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Posted: 1/24/2018 8:26 AM PST
Hi there IvetteMart my name is Kaiden, I am also new to this site, first of all welcome.
 I loved the short synopsis of your story, the idea of a main feature character with a condition, that will actually break thier heart is in deed a very thought provoking idea, and I would definitely read more once you have uploaded more pages.
  Happy writing, regards. Kaiden.

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Posted: 8/10/2017 8:53 AM PDT
Hey, I'm new on this site and I would like to get to know some people and get some feedback on my story if you don't mind. 

my story is called Don't Let Go

Is basically about Samantha Collins has a heart condition that doesn't let her experience a normal life. She has to block her heart from any emotion that can make her risk her life, which is difficult to do when she is secretly in love with one of her friends. Cameron Derwood, who is not a simple guy. Traumatized by the sudden abandonment of his mother, and the mental abuse from his father has made of Cameron a player that goes through life just playing with people's feelings. 

Samantha and Cameron are not the only ones with obstacles to overcome, there's also Yael who hold onto Cameron's friendship to hide the fact that he is in love with him, which would ruin not just his friendship but also his relationship with Raquel (Rocky) Yael's little sister who with lies tries to get Cameron's attention. In the end, they have to come together to support Samantha, of break apart to fix each other problems. 
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