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Help for writers who want to use WEbook like a pro.
Posted: 9/21/2014 1:13 PM PDT
I've recently joined this site and started uploading content.  I began by starting a new project for each piece I wanted to submit, but I'm wondering if I'm missing the point of Projects.  Would it be better for me to set up Projects that I enter multiple pieces into?  For example, I'd have a Short Story Project and a Poetry Project and into each I'd upload my various submissions, rather than creating a new Project for each individual piece.  If this is the preferred way of doing things then can someone please let me know.  Same goes for if what I'm already doing is the right way.  If the multiple submission roue is the way to go then I'm going to need some support in deleting my current Projects so that I can start anew.

Thank you.
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