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Posted: 8/25/2015 3:20 AM PDT
Sounds pretty sweet. Did you do the reading yourself or hire a professional actor?
I know if I was to read my own work, many of the audience would be looking for a cliff to throw themselves off to escape my monotone droning.

I know this is an audio book and so won't have accompanying pictures when played 'in anger' but I did find staring at the same picture for four minutes got a tad tiresome. Not got any book cover art you could slideshow, or reviews to run across the screen? Just my thoughts.

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Posted: 8/23/2015 7:42 AM PDT
So, I thought I'd share the way I marketed my book I just finished this year.  It took quite a bit of effort to make it look decent, but if there is no pain there is no gain.  The reality is that Audiobooks will continue to grow and if we don't take advantage of it, we won't be able to sustain growth.  Nearly everyone has a smartphone, so your video is available everywhere.  Anyway, check out how I give folks a short snippet of my book through YouTube and audio.  Click the link below.  Wish you all success!

The Shadow of Maynin - YouTube
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