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Posted: 3/21/2011 8:20 AM PST
Hi, folks. I'm fairly new here but I'm enjoying reading the community's work and forum posts. I think I'm learning quite a bit from them. I noticed that this thread seems to be scattered with inquiries about how and where to look for artists. Maybe have one thread where folks could dump links to sites THEY'VE ACTUALLY USED to secure artists for their books might be helpful. I'm a writer who has spent several years working within the indie comic world (yet I'm not a visual artist at all). Here are a couple of places that have been VERY good to me in terms of meeting artists, viewing their work, and hiring them. (visit their forum) Another GREAT place to meet artists in person is at a comic convention. There is almost always what is known as an "artist alley" at cons. This is an area where artists, both pros and amateurs, sit at tables with their portfolios available for perusal. They're usually there selling commissioned work and/or prints. Most have their business cards handy and are interested in the work-for-hire type of projects that novelist and children's book writers need. Please feel free to post other artist sites and locales that you have experience with here. Thanks!
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