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Posted: 7/13/2015 7:37 AM PDT
   I have now posted the first 6 chapters of a book which still a work in progress titled "Sangreville".
   A high school girl moves with her mother move to a "Vampire Town" where both the living and undead have agreed to a Truce.
   This town named Sangreville, has been officially designated as a "Sanctuary Community" for vampires and for those who worship a vampire demon.  The "New Girl" is told that she can "...get away with anything you want while your living here."  She tries to fit in.
   This is still a work in progress.  I'm not anywhere near completion, which may take me a good number of months.  What I've posted so far are the first 30 pages, as they are numbered on microsoft word.
   Any and all constructive feedback will be truly appreciated, as will any ideas about its further development.
  Thank you

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