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Posted: 12/7/2009 9:41 AM PST
I have no idea what you want prompts for so I'm going to throw a hell of a lot that I just came up with for all different genres. 1. The black hat drifted along the wind falling at her feet. It was at that moment she knew he was gone from her life and he was never to return. 2. Screaming she awoke. Slicked with sweat she slid from the bed sheets and padded to the bathroom. "It was just a dream," she mumbled, "just a dream." 3. Her nails filled quickly with his fresh skin. His blood poured from the gashes and over her hands. He tried not to shriek as her claws sliced at the delicate flesh. "You little cow!" 4. His eyes were soft blue, like the baby growth given to a new born baby boy, and they were tender. He looked at her and saw the feelings they shared buried deep within her eyes fighting for escape. "We can't," she whispered. 5. Falling from the 9th floor, she was silent; deadly. Her blade was quickly pulled from its sheath, situated at her hip, and held out in a vicious manner. It buried its way deep into his neck finding its home deep within the life-giving veins and fleshy muscle. 6. A star, shining as bright as the sun, soared over the sky before sinking over the horizon. It landed in China. 7. It was all over the news, she had murdered John. 8. Blood spatters trailed up the cream carpeted stairs leading to the bedroom. Pushing the door open I tried to stifle my screams. 9. Dead, all of them were dead. I was the last one; I AM the last one. 10. The TV flickered off. "Another power cut" Dad said flicking on a torch. "What are we going to do?" A voice in the dark said. "Let's tell ghost stories!" my dad said.
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Posted: 11/18/2009 4:41 PM PST

A dark, rainy night. A man stands alone at the street corner, dressed in a tuxedo, holding an umbrella and checking his watch frequently.
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Posted: 11/10/2009 2:17 PM PST
I have no ideas whatsoever for NaNo. Could you please kill me now or spew some prompts? Thank you!
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