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Posted: 6/22/2016 7:05 AM PDT
I made +180 reviews and only got 2 reviews in return in 9 days. This obviously doesn't work. Which site did you go to? I'm a bit disappointed here.
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Posted: 8/9/2015 9:43 PM PDT
A couple of months ago I submitted a page for review in P2F. I've receive 4 reviews, 3 fours and a three. That is all.
I saw one posting where someone was told that they needed to do more reviews to get there work through faster. You should list this as a requirement, if that is true. You should also tell us what the ratio should be. I have given 84 reviews and have received 4 back. How many more before I get a fifth.
I gave up on this site and went to another. At that site people actually trade crits, unlike here where after you crit someone, they run off, somehow forgetting their promise to crit you. 
I even have people following my book (I'm only up to ch 11) without a crit. I actually get 125+ words of compliments (that way they get their karma points) along with messages asking me when the next one is coming out. 
So my view is that WeBook and P2F don't work. You need to make some changes.

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