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Posted: 9/6/2013 1:48 AM PDT
I'll look forward to it!  :)
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Posted: 9/5/2013 11:52 AM PDT

I do remember you, and even thought of sending you a note when I finished - but figured you might not remember me after all this time!

I'm heavy into editing right now, but will be in touch when I think I have a final "readable" draft. Would love to get your feedback, since I know you were a fan.

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Posted: 9/4/2013 3:04 PM PDT
Congratulations on being elevated!  I actually rated 'Indigo' in PTF a while ago - So I was pleased as punch to see this post.  I don't suppose you remember, but I contacted you to see if there was any more of the story available.  So pleased you've finished it.  Don't forget me if you need some feedback.

And I hope you don't give up on WeBook...from what I've seen so far, the new site is going to be fantastic once it's completely finished.  I actually think it works better already, and having looked at other sites whilst this one was down, I still like it the best.  However, any major change will always cause a few wrinkles that need ironing out.  My husband works in I kind of sympathise with the 'techies' in charge here. 

Best of luck with your 50 Page Challenge!
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Posted: 9/4/2013 1:56 PM PDT
Congratulations on being elevated!

On another thread, Hannah said:

"We are currently Beta testing a new PageToFame and we will be rolling it out very soon. This is why people are not visibly being elevated, although, not to worry, we are still recording all of the ratings data so that we can combine the information into the new PTF."
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Posted: 9/3/2013 2:22 PM PDT
Is anyone out there in WeBook land?

My novel Indigo was elevated to the 50 Page Challenge, which I submitted a few weeks ago, but it still says it's being "checked for formatting."

This was to be my final test of using this site with all the problems it's had, and so far it's not boding well for future use. It's truly unfortunate as I just completed my novel in full, and was looking forward to constructive feedback as I edited.
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