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Posted: 7/4/2013 9:47 AM PDT
Are you just here to advertise? Because that's not very polite. Why should we bother to look at your book if you don't even bother to provide any information about yourself. Physical books have an author's blurb in the back, usually accompanied by a picture.
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Posted: 7/3/2013 6:48 PM PDT
I've just finished writing the first book in my series and just self published it through createspace. Check it out it's call Phantom: The Last Nephilim. Phantom is a series of Sci-fi books that tells the story of a Divine Federation attempting to bring down an evil empire, of Summoners and warrior demons. The only thing that can stop this evil from prevailing is the Federation’s elite warriors called Arcs. In the first book, a unique young man named Traiven, who has no knowledge of his origin is thrown into a life of adventure and danger, where he faces unknown challenges and a new life style. He starts as an average high school student with a good future and a good family. Until one day he encounters two dark strangers, who reveal his unearthly origin. He is then taken against his will from his life on Earth and is trained to become an Arc in order to replace his missing twin brother Raven, who he’s never knew about his entire life. Since Raven was a big asset with his unique abilities Traiven is expected the same. With the help of a fellow Arc Shawn and Mentor Rukaryo, Traiven must learn in a few weeks what took Raven a life time, in order to prevent the evil empire from raising their powerful dark lord. This story not only entertains the readers but inspires them opening the door to new creative possibilities and showing that nothing is impossible no matter how big the goal is. It is the first in its series of four original books. and kindle
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