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Help Wanted!  No idea how to actualize your spy story?  Need a creative way kill off a character?  Searching for a conflict that will propel your fantasy novel.  This is the place for a friendly kick in the right direction, complete with "adoption" threads.
Posted: 3/27/2015 5:42 PM PST
First, a villain's plan doesn't have to be believable.  Make him or her a bit off-balanced, and the need to make sense is washed away.
That said, it sounds like the only thing the "authorities" can do about this baddy is to lock him in a cell, and keep him well fed, exercised, and healthy.  While he or she is locked up they can do little harm.  Of course the problem is that the bad guy will die eventually, and as it sounds like nobody can say where the new one will be born, keeping the old one alive as long as possible is good insurance.

Hmm... come to think of it, an induced coma would make more sense to keep this villain out of action.

Best of luck!

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Posted: 7/9/2013 2:09 AM PDT
Write it and see where it takes you. You may find the direction you start out in changes as you make the journey.
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Posted: 7/8/2013 10:35 PM PDT
Hello everyone! So in the story I'm making, the villain wants world peace, essentially. Now I know, not really a ”villainous” thing to want, but he wants world peace the way HE would view it. In the context of the story, he views the world as corporate, corrupt, poisoned, and out of order. You see, in my story, the world is after one person who is the host of an evil spirit that damaged the world to near total destruction. A host is reincarnated everytime the host dies. Everytime a host is born, he is manipulated by the evil spirit inside them, and becomes a puppet to the spirit's will. Which in turn, means the world's death. The world is after the main character who is the host. The way the government goes about doing that is relentless. Willing to do anything to ensure the host's capture or death. Sooo after a traumatizing experience done to the villain, he sees the nasty things the government is doing to innocent people to get to the host. He sees that the world is out of wack because of the host. So HE thinks that in order to achieve world peace, it must first learn what it feels like to be truly destroyed. So that after it is destroyed, the people will stop their war and their hatred out of fear that the world would be destroyed again, as the villain did. This is what HE thinks would bring world peace. He wants to show the world that there is a bigger threat than what they believe is the ultimate one. He wants to show the world that they caused this to happen. That they brought this on themselves. His motives are also mixed with his hatred for the main character after what he caused to him. I know it might sound weird. If he wants world, peace why would he destroy it? I...I'm working on it... But what do you think? Sorry for it being long..
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