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Posted: 9/9/2010 10:30 AM PDT

I was going to suggest something similar, but Adrishya seems to have got here first! Since we have had challenges which were to consist mostly of dialogue, it seems a good idea to try the converse: a piece where the subject is communication between 2 (or more) characters, where NO dialogue is allowed. (I would propose that telepathic speech would still count as speech, for this pupose - a 'challenge' should pose some difficulty, after all!)
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Posted: 8/21/2010 6:55 AM PDT
Write a scene within 200 words where the emotive idea of silence, conveyed through a ‘comma’, full-stop’, ‘dash’, ‘space between letters/words/paragraphs’, speaks louder than the words used to formulate meaning in the mode of narration.
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