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Help Wanted!  No idea how to actualize your spy story?  Need a creative way kill off a character?  Searching for a conflict that will propel your fantasy novel.  This is the place for a friendly kick in the right direction, complete with "adoption" threads.
Posted: 8/14/2011 8:14 PM PDT
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Posted: 8/22/2010 7:27 PM PDT
Some of the best stories I have ever read are very ambiguous on certain characters and their good/bad status. If readers can predict everything they are going to get bored. What you are suggesting is very interesting. You have to write it correctly though. Make his confusion clear without confusing us. And don't change it too quickly. If he changes his status every other chapter readers are going to get so confused that they'll just give up. Make us care about this character and his goodness at the beginning and make sure we're roped in before you change. If we don't care about the character we won't care about the change.
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Posted: 8/17/2010 1:59 AM PDT
Thanks for the reply as for the last question i meant, with the sides acting towards morality constantly changing and the actions of the character various in nature can the MC be left wondering the morality and ethics of himself and if he has in fact become the enemy without noticing. Think a paranoid man in a conspiracy theory.
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Posted: 8/16/2010 1:45 PM PDT
My first impression is: yes, you are the writer and when you think it benefits the story, and is logical, anything can change (a specific reason nust be given, sooner or later). It was just that last question that seemed a bit odd to me. I think no character (or person) wonders if he's good or evil. Everyone thinks he does the right thing, we just have different motives. One can be more selfish than another, or have some endless hunger for power. However, these are all just motivations for the character to find "the best thing to do". He/she can doubt which argument is more important (this makes great stories), but the way you put it as good vs evil doesn't seem right to me. Maybe you didn't mean it to sound like that, but then you already know what I am saying. Good luck, hope this helped. SC
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Posted: 8/16/2010 8:00 AM PDT
Can a villain become a hero? can a hero become a villain? and can they return to normal at a whim? While sides are changing can the enemy of the main characters and the conflicts they face change? and Can a main character be left wondering if he is good or evil?
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