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Posted: 10/2/2014 5:14 AM PDT
16.) Around April 2014-   While locked up in Kino Hospital, I became possessed and could hardly move and I was able to move my hand from under my blanket because I could feel something was wrong with my left hand. Come to find out it’s my middle finger stuck straight up, but all blurred out over it. I thought it was to God at first so I managed to bite down on my index finger to get out the trance. As I made a strange face after doing this, not me doing so. Then shortly after it I finished and went back to sleep. I think Lucifer’s trying to say he and Jesus are giving me the middle finger from the vision he walked through me and I walked through Jesus.   17.) The next day-   As I was sleeping. I was stuck again in this possessed state all I could do is whisper for help when I wanted to scream it.   Next I was in a vision state, in which I looked at the mirror in the corner of the room reflecting the room. I see Lucifer using my body to make a big ole' wave to me from my bed the hopped up and went next to a desk near the corner of the room and stood behind it and flipped me off and pointed as he laughed at me and was doing a little victory dance.(This one guy that had thought he managed to kill me one night. I hated his dancing reaction and the look on his face.) Lucifer did this same exact look and everything as he mocked me in the mirror.   I can't remember if it was before or after Lucifer controlling my body but in a type of processed state I was so scared I told the only nurse passing by with a stupid face as I tried to speak "I'm the Son of God."  When she looked in my eyes she got a scared as hell look on her face. I think Lucifer was showing me a little bit of hell and his torture. Which scared me to not want that to happen to anyone. 18.) A few days later- In an almost real feeling like no other and I could work off my own train of thought and I could remember everything like I was awake. It was like I was looking from outside my body a foot or two away most the time and from my own eyes sometimes.   Anyways I was in my old house that I grew up in's kitchen/dining room. I had the wanted to fly so I was eventually granted this ability. I flew straight outside, in the backyard I see my mom, brother, dad. They all look in a way, see threw and fake looking figures. My dad say's "You gotta be shitting me", as their dazed amazed.   Then I saw me but fake looking on a propane tank blowing up in the sky and this inflamed the whole house. My mom going inside for something with me following because I'm immortal so I know it wouldn't fall down. Then as we left a part of the back of the house falls down behind us. Then flying again all I could do is call out for "help" and people to "call the fire department." Then more focused on the fact I'm flying, waving at this one guy in a red truck then later down the road there was some guy that was shooting people in a road block and then at the red truck as it ran into the road block. Then a black guy at the road block is crying as his face pops out and says ”I don't get it He’s immortal?”    As I watch it, not clicking in to go help till a few seconds later. By the time I get in the area I ask around, I can't find him until he pops out of nowhere trying to hit me but disappears. Then I think to myself Lucifer probably just got a vice president for himself. As Lucifer says exactly what I thought mocking me.   Next second another vision. I'm on some random patio on the second floor or so, on a beach somewhere California feeling with palm trees on beach. Watching a huge wall of flames slowly growing towards me as I say reverse the wall moves backwards and so I look to the left and I see my dad. I call him over as he comes and I show him, and then I say reverse and it's coming towards us now. He looks at it like it's nothing. And says "What?" I say reverse doing the same thing back and forth a couple times then it doesn't happen after a few.   Next another vision-I somehow am in what you'd think is the future like star-wars in a way, there's space craft flying in front of me. Some guy behind me in a star-wars soldier’s uniform says "Get head" over a loud speaker. I smile and look back at the spacecraft.   Next another vision-I’m inside some cabin flipping through my journal trying to write. As Lucifers (The same guy that was behind Me.)whispering to me. I'm outside on the patio and its forest looking outside. Theirs Lucifer in a black skinny body. As he whispers and gets in my face. Can't remember what he says. Do remember about "Your house is on fire?..:)" or some shit being sarcastic. Wasn't paying attention because I'm scared but he doesn't lay a finger on me.   Next another vision-Where in a war and I need to protect this man and woman I know both this somehow already as we run a little then I see the guest house, at my old house but its walls are cut half way down and everything to hide and shoot behind. We go inside, as soldiers come charging in throwing grenades and shit. All they were saying is "Fucking Gage" as nothing happened. They said they might just have to take them separately and I said that "Wasn't going to happen cause I was here to protect them” Then they tried about everything to kill me, like a spear thing but I looked down and it disappeared.   Until the man was taken to a room in front of me and the woman outside separately and the soldiers did what they did to them, screaming as I just prayed cause there was a huge group of them. So as I did the man melted into this kind of quick sand spiraling downwards then a guy tried jumping down off a ramp onto this man spiraling down. The soldier that did this looked real fake and it exploded him back with a little explosion bubble.   Then as the army of men leave through my old house. I think about doing G for no reason, except Lucifer made me then he mumbles "Do G”. Then all the men turn around and say "You still do G?” I replied "Yeah, I'm working on it" then they turned and took off through the house. I didn't even notice until I'm practically dropped in the middle of the back yard that my house, calmly this time, was starting to catch on fire.   It's on my kitchen window so I go and get some water from the sink in front of it and put it out as my mom bitches at me loudly but I don't pay attention to her and put it out anyway. Then as I was dropped by the washer and dryer going north by the back door, the guy trying to beat me up and was shooting was dropped off all the sudden a few feet away then he yells out "Eyyy!”  He disappears as all the sudden the vision concluded in a message.   I saw as clouds just roll out with a float of Gods face with a huge white beard with sheep and a stable around him. One sheep was black others were white. First I hear Gods voice say "Are you fair?” I interrupt as he says this with, "Am I fair?" God continues to speak "Are you vague?" then says about "This is what holds people together and makes them all equal in a way.” That's the gist of what he said as I tried to pay attention to everything before the stupid Lucifer interrupts his message with two, "It's you’s” with Lucifer and Jesus on horses. And that's about it. I think it means I want to rise and eventually I will when I go outside more. My fake family will be like “what the fuck” when this happens. I get framed for killing Ana and this cause’s my whole old home (Tucson) in flames not doing well at all cause of this. I’m willing to risk my life for my mom still anyways. Then I call for help putting out this mess more focused on rising showing off. Then the people helping me (fire department) are getting killed wondering why their dying when I’m immortal. Then I like to control the sky with the wall of fire. Same as the tornado, I try to show people I love but they don’t see any of the huge danger I see. Then in the future Lucifer will back me up telling me to “Get head”(Blowjob) Then this shows when I was trying to work hard on my journal I was really battling Lucifer spiritually to do so. Same thing when I go outside. Then in this war with people that hate believers in me and want to kill them. I shouldn’t be scared to stand up and fight because I’ll be immortal no matter what. So protect these people of mine. These people against me will try to burn my old house down but I’ll stop them with my mom bitching at me the whole time. Then to be fair and vague cause it’s what makes us people and God’s our Shepard and he even has a black sheep. 19.) Day or two later- I have a short average dream with a girl in it so I get a little turned on the all the sudden I wake up to a woman’s invisible form I can feel though. I get a boner, embarrassed but cuddling with me then as I grab her hand and bring it to my heart and out up. I feel my heart literally felt like a tear drop or it split open. We continue to hold each other for a few minutes. This was way more realistic than the first experience after my ex-girlfriend died the first time.  I’m un-sure’ and not sure who or what this means. 
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