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What do folks in England eat for breakfast?  How do you milk a giraffe?  What types of cases go to the Supreme Court?  Can you break a car window with a thermos?  Use this Q & A forum to help supply your characters, plots, and settings with a dose of reality.  Someone, somewhere, has the answer.
Posted: 9/28/2010 5:40 AM PDT
This probably doesn’t count, but I dated a ‘Carny’ once. He ran the exotic animal sideshow. Contrary to popular assumption, the poisonous snakes weren’t de-fanged, or sedated to be docile. They were simply ’lulled’ into some mild form of hypnosis by the complete flooding of their senses. Overwhelmed, if you will, by everything around them. This is why you’ll quite often see the exotic animal exhibit open before the show ever begins. Loud music, flashing lights, lots of activity in and around the cages.
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Posted: 3/23/2010 10:23 AM PST
Or spent a good amount of time around the circus -- enough to have an interpersonal relationship with performers, stagehands, etc. Let me know because I would be delighted to interview you. It would also be helpful if you were educated on the advancement of circus. Meaning, the evolution of the acts and what was involved throughout different decades. Strange question. Can't say I really expect anyone to fall into this category. But it's worth a shot.
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