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Posted: 7/23/2016 3:02 PM PDT
I am intrigued by your concept . . . what is it that you want the help with as from what I can see you have it all planned out pretty well.
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Posted: 1/3/2016 8:53 AM PST
Hello! My name is Paul Jackson. Or LordPaulus. Didn't think the pen name would take when I typed it in but it did.

I've got a book idea but I need help writing it and fleshing it out. If you've got some time on your hands here is an opportunity to use that time.

The plot goes as this

Joro (Old Nordic for Earth) is the setting. On the island there are many tribes with really no affiliation with one another besides the occasional bickering or warring over land and cattle etc. Thusly there is no king nor any governing bodies besides the chiefs which have their personal fiefdoms situated throughout the island. One day the Dark Elves land. Now they were driven from their home by the Dreki (which is Old Nordic for Dragon, and they are also shapeshifters) Fleeing their home, for they were surprised in the dead of the night, and unable to fight back the remaining Elves got into their boats and sailed. Little did they know the Dreki got on board too for they were searching for the BloodStone. (more on that if you wish to aid me in my endeavors) So they land, see the disorganized mess of the tribes and take over the island. Due to the disorganization conquest was swift. (The reason the word Joro was used, was to insuinate that they thought they were alone, but they weren't alone for Myrkr (Old Nordic for Darkness) was only several leagues away. Because of this feeling of the only people in the world they weren't never prepared for the idea of an invasion. I'm also pulling from history themes from the Roman conquest of Britian and the subsequent purging of the Romans by the Celts when they broke through Hadrian's wall.) There is more to the story and idea but I wish to keep it close to my chest until I can find someone to work with.

Anyhow. If you wish to aid me awesome. Email me at
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