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Posted: 12/18/2008 7:08 AM PST

Slowlnsanity13, Just a friendly FYI: the forums are not the best place to post work. To start a project, click on that big "get started now" button to the right. From there you can create your own project/novel and pop this work into it. Here's a link to our nifty Project Leader guide with great tips on leading projects. Thanks.
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Posted: 12/14/2008 12:49 PM PST
i have some ideas to change it someway, i'm not sure. but tell me whatcha' think. please and thank you. ^^ it's not much. i guess. seven pages isnt alot for me. thankx you, if you do ready it. ~~~~~ Chapter One: Flash Back There is a Secret Society through out the earth. This society has two sides. Good, who have an aura of blue, and Evil whose aura is green. Everyone has a color I myself am blue. My name is Merrique. I hail from France, where there are many evil people, but the thing is – they do not know their evil. The only way to find out about this society is to be told about it by an already existing member. Then, you see there are some; or rather very few people are born with ‘the sight’, which enables you to see whose blue or green. I am one of those very few persons. My ‘sight’ did not fully evolve until I was six or seven, when I was at the stage of asking questions and my one question was; “Maman, why are you green?” She would look at me with questioning eyes, but then smile and said “Ma petit Chou, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” And after a year or two of that same question, I gave up on trying to find an answer. I didn’t always ask why they were green; sometimes I would go up to a complete Stanger and ask them why they were blue. They would tell me why they were sad; which was totally not what I was referring to. Therefore, as I said I gave up. Today I am Seventeen, living in the United States; mother said we needed a change. I am also a special part of the secret society, for the blue. When I was in middle of my sophomore year, a man came to my house asking for me, and still to this day I don’t know how he found me, I mean we live way out in the boonies, in an old plantation house with a deep set porch, surrounded by forest. We have no neighbors for at least three miles, but this man, William, came to my house asking for me, to recruit me. Keep in mind that I was fifteen, and he was about twenty-five. My mother was very suspicious and called me to her in our native tongue. “Merrique,” my mother hissed “there is a man here, asking for you. I want to know the meaning of this!” I rolled my eyes at her and opened the door. His aura was blue, but the brightest blue I have ever seen. It was like the sky on a cloudless day, or the crystal clear blue of the ocean. He smiled at the expression and, somehow contained his color to his eyes which shown bight blue, even though his eye color was a brown that was almost black. “Ah, Merrick. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” He picked up my hand, bent and kissed it. I, being the 15-year-old girl that I was, blushed a tomato red. “My name is William.” My mother, who was now standing right behind me, cleared her throat. “Maman, this is William. A student teacher at my school.” I lied. My mother was quiet and I felt her disbelief, so I turned to her and smiled. “it’s alright Maman.” Her face softened and she nodded, and then turned “Please come in William.” I turned back to William and he smiled, winked, and walked past me, following my mother. I closed the door and followed them. “What are you student teaching William?” my mother, with her French accent, asked. William, sitting on the love seat answered “English, Madam.” His eyes flickered to me and I looked to my mother. “Merrick said that she needed help on some of the assignments.” “It is pronounced Mare-eek.” My mother corrected our guest. “Mère!” I kind of scolded, “They pronounce it different here. He may call me what he likes.” “Merrique?” he questioned, and I looked at him. “Merrique, M-e-r-r-i-q-u-e? Correct? My apology for pronouncing it wrong, Madam.” My mother smiled and nodded her head “That is quite alright.” She looked at me, her face somewhat smug. I just shook my head. “You needed help on an assignment? You could have asked me.” “I know Maman, but I also know how busy you are taking care of your business.” I looked at William, “that’s why I asked him to come here.” I waved my hand at her, as to dismiss the issue. My mother huffed a bit then some kind of question popped into her mind. Her eyebrows pulled together and asked, “Why couldn’t you have helped her at school? Why come find us all the way out here?” My heart jumped erratically in my chest, but I contained my voice, “Maman, I do not have a study period. So I asked him if he could come here.” I tried my best to look like I was telling the truth, but I was a lousy liar. “Show me this assignment, ma petit. Then I shall believe you.” My mother said. I chewed on my lip as I got up. William looked at me and nodded slightly; I’m not sure that meant. I guess he was trying to reassure me, but I still felt like my stomach was going to heave. I reached my room, dug through my backpack and pulled out my English binder, then walked quickly back to the living room. “I was have some trouble,” I looked at my mother “with the, uh, research paper we have to write.” My mother’s eyebrow puckers and asks, “You have to write a what?” “A research paper, Maman.” “On what are you researching, Bébé?” my mother asked. “That is why I asked William here, Maman. I need help on picking a topic.” I answered quite truthfully. I was actually having trouble with that subject. “Oh,” her face smoothed out and she relaxed, “alright Bébé, you two may use my study if you wish.” She smiled at William. “Thank you Madam.” He stood, as did my mother, kissed her hand then turned to me, “lead the way Mon Cherí.” I giggled at his attempt at French. “This way.” I walked back the small hallway. Opened a door and stepped through, glancing back at him to make sure he was following. He was, of course. After closing the door, I walk over to my mothers desk and perched myself atop it. “You’re one of the brightest blues I’ve ever seen.” I simply state after a minute of silence. He turned around and stared at me. I swallowed and wondered if I have done something wrong. “You must never tell anyone you can see their colors.” He warned. “You would have just put your own life in danger, if I was green.” He shook his head, “good thing I’m not green the, eh?” he smiled. I calmed down and nodded, Then remembered something, “When I greeted you at the door, you said ‘it’s nice to see you again.’. What do you mean by again?” “I travel a lot, you see, and I was in France. You were about 12, maybe.” He shrugged his shoulders. “You seen me, and the look you gave me was of awe...” he looked at me, “like the look you gave me at the door, earlier.” My eyebrows pulled together, because I could not recall this memory of ever seeing him before. “I don’t…remember.” I confessed. I shook my head as if to clear it. “So, how did you know about me?” He cleared his throat “Our boss can see the colors too, he saw yours, but he also recognized something else in you. The sight.” He walked toward me, stopping two feet across from me. “The Boss asked me to come recruit you. The only thing we were not sure of was your age. How old are you?” “Fifteen.” He simply nodded, looking at the floor, thinking. “Your mother wouldn’t by chance let you come with me to meet my boss, would she?” “I very much doubt she will.” I bit my lip and gave him an apologetic look. He pursed his lips and thought a bit more. “We may be able to wait for another year or so.” He seemed to be talking to himself. “Why does your boss need to see me?” I asked, my eyebrows pulled together, not understanding the importance of my sight. He pursed his lips and ran a hand through his unkempt hair “we’ve known of your sight for some time now…” he sighed and looked up at me, “and we had- we have to keep you safe from Green. If they had found out about your sight, they surely would have killed you.” “Killed me…?” I gasped in horror, “but why? What have I ever done to them? I’m just fifteen!” I started to shake. Concern colored his face as he rushed over to me, “Merrique, shh, it’s alright darlin’. We always had someone from Blue to protect you.” His arm wound protectively around my shoulders, as he tried to shush my qualms. I took deep breaths, to calm myself down. Once under, somewhat more control, I looked up to him “So, what role do I play in Blue?” I asked. He took back his arm from my shoulders, and rumpled his hair again “well the Boss would like to have you on the team for a couple of reasons. The first reason being: you can see the color of someone’s aura, even when trying to conceal it. There are some with the sight that cannot do that.” He cleared his throat and went on “The second reason being, and you probably don’t even know you can do this, but you can hide your aura completely! I’ve seen you do that, just in this small amount of time. You just need training to be able to control that.” “When did I do that?” I asked, feeling my eyes widen in wonder. “When you were frightened about the green….killing you.” He said cautiously, for fear I’d start shaking again, but I was fine. “I am not sure how you do that, which is something you’ll have to ask the boss about. I’m sure he knows of people who can do that too.” He looked at me and smiled “there are probably some other reasons for the boss wanting to see you, but I don’t know those reasons.” He grinned. I smiled up at him “I do not know what my Maman will think, but I can always ask her.” I hop off the desk, but then turn to William, “Is Maman allowed to know?” my voice shook a bit. His face gave away the answer. He looked as though he seen a ghost. “Oh” I said quietly, “then no one can know, unless they are told by someone in the blue or green? Non?” He nodded “I’m sorry Merrique, but those oblivious to the blue or green, must stay that way.” Sighing I slumped into a chair “Well, William, I don’t know when I will be able to see your boss. Maman will not be happy if I sneak out, and she will demand to know the truth if I ask her.” He was very quiet for a while. I looked over at him. He had something that looked like a laptop, but smaller, like a cell phone. I stood up and walked over to him, looking over his shoulder at the screen. “Boss, can you hear me?” he talked into the devices microphone. “Yeah William, what’s up? Did you meet her?” Said a deep, gravely, voice over the speaker. “Actually boss, I’m at her house. She’s standing right next to me. Here, let me turn on my web cam. You have yours on boss?” “Yeah it’s on.” William opened a new window and a picture popped up of a man. He seemed to be about 50, bags under his eyes. His hair was a dark brown, he had a comb over, a mustache that looked wrong on his face, and from the looks of it, it needed trimmed. He was sitting away from his desk, as if to get a better look. A smile broke out on his face, which softened his features, when our picture popped up on his screen. William set the laptop on the desk and motioned for me to sit in front of it.
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