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Posted: 7/16/2008 2:09 AM PDT

need help, I'm here. E-mail me and we'll talk
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Posted: 7/12/2008 10:50 PM PDT
I'm here to help. I'm new too by the way. But, you can just message me and we can work some stuff out. I'm actually helping another WEbook member and he liked my feedback. So, hopefully I an help you out too.
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Posted: 7/12/2008 12:06 PM PDT
Hi. Well im kinda new here. In fact i just became a member today. I was wondering if maybe someone could help me out with my story??? I read the other topics in the forum and well i have a problem kinda similar to that actually. I got the beginning of my story done, and i've thought of a great ending to it as well. The main "PROBLEM" part of the story is ALSO thought of (a vague idea but i'm working on it). The main problem is the "filling out" stuff. I mean i need events inside it that will connect the beginning and the middle parts. So i can seriously use some help and suggestions. I would seriously appreciate it!!! : ) Please and Thank-u! Fairy_Lucky_Me
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