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Posted: 12/4/2014 4:51 PM PST
Hey guys!
I am a music artist and have no trouble in writing songs, however I have come up with an idea for my next project which is a bit of a challenge so I decided to team up with other writers! I hope someone can help!
The idea I have is to make a short film of 6 songs, the genre will be R&B in the type of 'the weeknd' which is quite obscure and minimal but with a very passionate message, however I want it to be a little more commercial.
I already have a production team both for the video production and the music production, the only thing I am stuck with is the actual story, especially the ending, although it's a romance, I don't want it too cheesy or cringy.
The ideas I have so far

My friend goes on a date, comes back telling me how amazing the girl he's just met is. He asks me to join him on their next date and as he's arranged his date to bring a friend for me. 
We go on a double date and I'm not in the best of moods so we don't connect at all, in fact we don't get on and create a very dark atmosphere, which I don't mind being held responsible for.
My friend backs me up and we leave, I happen to have the girls number as my friend forwarded it to me prior to the date so we could start talking and build chemistry -  the day after I text her apologizing for my poor behavior, although at this point I am not interested. As a person I am a focused music artist/producer and my time is valuable.
As a coincidence we happen to meet at a nightclub that I never been to before, she sees me and there is eye contact while I'm at the bar and I feel slightly uncomfortable so I don't greet her or acknowledge her presence.
As the night goes on, I start to realize that I find her attractive and she looks at me as though she's teasing me.. I feel quite tempted to go over but I keep holding back until another guy goes over to her and starts being quite rude so they start having an argument, I then step in and ask if there is a problem, the guy then backs off and we leave the nightclub and end up at a hotel/my place/her place and have drunk sex.
In the morning when we wake up everything feels quite natural, we laugh, talk but keep things very straight forward. After I leave, I text her asking her out for dinner, giving her instructions where to be at what time, she agrees with a sarcastic comment.
She waits for me at the restaurant, I had reserved a table for us. She waits and waits and I fail to turn up, now this girl is full of pride and refuses to text or ring me to find out where I am, what I'm doing, she doesn't take shit from anyone, definitely not a man because of her past experiences and heartbreaks. In the short amount of time I have known this girl I had already let her down twice, although this is not me, far from the type of person I am, the reality is that I am already in her bad books and my reputation is really bad. She left the restaurant, as she walked out she took a deep breath, got herself together, looked on her phone to make sure her make up was still up to her standard and started walking, she started typing a text message to me which she deleted instead of sending.

Now  I don't know how to move forward from here, whether I got caught up at the studio, had to ride out with one of my friends, was with another girl... 
I don't know how making it up to her by just giving her flowers is enough, and how to end it without being too cliche.
But I know I want the ending to be with her, I don't mind a subtle plot twist.
Please give me some guidance, some direction, ideas but remember I have to have 6 different parts to the story that are interesting enough to write 6 different songs to, each song will be about 3 minutes long, 2 or 3 verses each if that helps, each song will be a different part of the film. They need to be in a good order to make a strong start - middle and ending
Thank you!!

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