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A discussion to stoke your writing fire.
Posted: 6/10/2009 9:45 AM PDT
thanks for your help both of you!!!! I feel much better now and i feel i can make a start! :)
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Posted: 5/4/2009 8:28 PM PDT
Try thinking up who you want your main characters to be. Their family, their personality, their past, what they need, what they fear, who they rely on, etc. Then, think of where the story will start. Think of your character's motives - where are they now? Where do you want them to get to by the end? Who do you want them to meet? Where do you want them to go? What lessons will they learn? How will their experiences change them? Maybe write out the beginning and the end, and then work to the middle. You don't have to write it completely chronologically. The best thing to remember is that it isn't something that's going to happen in a day. I've been working on my story for five years and it still isn't done. Seriously. When you have the right one, you'll feel it. Also, whatever you write isn't set in stone. You can edit it a million times. If you think your character is going one direction, and half way through they switch, that's fine. It's your story; you can do with it what you want. Writing is a completely free flowing process. It changes from story to story and from author to author. If the story isn't working, take a break from it and come back later. I experienced a lot of writer's block myself (remember, five years...). If you truely feel the characters and their story, you will finish it. Just believe in yourself, and in them.
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Posted: 4/29/2009 7:53 PM PDT
I have a similar problem myself- I cant seem to write anything longer than a few pages and if I try to write anything longer, It scares me so much I end up not doing it at all! I would try writing some short stories. Put your ideas into different stories, try out multiple endings or beginnings if you need to as you write every draft. The first draft can be a complete mess and make no sense at all. The main point is you FINISH it. Then you can sit back down after some time away and look at it and say, this is what I have. I'm going to take the good parts, pull them together, and write it again. Or revise it. Or file it away as good experience but not something worth continuing. One tip I got from surfing the internet , so I cannot say where this came from originally, was to write your idea as a short story. If the story was too long, or you couldn't finish it in a smaller number of pages, or you couldn't write with only a few characters and they clog your story up, or you need subplots and it wouldn't fit into a short story, then it's novel material. In short, if your "short story" begs you to expand it, and it can't be written as is, then write it as a novel. It you're an organizational person, I might try planning our outlining your story out before trying to actually "write" it. And after that, it's okay to stray from the outline if something better comes along, etcetera. It's more of a guideline to keep you writing and show you what you can do next, after you write this part. There's the added plus that if you get stuck at one part of your story, you can skip ahead or move back to another part you've outlined and start writing from there, since you already know the basic plot points. If you have trouble writing or want to try out ideas, I might try freewriting. You could also do timed writings - such as the Write or Die site, which deletes your words if you stop typing in a set amount of time. One method that can get ideas started in my head is to pick out a dictionary or large book and flip to a random page, randomly point at a word, and write it down on my paper. I pick three words in this way. Then I think about them for a minute and start freewriting, using them either as a prompt (however my brain may connect these) or include them in whatever story idea I'm working on. Set this method to a timer as well, or a certain number of pages, or until you finish the idea and comclude. These are all methods I have used (or tried to, I'm a spendid procrastinator) and this is what I would do. You may think differently, of course, but in that case there are a lot of other suggestions to be found. One last thing: DON'T focus on writing the noel or story for ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF. Dont spend your time thinking, I have to write this for htis reason, I need to get this done so I can post it for people to see, this has to get published. Write the first draft for YOU. Write whatever you want, to your fancy, no editing and no going back, and don't think about what other people say. If you're writing the whole thing like the world is staring over your shoulder, you can really hurt your writing. I know if I start worrying about "this is for class, I need to write this to these guidelines" or "the person behind me might look over and see what I'm writing" then I find it really hard to continue. So WRITE LIKE IT'LL NEVER GET SEEN AGAIN. The first draft of anything is shit (-Chris Baty; Nanowrimo, good advice there). After that you can look back at it, edit it to your hearts desire, until it fits into whatever standards you were hoping for. But you can't edit what hasn't been written. That was a lot of writing. If you managed to wade through that and get anything out if it, congrats! If not, good luck anyway!
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Posted: 4/25/2009 11:01 PM PDT
I want to be able to write a really good novel or story on Webook but everytime I post one thing, I struggle to carry it on and a completely different idea comes into my head so I delete my peice and start again....I know, it's bad!! So, I'm making this topic just to ask if anybody knows how to get really good ideas for stories and tips on how I can overcome this??? I'm stuck because now I don't know what to write! :) It would be great if you could help and just give me some useful tips, thank you.
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