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Posted: 12/17/2013 7:55 AM PST
For me, this didn't make me feel much of anything because there was little in this I could relate to. Some of this I could nod my head to but most of this I would disagree with. If it is emotion you were trying to elicit, then what emotion were you hoping for? Rage? Anger? Hope? This asked too many questions without giving the reader any investment. This read like a speech a revolutionary may attempt to rally support for his cause but one that would inevitably fail because there is nothing specific to the people he would be talking to. There is no rallying cause here.

What were you trying for?

ET -
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Posted: 12/16/2013 10:01 PM PST
Why fight? Why continue on in our darkest hours? Whether it is the hearts of man that gives us strength or the idealistic hope that we can all rise up like the phoenix from its ashes and dust ourselves off. We stride through life continuing to push through the atrocities that haunt us every day as if they are nothing. But what do we do it for? Money? Wealth? Power? Where do we turn when we are lying alone in our beds at night, slowing drifting off to sleep only hoping to dream a better dream than the nightmare we currently take part in! Is love the answer? We all seek the warmth of the companion whom says there is nothing greater than to lie by your side as we both strive to adorn the heresies of the world! But that is just it! They LIE by your side! Then who do we turn to?! We look in amongst ourselves to find the truth of the world! Will you be the hero in the story and save the lives of many or will you be the villain? What difference can you make in the world! We are a creature built up on lies and build our foundations amongst thieves! Thieves that would sooner cut your throat than stop to help you! Where do we draw the line?        
Why fight? Because we must...Not for others, not for things, but for yourself! Life is a game that is lived going forward, but watched going backwards. Love isn't the key. Love is a sham to get you to attempt to give yourself to someone that will never fully give themselves to you. Suffering is inevitable. We cannot live and not suffer. But through this suffering our strength is grown! We fight on to beat this test! We can never understand what is to come at the time of our calling, but the time will come when our training is complete and we must return to once we have came. And when that day comes, will you be ready?
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