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Posted: 1/28/2014 8:57 AM PST
Wipeout is the sequel to my book Drift.  I want to know if it reads as a standalone title and if the story flows well.

I've split my chapters into shorter chunks to make it quick to dip into.  If you only have time to read a little bit then that's fine but if possible can you read a whole chapter (all parts).

There are two main characters.

Lily can't remember the last three months and she can tell something significant happened.  Firstly, she's going out with her best friend Jace and secondly she's now on the swim team.  Murray, the previous captain of the team is blaming her for why he got kicked off and won't leave her alone. Everytime Lily kisses Jace she gets some of her memory back.  Kali has it in for her.  

Kiara has has just been dumped by Jace and hates Lily.  Her bestfriend Kali offers to help her get over Jace & enlists the help of her hot brother Kai.  Whilst sneaking about, Kiara uncovers a secret magical world that humans should not know about.  The laws of this world means annihilation for any unclaimed human.  

Will Lily remember she is a Merallo in time to save and claim them from death.  
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