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Posted: 3/14/2010 10:29 AM PST
I notice that you're into war-based games such as Halo 3. When you play such games, do you not get into character as a warrior? I don't know a lot about Halo, but I understand it's a first person shoot-'em-up. Perhaps the characters in it are too much at the "business end" of war to provide you with inspiration for your own main character. When you say he "rises as a leader" I presume that means he's leader of more than just a small squad, and he needs to consider strategy at least as much as tactics. If so, maybe you could practice getting into character by playing strategy games.
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Posted: 3/3/2010 6:55 PM PST
I have noticed that as I write my novel, The character has developed alot. The direction I wan't him to go in seems impossible because I it is first-person and I'm having trouble getting into character. Any tips? He is basically a normal teenager who rises as a leader in a time of war and crisis.
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