party where the girls and guys are at although the girls agreed to keep the boys apart just incaase a hit man showed up, but Tara says there's no way a hit man will be at the party, but they are proven wrong. And so on and so forth. Oh and Damien doesn't break out yet because that would place the light on him, right? So Victoria's the one getting the hit man in secret. Another chapter goes after the party and the girls decide enough is enough and agree to figure out who's behind this and keep the guys preoccupied by having them cooped up watching a movie at Skye's place. They question old villains and check files and figure out it's Victoria who's behind it by finding a marriage record and questioning Damien again and he says they'll never find out. Oh and for crying out loud it's not a mardi gras party! They just having a little celebration hat one of the baddest has been caught! Geez! But fine have Blake and business men of the agency thanking the boys for there work, okay?! I'm sorry to be angry but how did that fly over your head? And Damien breaks out himself but we don't need to write out. And what do you mean past, present, past? That makes no sense! Please explain!
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Posted: 7/16/2014 12:34 AM PDT

Chapter one has some good ideas but there is a little flaw in the part of the party. If the Agency is super hush hush then why is there a party? I can understand if its like investors of the Agency or what not but it can't be a public party. Oh, and when you said that the woman was trying to be sweet but still saying hurtful things, you should have like a little quarrel with the boys and her: She says "you guys" (as in Damien being captured by a bunch of kid boys) and they say "Boys or a woman, it makes no difference" (Cause she is a single woman and they are a team) like a little sarcasm back at her; but you don't have to add that part if you don't want to. Otherwise, its good that you're starting off with Damien in captivity. I'm assuming that the woman is going to bust him out somehow...and then go after the boys for revenge. I like it; especially chapter two when it kind of flashes to the future with the girls (if that's not how you intended it to be, I think you should consider). Have the first chapter be about the past, then go to the future with the boys, then go  back to the past type thing. Idk its just an idea.

CH 1: Damien getting captured by the boys, getting introduced to the woman, and Damien seeing her at his cell.

CH 2: The girls going through their normal life dealing with crooks, at the end Blake can say that the boys have been captured.

CH 3: Damien and the woman make a plan to get their revenge, they capture the boys and erase their memory.

CH 4: Girls find the boys and try to get their memory back.

What I got so far.... 

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Posted: 7/15/2014 5:04 PM PDT
Okay I'm better now, sorry just family troubles but enough of that, so I haven't decided on how many chapters we should have but I think I can write enough if we write out a summary. It needs to have a enough dialogue where the readers won't be bored by non talking paragrpahs but not too much where the reader thinks there's more dialogue then exposition. What I'm saying this should be like your fave book or series in third person. Now I can't write out the chapter's summaries but I can tell in a few sentences what each will be about. These are the chapters i got to far.

Chapter 1- DEals with the capture of Damien and about the boys, it flashes back to the villain talking to a thearpist who says that he's taking out his anger for far too long and he should accept what he's done and move on. Damien says he did what was right and that the world needed a leader like him and that his plans were foiled by "boys" the theaprist tries calming him down by giving him mints and such but he finally gets furious and tries to kill her until he's finally knocked unconscious. Another flash back occurs where a party is being held in the halls of the agency and everyone is congratulating the boys (not sure if I should use Sean, Christian, Drew, and TY's name's yet) anyways as the party goes on Sean notices a women staring at him and his friends weirdly, he becomes woorried and hides behind his cousin, Ty tells him to stop acting so scared and asks Blake who the women in the corner is. Blake invites her over and introduces her to the boys or just there t... no, names could work lol. She says it was good they caught Damien but says he was unstoppable and she's amazed that such young and inadequate kids like them were able to stop him, she then says two more hurtful things while trying to sound sweet and brings up she tried catching him once but she never expected "you guys" stopped such a mastermind. She then just walks away without another word. Sean comments that she was acting weird  and Ty jokes around that she is probably just upset "kids like us" stopped such a lame mastermind. The rest agree but Sean is still unsure but he enjoys the party. The flash back ends with Damien waking up in his cell he stammers then rests on his bed upset and fatigue and mumbles to himself that one day he will get his revenge. But then he hears a female voice coe through and sees a unshown figure and he says "It's you, you've finally returned" then the chapter ends.

Chapter 2- Starts out with the girls introduction talking about the summer almost being over and fighting a villain who's been robbing banks. Skye talks about how annoying bank robbers are. They stop the villain and sit on a ledge talking about the summer again and that they should end it in a fun way, the girls agree and plan a last summer packed fun and head home when the team comes to get them and the villain. 

Chapter 3- Starts out with them getting ready  and then see a movie, head to the amusent park and finally get pizza and burgers and start talking about how there summaers were so far and talking about there guy friends, finally they get called in to the agency... I'll stop herer for now you got andy chapter ideas.
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Posted: 7/14/2014 11:51 AM PDT
I'm just too upset! You've taken forever and I can't think maybe you can you know the story idea.
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Posted: 7/14/2014 11:51 AM PDT
LOook let's just get this over with! The chapter should start out first with Damien in prison where he meets a mysterious women right after talking to his therapist then the chapter ends.THe next chapter starts with each girl waking up and then calling each other on there phones discussing how the summer is almost over and they have to make fun, because half of them was on trips and the missions of being a spy. Esther says they have had a fun going on trips around the world but Tara disagrees and says those were all mission based and that half the time she spent watching her siblings but she agrees that she did have a fun summer with her friends. Esther then says they should go to the amusent park then and do other fun things, Melody says they can go watch a game and Skye says they should go shopping, but Tara just talks about her boyfriend and how he'll be back tomorrow. Melody jokes around that now they'll never see Tara because she'll be too busy with Drew. And Skye adds swapping spit,Tara blushes and tells them to shut up and says she won't be with them all the time because she'll be hanging out with her best friends. The girls awe but get interrupted by a call from the chief of the agency, Blake but they chose to ignore it and think it's just a call from him asking to come in for training. After spending a day together.... idk
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Posted: 7/14/2014 11:17 AM PDT
Uh huh I'll try to tell u more. Bye!
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Posted: 7/13/2014 11:58 PM PDT

Hey, I just got back yesterday and I'm printing out your story ideas and taking them to work (its a little slow in the mornings) and putting it into a timeline or an outline to help write the first chapter (or what you have sent me so far).

And yes, every year my family take some time to go camp on the beach as a sort of tradition and I cannot refuse an offer to go to the beach, like, ever.

If you have any other details you want me to add to the timeline send them to me and I can work on them in my spare time.

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Posted: 7/1/2014 10:27 AM PDT
That wasn't the first chapter... it was a later chapter I told u about the first one! It starts out with the girls trying to take down a villain then heading home, Blake tells them to come in soon because he needs to talk them. The girls decide they'll go in later 2morrow and then this will be where the chapter ends. Then in the next chapter aka chapter 2 while they go through the day together they talk about school and boys and there guy friends. Tara talks about how much she misses Drew ever since he went on his trip with his mom and little sister and worries about him meeting another girl but the others tell her to not worry about anything. Skye then goes on about her and Ty have been having a great summer and well and Melody agrees saying Ty is pretty active and funny then she goes on to talk about Christian, Skye calls him Melody's boyfriend to which Melody denies and says they're only friends and there's no chance they'll date. After that's done everyone turns to ESther who is oblivious but then says she has been having a fun summer because she volunteered a lot at the animal shelter and bought her pets new stuff and brought more vintage clothes especially the new skirt but Tara says that's not why they're staring at her and replies that she wants to know how her and Sean have been. Esther blushes slightly and says they have been hanging out alot but they have been talking especially when he left for military camp. She adds he was there for her when she broke up with her old boyfriend and how nice he's been but that they are just friends, the others don't believe her and say they know she's had a crush on him since 8th grade but Esther denies it except her face is still blushing. Before the convo can continue they all get a message on there  communicators from Blake telling them they should be at his office by now, and they reply they were too busy. He demands they come in but Skye says they're too far. Blake tells them to head to the back of the alley behind the Starbuscks they're at, when they head back there he tells them to open the trash can and in there is a portal to the office, they all  head in, some less energetically then others and land in Blake's office. 

End of chapter there. OH and it's Tara and Melody! Not Esther lol it's ok though but the only problem Esther is having is that Sean is acting immature and angry and starts calling her names and how she has less of backbone to stand on then he did. Now can you please answer my other messages?! I wrote a lot and I'd like a reply! Camp really? Why? you're like 22 ): but it's ok I understand. ERGHHH! I'm sorry I'm just upset about the camp and the fact all my other messages weren't answered and did you think the fights were the first chapter? They're not. I could use the fight sequence between Tara, Melody Drew and Christian as a flashback and then start the story with the girls but it would confuse readers if I just started it like that. But what I need to do it write out a synopsis for each chapter, some dialogue and then I can write that out and then get it edited. So I'll need the writing out the synopsis thing help from you too. So if you could please help with that it'd be nice! 

But also it should be at least a 8 or 10 chapter book.  The guys think the girls are lying though because they were made to believe that anyone who told them they were spies was lying and that they had to stop them from doing so beating them up. This is because of Victoria who planned this just incase they were caught. If they kept being convinced they go  into sleeper mode and try to excute the victim unless they admit they're "lying" and also a few chapter where the girl protect the guys, one could be while Tara is on a date and another could be when Esther, Melody, and Skye invite the other three boys over, and another would be a party where an assain leads all the boys away from everyone at the party by hypnotizing them and then drowning them in a river near by, but the girls stop him just in time and force him to admit that an old inmate hired him for the job. He says the guy is still locked up but refuses to tell them who or where but he does say that the villain hated these boys more than anyone else there. Victoria will be mentioned in the book too pretending to be nice all-american girl until the truth comes out. Another chapter could deal with the girls investigating the prison where all the spies criminals are locked up and they interview every villain the guys caught which is only 50. There methods are different with Tara being rough, Melody being the bad tough one, Skye bribes and threats them while Esther is very sweet and even offer some of them sweets they like! Her approach works and some admit they hated the boys but they couldn't be able to set up all the traps that this guy has. Finally they meet up with Damien who admits that he was the last villain the boys captured but his name was never written down. Unlike all the others though he's weirdly calm and complaint his heart beat is normal and he's acting nice but he does say things that make him seem weird and suspicious. At the end after they leave Melody admits he's not as innocent as he leads on and say her mom is a psychiatrist and how she taught her how to study people and adds in that although he may seem nice and weird he could really be a sociopath.  

Now if you have any more ideas for the love of everything please say them I am begging you to share I can not do this alone, I mean I put co-author post for a reason. This is a tough story to write alone so please share okay, please. Enjoy your trip and bye.
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Posted: 6/30/2014 11:03 PM PDT

So I like the ideas of the girls trying to convince the boys and even the end where they try to fight the girls (I like a little boy vs. girl action). Now put this into a first chapter that a person can read into a developing book. My favorite part is where Drew and Christian are kind of going with two other girls and Tara and Esther and mad, I want to read this part especially.

I'm sorry I have been kind of MIA recently but I'm going on a camping trip soon and wont be able to write back. I will see what you have when I come back so work hard. I want to read more about the girls trying to convince the guys that they're spies and why the guys think the girls are lying.

You have enough to write about, but you just need to put it into a first chapter. Keep up the good work!

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Posted: 6/29/2014 4:00 PM PDT
And also, lol sorry but just more ideas but this is for when the guys are told they're spies. After the girls mope in that chapter they decide to talk to the guys and try to convince them they are spies and may help out with Damien's and Victoria's capture. They invite the guys out for lunch but they never show up until the girls see them walk in a second before they leave but the guys are acting suspiciously cold and hostile towards them, which is weird even for Drew since this is really out of character even if they were angry. Sean rarely gets furious at anyone but he was so mad at Esther that he doesn't even look her in the face. They discuss this and are about to give up but when they receive a taunting message from Victoria who seems to know how the guys are acting and warns them to stop now or they will regret it. Tara decides to try again and the others agree, but also add in meeting the guys separately. Esther volunteers to talk to Sean, Tara to Drew, Melody to Christian, and Skye to Ty. Skye invites Ty over for tea and crumpets (there fave thing to do) and sends all her house staff out so she can be alone with him, Esther heads over to Sean's house and finds him in the basement working on a painting, there's also his guitar down stairs and other musical instruments, she finds him painting a disturbing picture and finds Sean's behavior even more alarming but still tries talking to him. Tara and Melody decide to head out together knowing Christian and Drew will be hanging out together, but when they do find them in the park they're surprised to see that there hanging out with two pretty girls, Melody's not particularly jealous but Tara is furious, especially when she sees Drew get all handsey with one of the girls, Christian is just playing soccer with the other girl and rough housing, Melody questions if he's really trying to make her jealous but still feels a bit hurt he is. When they go over to the boys Drew pretends he and Tara are broken up and she's nothing while Christian blows Melody off completely as "Some guy" repeatedly calling her a guy. Tara demands that the girls leave to which one of the girls, Kelsey. snobbishly says they have to leave anyways and then gives Drew her number through his phone and Drew kisses the girl on the mouth, in front of Tara and then says goodbye. Tara's face is bright red now, lol. Christian gets the other girls number as well, Cammy, which isn't shocking but then Cammy promises that she'll take him to a soccer match one day and walks right pass Melody and Tara.

Tara is obviously infuriated at this point but Melody is just annoyed and tries to keep Tara from mauling her boyfriend and Christian. This can be set into indiviual chapters or all together and next chapter will deal with trying to talk to the guys but they won't listen and try ignoring them but soon after start acting hostile and then threating the girls to leave. Sean grabs Esther by her shirt and then pushes her down before laughing cruelly and going back to his painting and deanding she leaves. Skye is in even worse water when Ty starts making a mess and knocking stuff over and trying to leave but Skye continously stops him. Tara and Melody have to deal with the two boys walking away and they follow them and try to convince them, Drew and Christian then start threatening them as I said before and grab each girl by there neck and saying even more hurtful things before also laughing and walking away. Finally one by one the girls say or do something that sends each boy over the edge and they turn to look the girls in the eyes there eyes are bright, glowing dark blue and it's not good. Soon the boys start attacking the girls with fighting and even substitute weapons, they seem indestructible and expert fighters but as they fight the girls they demand they take back the "lie" of them being spies. To which the girls refuse Now one chapter can deal with tEsther, then Skye, and lastly Melody and Tara which would draw it out in a good way. 

ESther could be trying to talk Sean down while defending herself andusing her fans to stop him without hurting him. She thinks she has him when she gets his shirt caught to the wall and tries snapping him out of it but then he quickly rips his shirt away and tackles Esther to the ground and tries stabbing her with a chisel from his sculpting set but ESther grabs SEAn's hand and tries to pushes the tool away but Sean is quickly overpowering her, Esther in a last resort reminds Sean about all the good times they've had together and how much she cares for him and even adds in the spy stuff and how he was able to take her down but reminds him that this isn't him, he'd never kill anyone or try to hurt him and informs him about the time they met at the park, Sean has a set of flashbacks and finally his eyes turn from blue to his normal grey and shakes his head, oblivious to what's going on but notices the chisel in his hand, Esther on bottom and him on top, his shirt gone with only his undershirt on, and the mess. He pulls away quickly and starts questioning what's going on and ESther explains that he tried attacking her and everything and he's shocked and starts feeling terrible and throws the chisel away and apologizes but Esther isn't bothered and blushes while asking if he's okay. He says he's find except for a headache and memory loss and how he doesn't remember the last 2 days, it was 2 days ago that he was told he was a spy so go figure. He asks what's been happening but before Esther can explain she gets a message from Tara asking for help and says she'll explain on the way and grabs Sean by the arm and they leave. End.

The next chapter will go to Skye and Ty who engage in acombat fight and Ty throwing things at Skye she easily dodges them and becomes quickly furious at the mess he's making and tries to snap Ty back to, but Ty starts picking up sharp objects and throwing them like darts and almost gets Skye a few times but finally pins her to the wall with a sharp pencil he had in his pocket (or something else) He stalks towards Skye and teases her about how stupid she was to send her staff away like that to which Skye defends her actions by saying she knew they might interfere and she wanted to do this alone, Ty teases her somemore and says she'll never break away because she wouldn't want to ruin her priceless shirt and then asking what he should do to her next but Skye kicks him away and pulls her shirt away leaving a tiny tear on the sleeve that was caught. Ty grabs another sharp object and the two struggle but then Skye starts calling him an idiot. hERe's a little exceprt.

"You idiot, can't you see what you're doing right now?"

"You're the one who started it. Inviting me over here so you can tell me more lies," "You're just some rich *itch who didn't deserve to be my friend."

Skye slaps Ty sharply across his face and starts to talk about the first time they met and how he generously wrapped his scarf around her waist after he spilled hot coca on her top to cover the stain and how it matched perfectly. She adds all the shopping trips they went on and even her spring break trip they went on, she then slaps him hard making him drop the shard and then begins to cry, literally crying and hugging his chest begging for him to remember and stop acting like an idiot or she'll slap him silly and Ty goes through the same flashback Sean went through (oh and i forgot to add in when they have the flashback they'll see a part when they were first starting out as spies) and his eyes revert back and he's dizzily asks what's going on and asks why his delicate flower (Skye) is sobbing like a silly fool. Skye asks if it's really Ty and ty replies ""Who else could this handsome man be" to which Skye squeals and hugs him eagerly. Ty says he's feeling dizzy and fatigue though and has a spilting headache and also 2 day memory loss and asks what did he miss and Skye sits him down to explain everything. She ignores the call from Melody and Tara so she can explain everything to Ty properly. And that's the first two chapters. What do you think?

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Posted: 6/28/2014 6:31 PM PDT
Idea for a chapter, the first chapter could deal with the four girls jumping on top of buildings with there weapons in hand chasing after an unknown villian. Tara's commanding the others, some banter can happen for a minute and they catch up to the villain and start fighting the one villian whos' female and trying to bomb a building before she can cause the bomb to go off by pressing the button on a round remote Skye uses her hot pink whip to retrieve the remote out the girl's hands.  But before she can destroy it, the remote shocks her and the Villain goes after her and starts to attack her at full speed before the other girls can help her out the villain whistles and three other girl pop up ready to fight the girls cleverly use there weapons to stop the other girls and Skye goes through a lengthy but awesome battle but Skye is subdued and the villain gets the remote about to bomb a (insert something that a person would blow up for eco-friendly or other reason) Tara shoots an arrow right through the remote breaking it and without setting off the bomb. The villain tries to kill Skye but Melody jumps in and starts using her clever combat skills to subdue the villain fully after that ESther ties her up and scolds her on what she did wrong but asks if she 's okay. This way we can get to know the characters. After the villain and her posse are taken away they are about to head home but Blake also informs them he needs to have a talk with them for a mission he has planned. 

If you wanna add in more u can and also if you wanna add in the meeting where the girls are assigned to watch after the boys and protect them like at chapter 3 or 4 or 5 u can. the other chapters can chronicle the boys for awhile like one can be with Esther and Sean, one with Drew and Tara and others with Melody and Christian and Skye and Ty. Sorry I'm not really good at doing chapters so well. I can write them but I'm not good at order. But I do know that for one chapter after the guys find out they're spies they start act erractic and cold towards the girls until they finally go in a sleeper mode and try to kill and I mean literally try to kill them and use there skills and different weapons to do it with. Esther is finally able to talk Sean down and snap him out of it by reminding him of the good time and quickly informs him of what happened he apologizes and they hurry to save the others. Esther informs Tara and Melody of how she snapped Sean out of it and they try and it works! 

What do you think so far?
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Posted: 6/27/2014 10:23 PM PDT
Hey i was thinking about the weapons the guys have and what if maybe we have Drew keep his sword but it can also be used for Christian's back up for when he needs to swords and when he doesn't have that he can have another awesome weapon but I can't think of one other than a gun and guns are too dangerous for a young teen boy to have. What do you think?
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Posted: 6/23/2014 1:36 PM PDT
Oh come on! Faces aren't that hardI know you can do it. Good luck.
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Posted: 6/23/2014 12:31 PM PDT
I have mostly everything but the faces, even with help, I still suck at faces, but don't worry they are getting done.
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Posted: 6/22/2014 9:33 PM PDT
Really? He's my fave too but there all my characters so I love them all :) But I like Tara and Drew the most becuase i think they make the cutest couple and have been through a lot of drama. But no I'm gonna do side stoires for all characters. How are the pictures going by the way?
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Posted: 6/22/2014 8:17 PM PDT
I think the short story thing is a good idea. Will you do other side stories with the rest of the cast or just mainly Sean? I think he is the cutest one...
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Posted: 6/21/2014 7:19 PM PDT
Lol silly the short story just something i wanted to work on alone. It'll take place while the girls and guys are in 9th and 10th grade. It'll revolve around Sean who, by being in the 9th grade, is still very shy and is trying to be more assertive and talkative at first he starts trying to be assertive but that doesn't walk when dealing with his common bullies but then he gets some help from Esther who helps him out by being nice to the bullies her sweet persona works with everyone. Sean decides to be more commutative  and tries talking to people but it doesn't work and leads to some awkawrd situations until finally he heads to the park to draw and meets Esther there again who's playing with some cats and tries to introduce himself but jumbles his words but Esther doesn't notice and says her name when he asks what she is doing she replies she's feeding the cats... I can't think of the rest now but something like that :) Oh and by the by Melody is also very limber and flexible and Tara is a bit of an Amazonian beauty but still thick/ chubby. Ty is also a sensitive yet manly man meaning he loves talking, cares about the mind and soul, listens intensively,  takes care of himself and dresses nicely, somewhat narcissistic, likes shopping, but at the same time likes watching sports, reading lots of graphic novels, go out into the woods and whatever boys might do I have a hard time coming up with that but I have a hard time doing the same with girls lolso give me a break! :) But the reason i'mtelling you this to give you a better idea on Ty full name Tyson. 

Away from that I've gotten the Ty description done... finally! 
Tyson “Ty” Singh- Ty has an round face with a tapering forehead and jawline, wide cheekbones, and matching round chin. His thin almond hooded eyes are a light chestnut brown placed below his high arched eyebrows, showing a happy, loving, and cool expression. His nose is a Celestial or Turn-up nose that hung down to his pink thin lips which were placed in the occasional know it all smile. His natural raven black hair is styled in a slightly unsymmetrical and diagonal faux hawk that he adds a lot of hair gel too but without making it noticeable. Ty almost always wears flamboyant or stylish to show off his personality like suits or classy clothes even his pajamas are fashionable. He loves hanging out with his friends including his best friend Sean and is always there to help him, his other best friend is Skye, he loves talking to her and shopping by her side and even reading comics. He’s not a slob though and loves to have order but isn’t the exercising type but he’s still a excellent combat fighter and great at hand to hand and great at hand coordination and can throw anything at it’s target. His round shoulders help with this skill . Whenever he walks, he walks with confidence, a tiny bit of a narcissist but still admiration for others and loves, he can usually win others over with his charm but has his enemies because he can stand up for himself. Ty is great at hand to hand fighting and also good at dart and knife throwing and claims he never misses his target and can use almost anything sharp as a throwing dart. He tries hard to be the leader but admits Drew is the better one to lead but sometimes tries to step up. Ty is by far the shortest one in the group, standing at a height of 5’5 a foot taller then his bestie Skye, but even though he’s short he’s athletic, sturdily built and Substantially built, strong. His also very energetic and loves climbing and jumping around. He’s flamboyant, sensitive, metro, charming, happy, somewhat snobby guy with lightly tan skin and a biracial heritage because his mother is European Caucasian and his father is Indian, he hates it when people make fun of that. He’s not dumb but isn’t the brightest not as slow as Christian though and is actually pretty good in school. He also loves flirting with girls but unlike his friend he fails, sometimes hard. He also loves rapping and writing lyrics for it.

Finally I'm done... yay! I am so sorry for taking so long but I'm done now, this was hard lol. Here's a picture that helps give the idea of what Ty looks like: 
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Posted: 6/20/2014 10:00 PM PDT
I'm 22 yrs old and as for the short story, who is the character going to b about? r they relevant to the main story or is it just a side thing you want to put (you don't want to confuse the readers if you are going to make two different stories)
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Posted: 6/20/2014 9:56 PM PDT
Ok I'm back from the doctor's and everything so i was wondering first: how old are you? and I was thinking of writing this short story about one or two of my characters do you think i should do it?
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Posted: 6/20/2014 5:32 AM PDT
Um... I meant chapters related to this story but it's ok. Anyways keep thinking!
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Posted: 6/20/2014 12:53 AM PDT
Well since they're high school kids, you should totally do a chapter with a dance in it (not necessarily prom since they rn't seniors) but a dance. You can have something go wrong or about to go wrong...lets say Skye is really excited about the dance and its all she ever talks about but then the other girls see someone/something trying to ruin it and the girls try to stop it before it can ruin Skye's big night....idk it was just a thought....ur the mastermind, I'm just the helper lol
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Posted: 6/19/2014 6:49 PM PDT
Mines is uranus and neptune because they were awesome and a lesbo couple ;) but lol you have to remember they're 14 year old girls , lol I swear Japan can be weird. Winx club makes me feel weird sometimes, like i get this weird feeling in me lol. But anyways I'm still working my Ty character description. Oh have you thought of any chapter ideas of your own? 
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Posted: 6/19/2014 6:26 PM PDT
I never thought that sailor moon would be compared with winx club, I mean yeah they have similar qualities but the main difference is superheroes fighting aliens to protect their now home planet and another with faries trying to learn how to use their powers. COMPLETLY DIFFERENT!! lol but still both some of my favorite shows. My favorite is sailor Jupiter cause she's so fearless. but that's on a non-needed to know basis. anyways yeah so I'm still working on those sketches, sorry I've gotten side tracked and worked on some other things but I am still working on them.
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Posted: 6/19/2014 2:25 PM PDT
Oh sure I can do that, it's good my character's aren't mary sues right? Melody-Tom boy, Skye-Rich perfectionist, Tara- tough girl leader, Esther- Gentle, kind helpful. Drew-Tough smart guy, Christian- Dunce, skilled swordsman and ladies man, Sean- shy, fearful highly intelligent boy with a skill for art and using a bow staff, and lastly Ty- the meterosexual and an expert at judo art and loves shopping, also great with throwing knives.
I love winx club too in the end it's still an awesome show that I love, no matter what anyone says and I hate to read comments over the internet talking about how winx and w.i.t.c.h being the same... they're both magical girl shows! It's supposed to be somewhat similar lol and people seem to have winx hate when you type in sailor moon vs. winx or witch vs winx the first team always wins! Lol no fair but i just bloom wasn't such a mary sue.

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Posted: 6/19/2014 12:46 PM PDT
I need to re-watch the whole season cause talking about it makes me miss the show. (Thankfully its on Netflix). I wanted to ask if you can put a label on your characters to better reference them, for example: Melody-tom boy, Skye-rich girl, Tara-leader, Esther-gentle one...etc. you can think of the labels of the girls and boys but its just to better classify them.
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Posted: 6/19/2014 4:06 AM PDT
Hey I can't write about Ty's profile now because I have to head to school, it's my last day ;) after that I'll be free 24/7 so anyways so glad you liked the aliens idea, was afraid you'd think that's going to far lol. About winx club I love the show too but you have to admit they put too much time on Bloom in the new seasons, and I like her but she's too much of a mary sue and when she's not she's a whiner and for all the wrong reasons sometimes. Lol and Sky and Diaspro, I know you probably hate her but in reality she was wronged because Sky never told her or Bloom about the other so in reality he was cheating on her and maybe Bloom but now they make her the villain and you can't blame Nick because they're not really in charge of that, it's the creator, he's literally gone out his way to make her seem like the rich bitch, the evil one, which she is but come on how hard would it be for them to just make her the snobby but nice character like Stella? And there are so many headscractchers like is Aisha part mermaid how she related to mermaids? Well i have an answer for that believe it or not but also wasn't Blooms sister Daphne dead?

But I'm talking to much lol enough about that, Ty's description will be in later, but I've thought up some chater and character ideas if you wanna hear them.
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Posted: 6/18/2014 10:07 PM PDT
I'm glad to hear back from you and even more pleased to hear that the story is going to have aliens and mutants?! I'm so excited. And yes I have watched the Winx Club and I love that show, my fav is Flora cause she's so adorable. If you want to make your characters similar to that it would be easy to do. I can't wait to start working. Get back to me soon!
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Posted: 6/18/2014 7:33 PM PDT
I'll make's Ty's 2morrow.I promise.
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Posted: 6/18/2014 7:32 PM PDT
OMG I am sorry for not replying to you I have literally been lazying around, I kept saying I'd get back to you but I didn't so sorry ):. Just here to tell you about Christian and Ty finally! Here's the tag line I thought to use for the book: Mutants, Aliens, mad scientists, psycho villains plotting to take over the world! These are just some of the things these teen spies have to go through on a daily basis not to mention bad hair days, relationships, homework, test, annoying teachers and vicious foes and I’m not talking about criminals. Follow these eight spies as dive in to adventure after adventure while managing to make it through high school  and manage a normal teenage girl social life. 
Also I looked more into Skye being the girly girl and Melody being the tomboy and I went on this site called tvtropes (It also refers to literature stuff) and they actually had a page for a tomboy and girly girl friendship lol, thank goodness because you see I was afraid that this friendship would be weird but it's actually a current thing lol. This site has every trope there is though they even have Rich Bitch, which is not Skye, she's rich but not a total bitch, lol but enough about that if you ever have the time check out the site it's a good read. And have you heard of winx club? Okay so anyways let's start this with the dunce lol just kidding.

Christian Aujoro: 

Christian has a diamond face with a fairly narrow forehead and chin, wide, prominent cheekbones, and a prominent chiseled jawline. His round-upturned eyes are a dreamy greenish-brown placed below his curved eyebrows that always gave away a happy and eager expression even if he's upset his eyebrows never change. His straight nose slides down perfectly down his lips formed in a wide sweet smile showing that he is optimistic about everything. His natural blonde brown hair , more blonde than brown is styled perfectly in a short cut with a slight fringe. Christian usually wears baggy clothes, graphic T-shirts or sports themed clothes, he never wears hoodies. He loves hanging out with friends and never likes to spend a long time sitting around although he can be a bit of a television addiction, he's still a fun energetic teenager and rarely ever shows depression. He has spent many years fencing, so much so that he's an expert swordsman making his square strong shoulders able to glide easily when practices his moves. Whenever he strides down a hall or street he beams with kindness and loves waving to others. Christian is also an expert fighter as well and has practiced kung-fu and Ti-Chi, and isn’t much of the leader type. Christian is also tall standing a 5’8, brawny, chiseled from head to toe, sensitive, caring guy with fair skin complexion and likes to exercise as well. He’s not the smartest guy and has his slow moments but can also be insightful and charming. He loves dating girls but treats them all with respect, he can be considered a ladies man or player but never likes to call himself that. 


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Posted: 6/16/2014 9:26 PM PDT
hey, haven't heard from you in awhile, you doing okay?
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Posted: 6/14/2014 10:07 AM PDT
I like 'em all I'll decide later. thanks again :)
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Posted: 6/12/2014 1:07 AM PDT

Special Operative Team SOT

Universal Special Operatives USO

Boy Girl Espionage BGE

Special Operative Espionage SOE

Secret Agent Team SAT

Special Operative Detectives SOD

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Posted: 6/11/2014 3:17 PM PDT
could u try again since boys are in the story too.
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Posted: 6/11/2014 2:29 PM PDT

Special operative female agents


this is kinda bad cause its sofa but I like the whole special operative thing going on.

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Posted: 6/8/2014 8:22 AM PDT
I'd like to have abbrevations with the word spy, espionage or agency.
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Posted: 6/8/2014 2:08 AM PDT
I like the whole getting picked up by a claw from like a helicopter or something, that would be cool. As for a name, I will work on something and give you some suggestions. But u definitely want it to be abbreviated right? Any specific words you want in it? Like spies or undercover or something? Let me know.
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Posted: 6/7/2014 7:38 AM PDT
 Hey nyou remember when i called the agency just the agency well that's because I have no name for the agency yet, I was gonna use WHOOP  but sense that's already trademarked by totally spies I definitely can't use it anymore, lol. So I need one that they can use as a fun name when they get called in like whooped or something and I was thinking they get called in by getting picked up in the strangest ways like idk men in black suits or claws, lol. And it has to be in abbreviations so it should stand for something but we don't have to say they could just say it's top secret. 
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Posted: 6/7/2014 2:19 AM PDT

All craziness put to side, start thinking about how you want your first chapter to go. Or at lease what you want it to be about.

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Posted: 6/6/2014 5:19 AM PDT
Look it's not you I'm mad at it's just I'm worried about my story I don't want readers to know too much but I want them to like this story. I know I'll have haters but i don't wanna ruin this story. You know? And I still included a lot about Tara! Good luck and sorry and calm down okay :)
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Posted: 6/5/2014 6:36 PM PDT
I'm sorry, I'm just getting tired of you getting mad at me all the time and I did go to paste the older posts. I mostly have a lot about Ester but I didn't have enough about Tara (like the best fighter, specific sports, etc.).
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Posted: 6/5/2014 7:24 AM PDT
Geez I said i was freaking sorry! Forgive me if i wanna talk about something that bothered me I have a right! I GET YOU'RE NOT A MIND READER! I NEVER SAID THAT I WAS JUST PISSED THAT YOU DIDN'T GET ENOUGH ABOUT TARA! Couldn't you just copy and paste it in a word document! And why are you hearing yelling at work and home that's not a safe environment.

Don't tell me to back off even if this wasn't my story I'm trying to help!  it's not like I'm saying "Do this do that, keep working start over!" I'm sorry if i insulted you or hurt you. What do you mean vent on the other side of the computer, what does that even mean? I'm serious though what does that even mean? Don't tell me to chill out please it's not helping I'll try not to yell at you I promise and I'll be less criticizing but don't tell me to chill out. I'll be better situated though and try to understand. Sorry okay I gotta get to class now. Bye. Good luck okay good luck.

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Posted: 6/4/2014 2:34 PM PDT

Okay, seriously you need to stop getting so upset at the dumbest things. I actually went through all the old posts to find more info on Tara so I could help you. And no you didn't put as much info on Tara as you did the other girls. I went back as saw that I didn't copy the one post about Esther liking animals only the part where you said "Esther loves to wear vintage clothing especially from thrift shops and animals." that's what you put and I got confused. I am not a world class genius and I for sure can't remember every single thing you write (hence why I'm trying to write it all down)

I am going out of my way to help you and try to be a part of this project but every single time you write a crazy outburst it just makes me not want to do it. I know you don't mean it but vent on the other side of the computer, I already hear enough yelling at home and at work I seriously don't need to hear it on here. You are not the only one working on this and yes I know its all your ideas and all your characters Holy Cow! its a lot to take in and you just need to back off! I AM NOT A MIND READER!!!! So chill out.

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Posted: 6/4/2014 6:54 AM PDT
sorry for my outburst.
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Posted: 6/4/2014 5:22 AM PDT
Seriously u are freaking ridiculous I said she loves freaking animals not wears them! And she's not the shyest Melody is! The only you freaking got right was Skye! I need freaking air!
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Posted: 6/4/2014 5:21 AM PDT
Are you freaking kidding me I wrote plenty about Tara! And melody has a twin sister and then a set of older twin brothers! Are you freaking kidding me! I wrote a bunch about Tara fine you want more well here!: Taranee “Tara” Johnson- Tara is a 15 year old girl in 10th grade. She was born on April 15th, and is the third oldest. She is the technical leader of the group and also the toughest. She’s a bit of a loner though and has a hard time expressing her feelings and trusting others, but even so she has a soft side. When people do toy or play with her emotions, she becomes enraged. Tara likes playing basketball, listening to music, playing video games, reading, kick boxing, and hanging with friends. Her favorite animal are butterflies.  She is smart and makes average grades in school. She tries to be very serious in every mission they need to accomplish, but still acts silly. Tara's full name is Taranee but she likes to go by Tara because she was teased for her name sounding “ghetto” but only close family and friends can still call her, Taranee.   Her best friend is Esther Ramirez. They've been friends ever since they were young. She confides in her and feels like Esther is the only one who truly understands what she goes through. Tara and Esther can be complete opposites at times but still Tara loves and appreciates Esther like a sister and would stick up for her in a bad situation. They do have lots in common though; they were born in the same hospital at the same time. They like some of the same foods, movies, music, etc. She first met Skye Dipalo and Melody Long when they were in 8th grade, respectively. Skye is her frenemy, meaning there friends but also rivals, they always try to beat each other in different tasks. Tara thinks Skye is a stuck up rich girl who only cares about herself, which made her coin the term Princess as to call Skye. Despite their rivalry though they remain good friends and can get along at times, Skye even offer‘s her good advice or helps her out.  Melody and Tara have a good friendship and like a lot of the same things, especially sports. She thinks of Melody as a great friend to hang out with when Esther’s busy. But their fathers hate each other after Melody’s father accused Tara of being a bad influence on his daughter, then it went downhill but they still hang out and avoid their bickering fathers.   She has a large family being the fourth youngest of nine. She is very close to her family even if they embarrass her and will defend them. She loves tormenting her siblings but has a close bond to all of them especially to her older fraternal twin brother and sister. But she expresses that she has raised herself most of her life because she thinks her parents show little concern for her, mostly due to her younger siblings, but they are very loving and protective of all of their kids, including her. Being almost invisible, she can act out to grasp her parent’s attention but sometimes wishes they’d stay out of her life and finds her parents clinginess annoying even though she still loves them. Her relationship with her father is stronger than her mother’s because he lets her get away with certain things.   Tara is very reckless at times and doesn't really care about the consequences of her actions. She also has a tendency to get angry and snap when things don’t go her way. With that said, these qualities are also something that makes sure she is never in any hesitation to help a friend in need, no matter what kind of trouble it might bring her. Once she sets her mind on something there is no stopping her and she won’t rest until the job has been done.   She has a weakness for sweets, especially chocolate and cake. She has the biggest appetite of the group and is a compulsive eater, chowing down when she’s nervous, confused, worried, etc. She usually carries all sorts of snacks with her but, this does help her when she needs to concentrate and wants something to nibble on. She does struggle with weight problems though but all in all she’s happy being a thick girl and is still able to fight and do many tricks her friends can do.   Tara is African American & Guatemalan on her mother's side and African-American on her father's side. She has light chocolate skin, a curved body frame, long straight black hair with a few auburn highlights which she typically wears down and big brown eyes. She is the third tallest of the group. She likes to wear dark clothing and stuff to show off her body. She is good-looking, but plagued by insecurity because she doesn't feel pretty enough even though people close to her reassure her she is. Tara is a big fan of body jewelry and has a total of four piercings. Ear piercings she received when she was a baby, a nose piercing she got with her father’s permission; her mom was furious though, because she forbade Tara from getting one in the first place. And lastly a pierced belly button that she secretly did herself, hiding it until her parents found out and nearly made her get rid of it, but, let her keep it and punished her instead.   Tara‘s enemy and bitter rival is Pandora Cummings, a mean, snobby, popular girl at her school who picks on her and her friends regularly. She hates almost everything about her: the constant insults and remarks about her weight, the fact she bullies everyone and always gets away with it, and how she looks down at anyone who’s not better than her. Tara and Skye share the same extreme dislike for Pandora and her clique a common interest that makes them good friends. There was a time Pandora was nice to Tara but that ended soon after it started when she found out Tara was going out with her ex-boyfriend, who’s she’s still with but she continues to flirt with him to make Tara jealous.     Skilled in kick boxing and martial arts, Tara can fight off a whole mob of thugs by herself but, show her a mouse and this girl is as good as dead. Tara also has abnormal strength despite her height and weight, being stronger than ten men. She was once even able to lift a log off her older sister’s leg when she was only six. She’s very proud of this and isn’t afraid to show it off giving her the perfect attribute of being a spy.   Though she’s a tough girl she’s a sucker for romance movies and is a hopeless romantic inside, although she masks it well. Her boyfriend is Drew Preston, a former spy. They met a few times before when they were younger until he had to move, he was very kind to her. But when they met again in their teens he acted rather coldly towards her and tried to avoid her, unlike when they were kids, this made her think he changed and was nothing but a hot head, and one day she confronted him about it but he surprised her by apologizing. Soon afterward they started hanging out, glowing closer and one day kissed, but she had a boyfriend at the time. Tara was somewhat hesitant to be with Drew and tried to suppress her feelings as he did with her. But later on she accepted the truth and ended her previous relationship, mostly because her, and the guy had no common interests, plus he was pretty much a jerk to her and her friends.   He is a year older than her. They’ve been together for a couple months and like most couples they have their issues but they still care for each other.  Tara loves big strong guys, but that’s not the main reason she chose Drew, she also likes him because he’s smart, when he can be, funny, tough, charismatic, and they can have interesting topics together she couldn’t have with anybody else. Not to mention he’s a fantastic kisser! Due to her insecurities she becomes jealous of seeing Drew with other girls she thinks are prettier than her.   Because Drew is a year older than her, Tara fears there age difference will cause a rift and that she might be too young for him but Drew doesn’t really think so. They dated in private before being found out due to her worries and the fact that Pandora would do anything to try and break them up. Her parents forbid her from dating him but mostly because they thought he was nothing but a thug, but she still stayed with him until they finally came around. Even though they have their tiffs and breakups, Tara loves Drew dearly but hasn’t told him yet.   Tara sometimes feels ashamed that she has to lie to her family and boyfriend about being a spy and making excuses about where she is. But she still loves being a secret agent and going on top secret missions. She’s good at hand to hand combat and is very coordinated but especially loves doing flips and kicks to take down her villains. Like her friends she admires Blake old life as a spy.   Her spy suit is cerulean blue.
I like the rest though except the melody twin brother part!

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Posted: 6/4/2014 2:52 AM PDT

So this is what I have mostly for the girls. Going back on all the info I saw that not too much was said about Tara so I couldn't write too much, however, I am organizing all of our posts to make the info more organized and even come up with a time line (or line of events). Can you add their ages please?


Melody-(OLIVE GREEN) tomboy, bf Christian, plays lots of sports, cares nothing about fashion, has a twin sister (and twin brother? wasn't too sure about this one)

Skye- (RUBY) bf Ty, girly girl, super rich, reads comics, love to shop, the most fashionable one, might be a little royal, doll collection

Esther- (VIOLET PURPLE)likes Sean, shyest of the group, likes vintage, loves animals? (I wasn't too sure cause the sentence you put this in sounded as if she liked to wear animals but that was hard to believe), and is a former dancer.

Tara-(CERULEAN BLUE) Dating Drew, group leader, loves her family,

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Posted: 6/3/2014 7:54 AM PDT
It's okay sorry ive been taking so long with the last two boys descriptions. 
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Posted: 6/3/2014 7:54 AM PDT
It's okay sorry ive been taking so long with the last two boys descriptions. 
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Posted: 6/2/2014 11:06 PM PDT
Hey, sorry I've been gone for awhile (working) and am just drained when I get home. I will write back tomorrow when I get off (finally get an opening shift so I will be home early). Love the romances. I think I like Esther and Sean the most (the whole shy thing is cute)
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Posted: 6/2/2014 7:12 PM PDT
I think also in the story we should make the romance between drew and tara strong and the crush fling with sean and esther we should make that light hearted and do the will they won't they thing. He'll be nervous and shy and she'll be cute, unnoticeable nervousness, and charm. Ty and Skye should be hanging out together and show how much they appreciate and like each other as friends and shopping buddies. And for Melody and Christian they should have a rough but happy friendship. For DRew and cChristian they should have a bromance and for esther and tara make them have the really close friendship. I'll tell you more later.
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Posted: 6/2/2014 6:57 AM PDT
Where r u?
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Posted: 5/31/2014 7:10 PM PDT
Drew has a square face with a defined, square chin, broad forehead, strong cheekbones, and a definitive strong, sturdy, and angular jawline, chiseled and angular in appearance. His roundish almond eyes were spaced evenly apart and deep brown with a small red section implanted in his left eye due to a condition called partial heterochromia they read a look of hard expression, sitting below straight angled eyebrows that seemed to give him a perpetual expression of nonchalance and calm expression but when he gets angry they drop low or furrow. His wide-nostrilled, big nose curved perfectly down his mouth closed in a thin, straight line that stayed in an unexpressive way but his smile is always closed mouth and is very charming and sometimes his smirk is better, and his hair—naturally dark brown in color was styled in short dreadlocks neatly done and messy at the same time. The clothes he wore over his broad shoulders and well-built body always showed of his muscles even if it’s just a basic black hoodie. Although he keeps himself secluded and quiet he still shows a confident and strong persona. He walks straight, his face held forward in a steady gaze, and had an air of authority that was palpable. Drew is an expert fighter, a leader. He is a tall, buff, attractively muscular, teen boy with a dark milk chocolate complexion, short dark brown dreadlocks, and, is also the tallest and well-built of the group. He’s strong, well-formed muscles evenly distributed across his frame, 5’11, with broad shoulders and muscles, really well built, but not body-builder. He exercise regularly and is very healthy. Defined muscles. He prefers his solitude and soft classical music or rock, skilled in piano. He usually wear hoods or shirts that show off his muscles without intending to do so and honestly doesn't know that girls are attracted to him. Something like this picture would work:   this image is what the dreadlocks could like or this one: 
 and interesting fact did you know that even though Dreadlocks are sort of like messy upbraided hair and the rumor is that because of this you have to cut them out because managing to untangle them is long is painful but that's not true though you can take them out like braids, lol just wanted to say that :). He's a year older than his cousin.


Sean has a triangular face with a wide, round chin with a slight dimple, narrow forehead, prominent cheekbones and a wide, square, broad jawline. He has soft features in appearance. His prominent almond shaped eyes were parted evenly and a deep silver grey something he inherited from his mother, a pair of blue 
rectangle wire-framed glasses, for his very poor eye sight. Above his mysterious eyes were round eyebrows shaped in a shy yet soft appearance, when he's worried, freaked out, or nervous his eyebrows jump or curl together with wrinkles. His straight, long nose hooks down towards his wide pink lips closed in shy smile or sometimes a fearful frown. His hair-- dark auburn in color came straight down by his shoulders, that he barley gets cut and sometimes wears in a ponytail. He wears slacker yet nerdy clothes that perfectly fit his lean body. He likes to spend his time reading and studying or going someone where private to draw sketches of people or inventions and when he's not doing that he writes in his journal with new ideas, passages and intelligent notes. He walks sometimes with his head held down with his shoulders slumped and tries to avoid eye contact but at the same time can walk with bravery and confidence much like his older cousin Drew. Sean may not be the toughest boy but he is also an expert fighter and is trained very well in martial arts, using the boe staff and military tactics thanks to him being in military camp over his summers, he's not the leading type and doesn't mind following orders. He is tall, lean, well-built, well-tone but not particularity athletic. He has a light brown skin complexion. He is also an expert at hiding and running. Tall 5'8 in height, with angular shoulders and long strong legs, sort of awkward, somewhat strong, lacks coolness, and eats well with the occasional sloppy moments. He's a shy, nervous, happy, fearful and all around honest nice guy.
And here's some pictures to give you ideas: 

 this could work for the skin color.

Now I have to stop here because this literally took me a long time to do but I will either send the ones for Christian and Ty by tomorrow or Tuesday :) Hope you're having a good weekend.
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Posted: 5/30/2014 2:21 PM PDT
Oh well that's understanable but hey you know that last you did for the boys after I gave you there bio's can you do that for the girls too. I haven't seen a list for theres.
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Posted: 5/30/2014 1:41 PM PDT
Oh,sorry. You said in the 5/29/2014 5:37 AM PDT post that Skye was gonna have the two axes that's why I got confused. And the thing with Sean being Asian, my coworker is Asian and his name is Sean so sorry for the confusion (lol).
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Posted: 5/30/2014 5:19 AM PDT
What are you talking about, I only gave Skye the whip this time, Tara will be the archer, Esther will have the fans, Melody will use the breakable boe staff and Skye will be the whip girl (lol ) And no I told you in a message he was half Caucasian and half- African American! Why would he be Asian I am amazed that you think all Asian parents are like that, but it's okay lol. His father is so hard on him because he sees his son as a coward. 
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Posted: 5/30/2014 4:02 AM PDT
It does sound better with the changes though try not to give them too many weapons each. I was thinking that each person can have an individual weapon (and it makes it easier for me to draw when I do their character profiles). If we do give them one weapon each, Skye would have to choose between whip and axes. And a quick question, is Sean of Asian descent? If so (I thought he was cause his father was a strict kind of person) that is why I gave him the samurai swords but yeah if he's shy he could use the shield better. But it does make sense to give the person who is good with swords a sword (duh! *slap myself in the forehead*). And don't forget to give me the list of the boys looks too. I'm working on the costumes for the girls right now. I will keep you posted.
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Posted: 5/29/2014 10:54 AM PDT
Also the bow and arrow sound awesome because she learn to do great tricks with it, but I was thinking Esther should have geisha fans two to be exact, that she can use as weapons to be used similar to a how a boomerang works, coming back to the thrower after hitting the intended target, she also uses its metal edges similar how a person would use a knife. Can cut through anything even though she wouldn't use it like that and Skye can keep her whip it would work more better for her now that I think of it. And Melody's boe staff sounds so awesome and the difference between her's and Sean's is that his has a naginata or a spear like weapon. 
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Posted: 5/29/2014 5:37 AM PDT
I love it! But a few problems with the weapons... lol how could you give Esther axes lol she's the sweet one, that's like Mother Tersa a shot gun! Esther deserves the staff more, I was gonna say Skye's whip... or maybe the whip would work. The whip actually would work because she could lasso people with it. Okay so I'll give Skye the two axes and Esther will get the whip and besides since Esther more the dancer a whip will work for her being the ballerina type. And as for the boys, lol really we're gonna give the shyest and more fearful boy samuri swords? Lol I know that will make him look tougher but it just's not working. How about Sean gets the shield that can also be a boe staff, if that's okay with you, Christian gets the sword because he's the fencing expert and that makes more logical sense to me, no offense, Drew can keep his and Ty can keep the throwing knives with added in twin Sais (weapon) 

The sai is typically used in pairs, with one in each hand. The style includes a variety of blocks, parries, strikes, and captures against attackers from all directions and height levels. Use of the point, knuckle and central bar is emphasized, as well as rapid grip changes for multiple strikes and blocks. Cool, right? But by far excellent job getting the weapons, lol I was searching the website for good weapons and you probably did it in two seconds flat, oh I'm so embarrassed :)
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Posted: 5/28/2014 9:12 PM PDT
Sorry, I forgot to put skye's weapon. She can have a whip.
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Posted: 5/28/2014 9:11 PM PDT

Okay, so make sure I have all the info correct:

Tara (group leader): dark skinned, four piercings, 5,8 (tallest), thick body type, brown eyes, black shoulder length hair (most likely curly)

Esther: olive skin, thin, 5,6 (third tallest), green/blue eyes, dirty blond hair (most likely wavy)

Melody: light colored skin, amber colored eyes, dark chocolate hair (pixie/bob cut), 5,8 (second tallest), likes baggy clothing

Skye: pale blue eyes, red hair (long past shoulders), fair skin (with freckles), 5,4 (shortest), thin and slim

I want to give Tara a bow and arrow, Ester two axes , Melody a staff (that can break off into two pieces), Skye . And for the boys I want to give them mostly swords; Sean I want to give him two samauri swords, Drew regular sword (but a little thicker than usual), Christian a shield that can reflect off bullets and fire (not a normal shield like captain America but an energy shield), and Ty I want him to have throwing knives. You can change the order of the weapons if you want but that's what I thought would be good for them.  

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Posted: 5/28/2014 6:45 PM PDT
Oh yeah giving them weapons would be awesome! And for Christian swords would work because he's a fencer but use what ever you think is right for the girls :)
Sign-Up or Login to Reply

Posted: 5/28/2014 5:35 PM PDT
Would you be interested in giving them individual weapons like a bow and arrows, sword, shield, axe, gun, etc...if not, its okay cause they are going to have their gadgets too.
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Posted: 5/28/2014 10:38 AM PDT
The ey mask aren't really needed especially for Sean who wears glasses and also the guys have weapons they carry with them sometimes.
Sign-Up or Login to Reply

Posted: 5/28/2014 7:26 AM PDT
The guys won't have there own distinctive colors but if you wanna add in anything, go ahead :) and if you need help with pictures go to a site called Dragon art, and type in dragon art how to draw faces, it helps a lot :) But I bet you're not that bad. I used to be too but I just kept practicing, now I'm great at it :) But don't worry you can do it!

Is that good for you?
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Posted: 5/28/2014 1:57 AM PDT

Don't worry about sending it to me right away, I take awhile to draw so I can use all the time. And for the distinct descriptions, I don't think it will matter cause it will be for like cartoon characters (like Totally Spies) but different style. And I'm trying to focus on their body positions more than their faces....I suck at faces by the way. My strong point would be coloring and shading but I am really inspired so I'm looking forward to it.

The face masks would help (with my horrible drawing of faces) so I might just do that or put eye masks or something. As for the girls, I can do full color but I wouldn't want to put them in solid color so I can put two colors like grey with their individual colors and for the boys I can do mainly black with hints of their individual colors; speaking of which, will they have their own colors?

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Posted: 5/27/2014 7:36 PM PDT
I'll send in the guys desciptions in like two days I promise Im working on a essay and the character descriptions so it'll take awhile :) Sorry.

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Posted: 5/27/2014 3:45 PM PDT
Wait change Tara's nose to wide nostrilled I know it might not be too important but just had to feel you in:)
Sign-Up or Login to Reply

Posted: 5/27/2014 7:16 AM PDT
You're welcome  for the pics and you can use those picture ideas too, I need to type up the descriptions for the guys later and I'd love to make black the main color for the guys and also add in grey but I wanted the girl to have colorful outfits because there girls so they might want something colorful, I know I would lol. But boys don't wanna attract too much attention to them so they ask for dark colors and they also wear face masks to cover there mouths to add in more disguise. If you don't have a good idea try something like this: 
 See that awesome face mask, something like that. I'll write out the character descriptions soon though. :)
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Posted: 5/27/2014 1:42 AM PDT

Hey, thanks for the pictures, they really help out a lot. I really want to focus on two main pictures, one with the girls in their uniforms and one with them as normal school kids, don't forget to send me one for the boys and as for the costumes, would you allow me to use black as the main color? I'd still use their colors but I wouldn't want their whole suits to be solid colors (it would look funny if they wear bright colors every time they went out) and if they are spies, the bright colors would draw attention to themselves. But don't worry, I will do some cool designs and if you don't like them, just tell me and I will redo them.

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Posted: 5/26/2014 4:24 PM PDT
Oh and when you draw the pictures for the girls I was thinking you do three each. Like for Tara do one where she's standing there smiling the other where she's holding a baby, her baby sister and smiling or looking annoyed, and the last being her poising in her spy suit of her looking tough.
For Esther smiling happily, one with her and a couple pets and her laughing and the last poising in her spy suit and her arms crossed while she's smiling maybe one with her slipping if you can do that.
Melody can be one with her balancing a soccer ball on her knee, the other with her looking tough and another one with her twin sister who looks exactly like her but with long hair going down to her neck and dresses in girly clothes and looks popular, and the last is her in a spy suit looking tough with her arms crossed.
And lastly for Skye have her in one picture of her shopping with Melody looking annoyed in the distance, Skye cleaning her room or adjusting her doll collection, and one with her crouching down in her spy suit while winking.
Then some with them dressed in there spy suits and another with them in there regular clothes and the last one with whatever u like. Just some of my ideas.

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Posted: 5/26/2014 2:16 PM PDT
I'll start with the girls. Here's the first and leader Tara
Tara (Taranee) Johnson: Tara is African American & Guatemalan on her mother's side and African-American on her father's side. She is good-looking, but plagued by insecurity.  Tara is a big fan of body jewelry and has a total of four piercings. Ear piercings she received when she was a baby, a nose piercing she got with her father’s permission;and lastly a pierced belly button that she secretly did herself. Tara has a wide, oval face with high cheekbones and a round chin. She is thick but tall witha milk chocolate skin complexion. Her round-like eyes were a big clouded deep brown, and her soft angled eyebrows are shaped in a perfectly deceiving arch that followed the curve in her eyes. Her nose shape doesn't matter but it not too big or small like a mirren nose with a silver shining silver stud pierced into it hooking over her full lips like Beyonce, which were painted a light magenta. Dark Raven Black Hair with auburn brown high lights that was vibrant and wild hung straight down that stops at her shoulders. Her body is long but thick but not fat because of her impressive and fantastic height of 5'8. She likes to wear dark clothing and sometimes stuff to show off her body, even though can be a bit insecure.Her body is also well developed with a C cup, full hips, and long legs. Carries herself in a calm yet cool manner but still has her freak out moments and when she's upset her eyes look like they will pop out of her head.

Esther Ramirez: Esther loves to wear vintage clothing especially from thrift shops and animals. Esther is Puerto Rican. Esther  has a narrow, heart shaped face with angular cheekbones and a u-shaped chin. She is tall and slim. Her hooded-like eyes were a misty greenish-blue, and her rounded eyebrows were shaped into a happy, cheerful curve of her eye. A celestial nose hooked over round pursed lips, which were painted a light pink that brightened her round  charming smile. A smiled that gleamed with white teeth. Dirty blonde hair with a gentle blunt bangs that cascaded over her eyebrows perfectly, and her wavy hair swooped down at her shoulders.The soft features of her face were merely a reflection of her entire body structure, and everything—from her slim doll like arms to her toned body and stands at a stunning 5'6. She has gorgeous olive skin and a tall and slim body figure, she excercised and ate right to keep it this way and never went over board but she can also thank this to years of dancing. She's the third tallest and loves to have a smile on her face and beams with happiness and good energy.

Melody Long: Melody as a long, round face with prominent cheekbones and a pointed chin. Her narrow eyes were a mysterious Amber and her high arched brows were shaped perfectly over her eyes.  A small celestial nose rounded over her pink bow shaped lips which were makeup-less. Dark chocolate hair, was styled nicely in a pixie-boyish cut making it easy for her to style. Her face was ambiguous of both male and female but her sex was defined by her lean body, from her firm well toned arms to her hips to her long legs and chest- but she covered this was well with her androgynous styled clothing, that she wore regularly. She walked with confidence and toughness in her steps but deep down she hides her fears. Melody is the second tallest of the group and stands at 5'8 has a lean figure, due to all the sports she plays. She is Asian American. Light olive skin. She also wears braces on both the bottom and top of her teet causing her to rarely smile with her teeth showing but  her smile is described as Mona Lisa. Melody cares nothing for fashion. She never wears anything frilly or dressy unless her parents make her. She detest wearing skirts and heels but especially dresses, she always feels weird in them. She usually wears casual, sporty, or baggy clothes that cover her true body form, her body is pretty well shaped out she even has abs. She rarely ever puts on makeup or jewelry except her earrings and those our only studs.

Skye Diplao: Skye has a narrow,diamond, face with angular cheekbones and a round chin. Her almond-like eyes are a pale blue and her curved brows arched into a perfect arch that followed the slight curve of her eye. A long duchess nose hooked over her wide pursed lips, which were painted a bright pink that gave her arched mysterious smile a wicked style. Bright red hair, wildly hung down passed her shoulders that she wore in various styles.Her skin itself was fair and beige with a a freckles scattered on her nose to her cheeks. The sharp yet soft features of her face showed she could be sweet yet devious at the same time, that you would like her but despise her at the same time. But that was merely a reflection of her entire body structure, and everything—from petite figure to her short but thin legs and she stood at a tiny height of 5'4 some even said she was the picture of a doll, something she collects and loves dearly. She walked in long strides and passion of the 'It' Girl, her shoulders back and face held forward and high,  tall stiletto heels and a bold mini-dress.  She is part Irish on her mother's side and Italian on her father's side. She has a slim, petite figure and is the shortest of the team. She wears the most fashionable designer clothing, shoes and accessories and is a slave to the trends, but only the decent ones, or at least she says. She comes from a very rich family going all the way back to her ancestors and might even have royal blood. 
Something like the picture above could help with what I think Skye should look like.

This is good for Melody.

Something like this for Esther but with more pep and happiness.

And something like for Tara. I'm not asking to copy the pictures head on but just use these to give you some inspiration. And for the spy suits 
There's the cat suits you remember from totally spies but you can use your imagination if you wanna add in anything else. 
Tara's is is cerulean blue
Skye's is Ruby Red
Esther's is Violet Purple
Melody's is olive green. Now if you wanna add mask or anything to cover there mouths so they won't be easily recongized that'll be cool and sorry that this is message is overly long but blame the pictures lol and good luck. And if you want copy all this and paste it in a document and either print it out or save it on your computer.

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Posted: 5/26/2014 11:27 AM PDT

I love the cliff hanger at the end where he says "it's you." that is a great ending for the first chapter. As for the chapters or case numbers, we can use both if you want. And yes I will work on the character sketches as soon as you send me the info on their looks. As for evil ideas, I can't think of any right now but I will get back to you on that.

And I'm sorry you got mad, I actually didn't think you would take it so bad so it took me by surprise. But I'm glad we worked through some things and can finally get this project going.

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Posted: 5/26/2014 10:39 AM PDT
Okay I got your message and I was glad to read it and I'll send two messages now, one with the questions you asked and the other with the character description which I have done don't worry, I just wanted to get the personality thing out the way.

First off I would love to have you draw the characters I just thought you would say no if I asked, that and I've had like three people do that and they blow me off immediately after they finish it, one guy even went so far to de-friend me on facebook and never contacted me again. I feel like case numbers would be cool but chapters are much better... but wait case numbers would sound like a spy story. Lol we can figure that out later. Now the memory loss, that is a good question because I know it'll be a year later and the girls are spies instead of the guys. But there is a chapter that starts out with Damien running away from an unknown persons, he's panicked and worried. As he is hiding he hears voices saying to split up, he captures one of them, being Sean and sets up a trap which works in capturing, Drew, Christian, and Ty. He then takes them to his lair down in the building they are at and explains a majority of his plan (One plan I was thinking is him)is to cause widespread misery and control and revenge, to begin the plan, well I was thinking he seize's control of something that is powerful, but I'm not sure he should he do mind control or what? Got and ideas.

He's armed with hired thugs that do whatever he commands and he unleashes them on the guys when they wake up ad try to get out of the room they're trapped in but the guys are able to defend themselves easily, even Sean. Damien's main cause for this evil plan is he wants to cause Insanity, Plague of Doom, and fear across the world, he'll be known forever! He also wants to bring about Pain, suffering, the usual. This will all be done from a Warehouse, an excellent choice if I might say. These three deeds will herald the end, and the citizens of this planet will have no choice but to elect him their new god. I know it's not the best plan but something I came up with thinks to the internet :) Honestly if you have any other evil plans, send them to me. After the guys defeat him there's a party set up afterwards and the guys are given congratulations and thanks but Victoria is there too and showing hate and anger but we won't point out she's evil yet, Blake introduces the boys to her and she pretends to be nice and kind but when they walk away she starts muttering under her breath, something Sean notices then I guess it could flash to the guys waking up in the park laying on there backs at night with no memory other than about school and it's clear they dont know they are or were in this case spies and head home. 

But the prologue, that's the chapter before the first one, where Damien is talking about how he had it all, money, control, even love but how it all came crashing down because of four "preteen boys" and this makes him furious but his therapist tries to calm him down, one is by giving him mints to keep him calm. Damien makes the boys seem like they were the villains and immature and stupid while he's most of that. He tries to justify he was the good person but everyone else didn't understand his good intentions, how he likes to meet somebody take them home get them drunk and such... then kill or torture them. The therapist tries to tell him that's not the best thing to do. Soon Damien loses his temper and tries to choke him out but he is quickly subdued and knocked out before waking up in his cell angryand dazed. He mumbles to himself that soon he'll break out of this forsaken hell and get his revenge on the "them" and soon he hears a voice coming from his room, he turns around and says to the unseen figure "It's you." and maybe it can end right there. That's what I got so far and after that we can introduce the girl who are either on a mission or sneaking in there homes after a mission, or meeting up at the park as the summer comes to an end. What do you think? They all sound usable. I'll finish hear with the chapter ideas and send in the character descriptions in a few. Thanks for not getting mad at me back after I got mad at you.
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Posted: 5/26/2014 2:49 AM PDT

Okay, good. We are getting to a good start about the story plots. I will make an official list but I need some more info on the character's looks, hair color, length, skin tone, eye color, etc. I can even make some sketches if you like (I love to draw) and hope it will give you some inspiration to make the stories come alive. How do you want to write the stories out? Chapters or case numbers (idk you decide on how you want it) And where do you want to start your story (after the memory loss or before? or at the very start or at the end and back track?) there's a lot to think about that you need to start working on. Remember, I am here to help when you need it and I'm sorry for being so hurtful. I will praise you when you do good and tell you when you need to work on some things. I will also work on how I tell you things cause I honestly did not expect you to get hurt at what I said, I thought I was just being honest and expressing my feelings and for that I am sorry.

I am working on character bio pages so I can keep track of everything on all the characters. Try not to send me everything at once, lets work on the beginning and gradually work our way to the end. You have a really good idea and I can't wait to get this series undergo.

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Posted: 5/25/2014 8:03 PM PDT
And also you never actually said anything about my female characters I was hoping you'd make the same list you did with the guy ):
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Posted: 5/25/2014 7:53 PM PDT
Oh and I don't mean this as a insult but... is that all the info you need?
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Posted: 5/25/2014 3:01 PM PDT
Okay I was able to calm down and think everything through now, so I understand and am sorry for my outbursts, But again I can take critism but if you are just critizing me (which you're not persay) and just leave out something good I will get upset.. It's like if you wrote a story and someone replied back "Oh this story sucks!" without giving a reason or saying how you can fix it you would be offended but I took it the wrong way and I apologize. There is a freaking leader! Sorry for yelling but it should've been freaking obvious don't you realize Drew and Tara are the leaders? Wow. But even so they don't go to the team leader for all there problems. Not all of them have jobs.  Drew can drive Christian failed his test. They can fight they do wear specific suits to fight in and yes they do have gadgets and weapons. 

Look I want you to help but if you're gonna help you have to ask more freaking questions like you did in this message all you seemed to do, in my eyes, was critisize, no questions about them or the villains and that hurt when it felt like you were bashing my characters. You should've asked about the story's plot you should've asked about Blake or... something!

Blake does help the girls out and they do look up to him but at the same time they look out for themselves and each other. Daimen is bent on world domination and a new world order and to be rich, famous and get with all the women he wants, he's charming and handsome but evil and smart. Victoria used to be a good girl, sorta, but fell to the dark side thanks to Damien and wants nothing but to be with him and do evil no matter what. She now gets almost orgasmic at the sight of him or wrong doing. Damien loves to see misery and people's downfalls, he loves winning and power and control if he does not get that he's not happy. He's OCD and the only thing that seems to calm him are mints of any kind. Victoria just wants to be with Damien and this can get out of hand where she acts to hastily and does bad things, like erasing the boys memories without realizing this could be mistake for when Damien gets out and wants revenge but she's also quick thinking and knows that now that the guys are blind to him that they can do whatever they want without the boys even knowing.
And how the freak is it a lot to take in, I wrote a couple paragraphs not a six page essay! But I digress. The story is basically set over the summer where it's coming to an end. The girls meet up after Esther returns from staying with her father (the divorce you seemed not to care about) and talk about how there summer's were great and how all the missions they went on were so much fun some hijinks go through and there's even a party mentione during the week soon they're called in and ordered to protect some former male spies when they find out it's there own friends they are shocked to find out that they were actually spies, something Blake left out even after knowing that Tara was dating Drew and everything else but replies it was better to be kept a secret and well bascially they have to protect them without the guys knowing what's going on finally they investigate and find out what really happened to the guys and rat out Victoria and she denies it at first but runs out. When they beg Blake to inform the guys so maybe they can find Victoria but when told they react furious, way more angrier than expected from them and cut off all ties with the girls and leave and don't talk them for two days until the girls finally confront each guy respectively but as they persist it becomes too much and the boys go into sleeper mode and attack them it becomes a strain but Esther finally figures out a way to snap the boys out of it by talking Sean out of it without fighting and it snaps him out of it, soon the other guys are brought back but all of them have no memory of what happened the past two days and the thing that happened at the agency, they girls explain everything and this time they are more calm about it but upset they were tricked and they can't remember any of this. Now I know I'm leaving stuff out but this is all I can write for now. Tell me what you think wiithout just being critical! Again sorry but if you have any more ideas you are free to suggest if you really want to work on this story with me.

I'm serious if you really feel like being apart of this story and think you can help suggest chapter ideas or name changes or anything just suggest them. Okay? And sorry again for my outburst.  
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Posted: 5/25/2014 2:01 PM PDT

Okay, seriously if you're going to be a writer you have to learn to take bad criticism and good. You can't expect every single person to like what you write. I never said any of it was bad and I think you are trying to read what I write differently. I am only trying to get to the basics, I am trying to put together everything you put (for god's sake I'm even writing it all down so I can understand it better). I never meant any of this to be mean and I'm sorry you took it that way. If you want someone to lie to you and tell you every single thing you write is perfect then I'm sorry I can't help you. I am here to help you get on the right track and sort things out not hold your hand through every single step and say everything is the best it can be. I loved that you had developed so much of your characters but honestly it was a lot for me to take in and I wanted to know more about the story and how the story was going to flow. Yes I wanted to know more about the characters for example is there a leader amongst the guys and/or girls (I know Blake is the owner but do the girls mostly look up to one person about their personal problems)? Do they all have certain jobs?

Look, if you want me to help I will, if you don't that's fine. But I need you to calm down and give me the info that I need in order to help you and stop taking every thing I say as bad criticism. I'm sorry.

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Posted: 5/25/2014 1:20 PM PDT
And might I add you never even talked about what you thought of the characters or relationships? You just stopped and criticized! And not good criticism like I hoped! ).: 
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Posted: 5/25/2014 1:19 PM PDT
And I wasn't being harsh I was just really offended! I did start thinking of each series and I was telling you about the characters so you should know them and don't say I'm going in to much depth because I'm not! Is it bad I wanna write this much? Huh? I get you wanna help but geez that was so rude! A simple "Wow you really went into character I think that impressive but I'm curious what about the villains or how the guys lost there memories? Culd you go more into that?" Or something freaking like that would've been nice! No, wow you did a pretty interesting job, or you've really gone into this, or even a Wow. No it's, oh you put too much into the characters as I keep freaking saying I just wanted you to know the major characters and then I would tell you about the freaking other stuff. I didn't want the characters to seem bland! There is a bully named Pandora who's really popular and her and Tara hate each other the most she's the one who dated Drew and cheated on him, she used to be Skye's friend, Melody twin sister hangs out with her and avoid her sister when Pandora is around putting a strain on there relationship, Another bully is Todd who does not get along with Drew. I told you about the freaking band because they will be in the story, geez that was one freaking sentence it shouldn't have taken the freaking long to read! I could see if I went into three paragraphs but it was a freaking second to read! I can't tell you about a band and the members which will be featured in the story? Well apparently not! Gosh I can't go into some in depth characterization? It's not like I'm gonna write that in the story. Gosh! And that's why I'm offended it's like you read the message and then went "Wow this is too much she did a bad job she needs to speed it up because she's bad at this" and third person is freaking needed it's needed! Why would I freaking write in first person that would be awesome but it wouldn't freaking work! Haven't you ever read a third person book, would that work in a first person narrative? Would it?! I need a breath of fresh air because I'm so mad right now.  
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Posted: 5/25/2014 1:08 PM PDT
I want to start I was just telling about the characters! Gosh you are so freaking wishy washy! First you go "Oh there's not enough" now it's too much? Give me a freaking break! It's my characters okay so if I want to tell you this I freaking can! Okay?! And an answer to your stupid question, I want to write in third person because it's better for the story but if you wanna write in freaking first person then fine! And you should feel bad because this and the last message was really mean you are discouraging me and it freaking hurts! You could've read the character messages and then asked about how they lost there freaking memories but no!!!!!

Well Fine you wanna hear well hear it freaking is! After catching up to villainous Damien they finally throw him in prison after years of him being on the run and  hiding from the law. They are congratulated for there bravery and triumph after whcih a party is done but at the party the guys see Victoria watching them with a sort of depressed evil look on her face, when they ask who she is Blake introduces them to her and she pretends to be happy to meet them  but when they walk away she mutters under her breath angrily finally after planning she tricks the young boys into coming to her place where she reveals that she's married to Damien and some other stuff and how she's not happy about them throwing her lover in jail but before the guys can stop her she puts them under her control and leads them to her basement and Sean blindly asks what is this place to which she replies it's a secret lab she built after meeting Damien, he talked her into assembling one so one day they could work together. After that she leads them to four chairs set up and straps them to it and before they can protest she erases all of there memories of ever being spies. Another reason why she did this, other then to get revenge on her incarcerated husband but also because there will be four less "heroes" to throw innocent villains into jail, she mysteriously drops them in the park where they wake up dazed and confused but the experiment was a success and irreversible, the only way they can remember is if they try. And just in case they are ever told they were spies they'll go into sleeper mode and do anything to make sure the person never says it again, when they snap out of it they have no memory at all. This leads to a huge problem for the girls when after finding out the truth of how the guys lost there memories and try to tell the boys, they go into there first sleeper mode and try to kill the girls. 

Now I guess I better tell you about the villains but I better not go into too much or that might be bad! Now Damien grew up being severely abused by his mother and neglectful father but he always swore to leave home and be better than them  but soon he got into a life of crime but never used drugs finally after his friend tricked him into robbing a store Damien accidently shot the clerk and injured he got sentenced as you know.... oh but I'll stop there wouldn't wanna go into too much!

Next is Victoria she lived in a middle class family, she wasn't pampered but she did get a lot of what she wanted, she was a bit of a reckless and even bully but she also helped out others she was skilled in martial arts and soon she was recruited into the agency and was great at capturing villains but her arrogance was annoying to others and she was never able to join a team because she could never work well  with other s and continually took credit for stopping the bad guy... and you know the rest. So there happy?
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Posted: 5/25/2014 12:41 PM PDT
Start thinking of each series and whats going to happen, I'm here to help remember and I really want to. I'm sorry.
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Posted: 5/25/2014 12:39 PM PDT
I think you are taking this way too harsh. I needed to know more about what they do in the story, not where they're from or the names of the people in their band. I'm just trying to get you to start writing because you seem to be sending me more about the characters than the reason how the boys lost their memories (computerly erased, hit in the head, an accident, etc.). None of our messages talk about HOW you are going to write it, you just tell me all about the characters. You say that you want to write it in third person (from your original message) but if you have problems writing in third person then why do it? I wasn't at all trying to discourage you and I'm sorry if I did. I do what to be a part of your story and its my fault that I came out the wrong way. I don't think you see what I'm trying to say; yes all the info is great but you need to start on the bad guys and the way you're going to make the series go.
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Posted: 5/25/2014 9:13 AM PDT
): Unbelievable! 
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Posted: 5/25/2014 7:14 AM PDT
I have added characters! How could you say such a thing! I wasn't going to make it one freaking bad guy itn was a series a series! First you freaking tell me it's not enough now it's too much? Are you kidding me?! I have more characters I do! I just told you of the ones in my story.! Dang! I can't start wiriting because I don't know where to start! You know what freaking forget it! Just finish reading! Ergh I'm so mad right now. I was so freaking stupid to send inall those stupid messages. "Oh you didn't add enough" or "oh you added too much" come on! You've gotta be freaking kidding me!
This was what all the characters are about that's why I freaking sent you those two messages so you'd freaking know what they were freaking like but no now it's too much for you! You didn't think by the first messages about the freaking girls that it might be a series? Huh?! I can't right that stuff out that's why I need a freaking co-arthur but freaking forget it! I know I shouldn't had said anything just forget it all and let's just get started on a bland story! Geez I just wanted to make my characters more lively and real but I guess they're too real. Thanks, just thanks. ).:

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Posted: 5/25/2014 1:20 AM PDT
Yes I have the post about the girls, still kinda reading it and I hope you don't get hurt when I say this but I think you're going way too much into their background and not enough of the story series. Are you going to make it like a tv series with episodes and different bad buys every story? Or is it all about one major bad guy? I love that you have worked so much on your characters but some of the info might not be needed. You should start writing your story and generally add characters as you go. You might find that as you work on it you might want to change some things. Overall, I think you have great characters, now get writing.
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Posted: 5/24/2014 8:45 PM PDT
Um... did you get my post about the female characters?
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Posted: 5/24/2014 7:50 PM PDT
I also forgot to add that along with Melody and her twin sister and twin older brother Skye having a older half brother and Tara having a whole litter of brothers and stister! I forgot to add that ESther is the only child and she actually wishes sometimes to have a sibilings even though they can be complete torture! lol but i digress... you see her parents stopped her because they were too busy taking her on trips and found one kid was fine but ESther has a border collie named Zeus and a kitti named Chilli, she was able to get both pets to live happily together and takes great care of them while volteering at the animal shelter she's also enviorment friendly and doesn't even use her cell phone for much and only watches a few tv shows but when she's not home or at school her dog and cat watch every pet friendly tv show, lol. I also forgot to add that SEan is in a band a secret band that his whole school loves but due to his stage fright he wears a disguise every time he's on stage, he can play many instruments and sings very well, the band members are him, a set of fraternal twins named Trixie and Trystan, TRixie is the back up vocals, singer, and guitar and her brother Tristan is also vocals and can DJ, keyboard player and computer techniques manager they have a very close yet weird relationship and TRixie loves to wear outrages clothes, next is a fellow nerd named Corey he's the bass player of the band and creator, he only sings back up vocals and lastly is Liam but people usually call him Headbanger because well... he's the crazy one, lol, he's the drummer and sometimes he gets so out of control he has to wear a mouth guard so spit won't literally fly out of his mouth while drumming. Thanks to Corey they wear unique and cool costumes to hide there identities, Sean was most happy about this but still was nervous the first time they played but was able to block it out by developing a new persona while in costume. The reason I'm telling you this is because him and his band will make a special appearance in the story. Also Sean's father is a bit hard on his son because he feels Sean's cowardliness and sensitivity won't help him in the real world now will his art and every summer since he was 11 he sends Sean to a military like boot camp where he is trained to be tougher and stronger although it sort of never works out but he does become stronger and lean. He wears glasses due to very poor eyesight and is even legally blind without them on, his eyes are a dark grey, due again to the eye condition he has to wear corrective lenses which were coke bottles at first but because of constant bullying they got them fixed and gave him wire framed rectangle glasses. He has a younger sister and brother who he loves dearly he's usually the one who has to watch them and are the only two he can actually stand up to. They pick on him sometimes but love him too and usually come to him for help or when they do something really bad, his best friend is Ty and they've been friends for years, Ty is way more different then Sean (i.e. Outgoing, somewhat fearless, tough and dramatic ) but it does not matter to them, they met after Ty saved him from some bullies in 2nd grade. Although Sean is shy he likes to speak his mind especially on subjects he has to debate like with Christian on religion, Drew on being tough and Ty on the right way to flirt with girls. 

Now Ty is Indian European but he was born in New York, his mother is British and his father is Indian. His family is Hindu although they don't follow everything from the culture, as in they eat meat. Ty has a good relationship with his mother and a so-so relationship with his father, you see Ty's dad has always hoped his son could grow up and be a doctor or lawyer by Ty dreams of other things, one being a rapper or chef or even work on clothes, talent's he possesses very well, he just wants to be happy but his father wants him to grow up and live a successful easy life. His mother dreams the same things of her husband but knows her son has a different mindset and believes he should chose his own path (yeah she's a bit hippy dippy, it'll make an appearance in a later story). He's a bit of a mischievous kid too and is always come up with some scheme that might get him or Sean or his friends into trouble or pain but he's also somewhat clever not smart but clever. He even knows that some of his plans might fail but lives for the moment and he's also selfless... he can be be selfish at time but at the right moment he will help others. He can also be vain, flamboyant, egotistical, arrogant a jokester like, annoying, has a tendency towards being confrontational and sometimes stubborn, but he makes up for it with his style, charm, energy and generosity, one moment could be when he spilled coffee all over Skye's dress wrapped his scarf around her waist to try and cover the stain, a scarf she loved! He has a older sister named Hope who is training to be a lawyer but an environmental one, she loves Ty and doesn't downgrade his dreams but there are times where she gets on Ty's nerves.

Next is Christian, he loves everything and everyone, he is kind and has a positive attitude towards almost everything and everyone he encounters. He's the kind of person who sees everybody he meets as a potential friend but he is also very absent-minded and naive and not very intelligent as I said before but he makes up for this in charm, whit, kindness and love. He's a player but unlike most guys he never really uses a girl he dates, he's broken up with all of them but never goes out to hurt them even he isn't as much of a good boyfriend sometime. He has an attraction to girls that he just doesn't get, even though it's really obvious with his hair, body, and even clothes he takes it in stride. Much like Esther he loves animals himself but hates rats and loves bunnies. And he's great with kids. He grooms well but isn't really a guy who takes many showers or dresses up but either way the girls love him. But this can be a bad thing too, one being that he ended up ruining his best buddies relationship because she tricked him into being "love buddy" which didn't go over well for him, he feel under depression and even wanted god to smite him until Esther came along and tried to bring him out of his slump, it sort of worked but then he also realized that he still needed to fix his sin and literally, I'm not kidding when I write this, took a beating from his best friend to repay his debt, did it work? Yes. Yeah he's also highly religious being brought up Catholic by his parents, he believes in Creation follows almost every word of the bible, and when in danger prays. He denounces abortion and parts of evolution but oddly enough is too judgmental on homosexuality his minds sort of on the fence, his high religion sometimes annoys Sean especially when they talk about evolution and ghost, something Christian believes in but even so he never tries to make it break a friendship. Although he loves making friends, he hates bullies or watching others get hurt and will defend them or comfort them. He claims he has a sixth sense that lets him knows when people are truly upset or angry or happy which works a lot of time. He's also adventurousness, courageous, lively and passionate; but he can also be impulsive, has a lack of discipline, and has a tendency to leave projects midway. He has a younger sister who loves dearly and always tries to make her happy no matter what and does his best to protect her. He also loves soccer and watching bad movies. He is selfless and will do anything to save his friends.

Lastly but not least is Drew, he's the tough guy, the somewhat bad boy, I say somewhat because although he has his problems and can be cold towards others, he's actually not that bad just misunderstood and I know every bad boy is "misunderstood and just needs to be loved!" lol but he actually is a guy with a troubled pass and even used to be a really happy boy but when he noticed his mother being abused and living in fear from her father, and later on it happened to him, it was emotionally and physically scaring where he vows to never cry again because a main reason his father beat him was because he was a "cry baby" he was worse on his mother though and Drew would sometimes be forced to watch as his mother screamed and begged, but although his father was a living nightmare his mother was very loving and generous and always treated Drew like a angel , she would sing to him and teach him many things. His mother lived in denial for a long time that her husband actually was hurting her and her son until he was 8 and finally came to her senses and finally left him with Drew but she was pregnant at the time with her second child and went into a depression afterwards and drink before finally again coming to her senses quick enough where there was no harm to her second child, at this time she and Drew lived with her brother and Sean's dad who at first was not as kind when she came back bruised and battered and even tried to get revenge on the husband but not long after Drew's father left and replied he never wanted to see his wife, Drew or his unborn child again. Drew was not upset about this but after his sister was born he went into a depression himself and didn't talk to anybody and was cold and sometimes violent towards his cousins. Even after he met Christian at 9 he was still isolated, it wasn't until one day at 12 he finally broke down for the first time and cried, his mother found him and sat with him and gave him comfort after that he talked with a therapist for while and started to change and even talked about with Christian who understood  even though he never went through it. As he grew up though he developed a cold, sarcastic, somewhat cynical behavior but at the same time is very insightful, philosophical, and even intelligent which people seem to think he doesn't have. He doesn't really care what people think about him either it be fear, dislike or think he's nothing but a brute but he will be offended if they persist or bully him for it and will stand up for himself sometimes with his fist and definitely isn't afraid to fight a person off. He is very tall, very strong, well built and tough. He likes playing the piano, guitar, reading, and watching anime, sleeping in late, and making out with girls. He also loves football and basketball and track and field but he also likes all sports in general. He's musically intelligent and goes far to be a prodigy and is also very gifted in English, Math, and History and takes A.P  Math and History 
the only subject he is good at is Science.  He is also the most selfless, adventurousness, courage, and toughest; his negative traits though are his arrogance, stubbornness, impulsiveness, temper and sometimes apathetic. Even though his stoic and sometimes scary demeanor Drew can have his happy moments and when this does occurs, which is a lot, he's hyper, energetic, and cool. He even has a deep love for the earth even if lists the faults. He has had a few relationships but not as many as Christian. He loves martial arts and karate. His best friend is Christian and they have a really close friendship a bromance, some might say and they've always gotten along, even when he was depressed. But it was stalled when he found out his best friend was the one who was cheating with his girlfriend at the time, he was furious and didn't talk to him until Christian intentionally provoked him into fighting him and he was amazed and shocked by how hard he beat him down but Christian accepted it. When he met Tara he slowly begin to open up to her and realized he really likes her and especially loves hanging out with her and making out, lol. At first they didn't get along and she even thought he was a jerk but soon they started talking and later on he realized they met before when he talked to her in the park, soon they learned a lot about the other and even met up at on a winter camping trip where they shared a passionate moment during the new year's even countrdown. After that they continued a secret affair before, like his mother, he came to his senses and decided to end it even after she broke up with her boyfriend  but soon the fire re-ignited and they were dating for real. They might bicker and fight but in the end they kiss and make out and honestly love each other. Drew may be a tough guy with a hard exterior but inside he's a big soft guy. He also gets embarrassed when his mom talks about him as a baby and says he's her big baby. He has a little sister also who has many disabilities one being autism and ashtma but she still energetic and happy and loves her big brother Drew. He wants his sister to be happy and always takes care of her when his mother is busy and defends her.

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Posted: 5/22/2014 4:30 PM PDT

WOW its a lot to take in lol but its good. You have a few missing plot holes here and there but we can work on them. This is how I have it so far:


Drew- Tough guy, bad childhood, smart (but not as smart as Sean), Play piano (musician), loves reading, dating Tara, cousin Sean

Christian- nice guy, bf Drew, pro fencing, not smart, charming, player, Catholic bf Melody

Ty- hot guy, knows how to cook, isn't good with women, bf Skye, love comics, rapping, excellent fighter

Sean- Smartest of the boys, artist, 9 languages, good fighter, likes Esther, girly scream and shakes when nervous, cousin Drew


Melody- tomboy, bf Christian,

Skye- bf Ty, girly girl, super rich, reads comics,

Esther- likes Sean,

Tara- Dating Drew,

I know that is a lot of background (some of it might not be needed) but you don't really explain much about the girls. For the bad guy, I thought Blake's brother Drake was the bad guy, not Damien. Is Damien the bad guy and not Drake? This part is a little confusing. I understand the whole love thing going on with Victoria and Damien but who is Damien? Is he a former bad guy who got taken down by the boys and wants revenge, cause that's what I'm getting at.

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Posted: 5/22/2014 3:17 PM PDT
I thought the memory thing would be confusing lol I wanted to see what you thought first but you see the boys memories being erased is a big mystery because everyone even the head/boss of the agency was confused but they couldn't restore the memories because once it happens you can't reverse they'll try to convince them but it's up to them to actually remember. And there is a lot of romance one of the boys Drew and a girl named Tara have been romantically involved since she was in 9th grade but the relationship started out rocky because she dating someone else at the time ;) but he was a big jerk to her and called her fat and taunted her friends and he wasn't a good kisser and also Esther (another spy) has a major crush on Sean (who likes her too) and the funny thing about Sean is even though he's this well trained fighter because his father signed him up for military school but even though he's a big coward and great artist but he's afraid of a lot of things, lol I could go into a list and he always let's a high pitched scream when he's scared and he shakes a lot when he's nervous.

Drew's the tough guy but also very nice even he comes off cold but that's only because as a young boy his father was very abusive to him and his mother up until he was 8 and his mother finally left him but she was pregnant and gave Drew a little sister who was born with disabilities and Drew promised himself he wouldn't be like his father because he saw what his mother went through, he was sort of like his cousin Sean, oh by the way, they're cousins, he used to be like him sort of but out grew it and now he's like 5'10 and really strong. He's also really smart like his cousin but Sean has a higher I.Q. and just all around a super smart guy but Drew can play the piano since he was 6, can write music, can read sheet music, an expert at numbers, great at math, and loves reading the biggest book he's ever read was 1000 pages :) (I'm good at this). Sean's a smart artist and loves to draw, paint, scuplte, etc. He's been able to do this since he was 3 and not only that he's great at math, English, science, and history and much more, he's got a great memory his I.Q. is higher than the smartest male and he knows nine languages. Ty and Christian, the other two guys, have no romantic interest for the girls and are really close friends with two of them.

Ty is a metro sexual guy and I swear he likes shopping and cooking but at the same time he still like a lot guy things but he takes good care of himself and dresses in really nice clothes oh and did i forget to add he likes sewing :) but he is so not gay, he's a wanna be player but he can't really get girls and his pick up lines fall flat and sometimes get him smacked, lol. But overall he's a nice guy sometimes he only cares about himself and acts a bit like a priss but other times he's really tough and strong and he's a expert fighter. His father is Indian and from India while his mother is British American and was born in Great Britain and he hates it when people make jokes about his ethnicity. He's best friends with Skye, he tried flirting with her a few times but when he noticed they shared common intrest, for example they like to shop, having money, reading comics (yeah btw again Skye is a fashionista girly girl and her family is really rich, one of the richest dynasties in the world but she has this secret of reading comics,) and exercising. Oh and Ty also likes rapping much to his father's dismay.

Next is Christian, he's cuban and very happy, energetic, loving boy (sort of like Esther but she's also super nice, rarely get angry and loves everything, the classic good girl but he has his dark moments) he loves hanging out with his best friend Drew, playing with his little sister,  fencing, playing video games, and just laying around but loves to get out and exercise. Now you just saw fencing right? Yeah his parents signed him up when he was 8 and he's been fencing ever since and is an expert with a sword, he admitted that he first though fencing meant making fences, lol yeah he's not very bright either but he makes up for it with his charming behavior. Now he's the actual player of the group and has dated numerous girls but he never breaks up with them harshly. He's highly religious and was raised Catholic and wears a cross but even so never judges others. His female best friend is Melody (a spy she's a tomboy) he accidentally thought she was a guy but was surprised to find out he was a she. At first she didn't like him because she had a little mistrust for boys but she warmed up to him. Christian is a caring soul and will always be there to comfort others like he was when he found out Melody was hurt as a child by her father's ex-boss and said she wasn't to blame, that cemented there friendship.

Now anyways the reason they lost there memories is because the women in the story was so mad at them for throwing Damien in the spy jail so she seeked revenge and erased every memory of them being agents and forged there signatures on the resign papers, and she's expert at that. Now you're probably wondering why she did this? Well it's because she's...his... wife! Lol no lie you see Victoria was tasked with catching Damien and he was hiding out on this island he found but as she was coming down her plane crashed and Damien saved her before the plane exploded but then tied her up but he couldn't bring himself to kill or torture her because of her beauty so he tried to woo her but she was resistant at first and tried to escape but discovered that her devices didn't work to contact the agency and Damien destroyed her weapons, she then tried to escape on the plane Damien had but he took her off and threatened to hurt her if she tried that again soon she fell in love with him and ... well I'll explain more later :) Everyone was convinced that the guys left the agency but the Boss aka  Blake, a Irish man who's age is unknown, tried to look more into it but found even himself could find nothing. Damien is after vengeance because he was sent to jail after being on the run for so long only to be captured by preteen boys but at first he had no idea that guys had left the agency and so planned ahead of time to finally get his revenge and he's been planning for this for a while and only found out when his lover aka Victoria came to see him in disguise and told him what she did, he was furious at first but she finally revealed that now they can get there vengeance without the boys even knowing. Let me explain, what's easier getting back at a agent who sent you to jail with them knowing it'll happen or have them not have any idea because they don't even know they're spies so they don't have anything to keep an eye out for? But the agency still has a job of protecting any agent decommissioned or not. So they hire the girls, who live in the same town and know the men, to protect the guys without them knowing as the agency figures out who is behind it. But Damien is intelligent and anyone knows a smart evil person is never a good combination. So the girls, after getting sick of tried of every agent trying to destroy there friends, look in deeper to find out what's really going on and thanks to Esther discover the truth. You like it so far? I'm still working on the characters but I'll let you read this huge message now lol.

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Posted: 5/22/2014 1:12 PM PDT
I love the idea of teenage spies, like you I also used to watch Totally Spies (though I never watched all of them) and I'm hoping there are some romance dramas between the boys and girls (I love a good romance) but I am a little confused as to why the boys lost their memory. And the bad guy going after them, why is he? What is he after? When you said that there was a once great female spy who could be working for the bad buy, it kind of reminded me of the second Charlie's Angels movie which is cool and interesting. I can't wait to read the background of the spies, don't forget, don't be afraid to add more to the team if you have more ideas on other characters. You can add them as you go along with the story (sort of like spies in training) lol but its entirely up to you. I would just like some more details about the boys and their past. Keep going, I'm very interested. =)
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Posted: 5/22/2014 7:22 AM PDT
I'd love to check out your story and I'm glad you replied to my post and liked the idea. I've been trying to write it forever but I've never been able to make a good story without there being huge plot holes. I have the character assembled but I'm still working on them! Lol I really hope you'll be a great help. And also the story is about these teenage spies girls who are tasked to protect there male friends who used to be spies themselves but resigned when Sean and Ty were in just about to leave 8th grade and Drew and Christian are leaving 9th grade, by the way, there are one year age differences between them. But even though they left there is a villain bent on his revenge and does not know that these boys have lost there spy memories and tries to send assassins and stuff and so the girls have to protect them but start to become suspicious as to why the guys who seem to love being spies would decide to resign and start to investigate and begin to suspect a once great female spy who has become secluded and hasn't really been going on missions and discover she might be working for the villain Damien who's this handsome psychopath of the story who murders and steals and never regrets his decision. I'll go on more but I wanna see if you like this. :)
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Posted: 5/22/2014 12:25 AM PDT

Hey, your stories sound interesting and I would love to partake. This sounds like a fun idea and I can't wait to get started if you will let me help. Also, if it would be okay, could you look over some of my stuff too? I don't really mind if you don't but I thought if we work together we can help each other out.

Hope to hear back from you, creseda

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Posted: 5/16/2014 6:53 PM PDT

I'm Rachel and I'm writing a novel about teen spies. It's about these groups of spies one full of four girls another full of boys, who help out each other against the main villains and antagonists of the novel. The girls are protecting the amnesia filled guys who have long ago resigned from the agency and were mind wiped. The book will be filled with an mystery, secrets, love, and betrayal. The spies names are Tara, Esther, Melody and Skye a diverse cast of friends who are very good spies and taken down a lot of villains while working at the agency. The other Drew, Christian, Sean, and Ty another group of diverse boys who have known each other for a long time and were well known at the agency but they left the agency mysteriously (it'll be explained later lol). The owner of the agency is a British man named Blake who has a twin brother named Drake but he's evil (Got that from totally spies) who's age is undetermined but he looks young and very handsome, it becomes apparent that he's very old though and has been in the war. This agency is very hush, hush top secret and is kept top secret very well. It's a secret organization filled with aliens from other planets and secret agents where they communicate, lol I know, Men in Black but it's really good. 

So anyways I can't write this out on my own, it's really tough because it's in third person and I'm not good with that, so I was hoping to find a co-writer to help me out and we could write chapters together. Hopefully someone can reply to my post and I'll fill you in some more. 

Reply back soon, Werewolfgal22
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